Facts about smoking (DOC) by kishoo


									                                              Facts about smoking

 Increasing numbers of kinds of smoke and smokers as a result of scientific research being done by many parties, collected

by a single thread is to know the truth, and funding of such research many bodies collected by the other thread and one is to

reduce the money it pays wages for smokers or costs for treatment, or loss of production paid a result of absence from work

 due to illness, be sure that there are over 4000 chemicals in the smoke, have been identified are whether they are present

mainly in the tobacco leaves, which are made from cigarettes, or those that are added to tobacco for many reasons, including

 protection from insects so as not to Taatfah when it is stored or to give flavors a variety or for other reasons, is no longer a

secret that smoke one of the most important causes of lung cancer, heart disease, and the materials are more likely to hit the

  smoker stroke caused by clots that contribute to smoking in its composition significantly and it is no secret to a the role of

  smoking in the injured men infertility, women, wrinkles early, and low back pain and heartburn has been shown also that

shareholders effectively in the composition, all dealing with smokers of the people of their home knows that the smell of the

   mouth of the smoker and especially in the morning to be unpleasant, and the percentage of problems between couples
                                            because of this smell is on the rise.

 It seems that the examination was conducted on the lungs of thousands of smokers showed that the lungs of those with 30

years of age was similar Briat of them 65 years, which means they consume more terrible because of smoking, and the new

 in the results of scientific research on secondhand smoke, is, those who do not smoke, but they are in places of smoking,

whether public or private places, husband has another wife women smoked or the man's wife smoked or their children who

are where smoke are also susceptible to many of the damage, and diseases, such a smoke contains many toxic substances

  such as carbon monoxide, arsenic, gas formaldehyde is hazardous substances, particularly on children, so revealed the

results of scientific research that the rates of ear infection and the respiratory tract, particularly severe asthma in children of

smokers is much higher than it is when children of non-smokers, also found that the so-called syndrome of sudden death of

  infants is closely related to smoking , and more scientific findings shocking reveal that there are fine particles come from

 cigarette smoke attaches clothes smoker if entered another place no one has ever smoked when they spread all over the

place, so the parents who smoke away from their children when they return to mingle with them, they are transferred to them,
                           such as these molecules that contribute effectively to the annoyance.

And the results most shocking were those that showed that children of smokers increases their tendency to become smokers

   in arrogance doubled compared to children of non-smokers, and therefore, the scientific facts confirm that the smoker,

 whether father or mother does not contribute effectively to the harm itself, but contributes to the harm his children, whether
smoked in front of them or away from them and that this harm does not stop at the borders of the disease, but they contribute
                                      effectively to push them to smoke in arrogance.

The question is: Are such results paved road for the benefit of the mother of the children off their harm? Does the smoke of a

satisfactory answer to his Creator if he says that his sons stood with him in the hands of Astkouna Rahman for his active role
                                                   in their dealings to smoke?.

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