Who's that girl? by craigstell


									Who's That Girl? By Craig Stellpflug (c)Copyright 2006 all rights reserved Who's that girl with the pretty smile? I think she's cute, I like her style I wonder if she's noticed me And if she has, what does she see? Now when Will she And when Can I be I speak what will she say? give me the time of day? our talking has begun sure that she's the one?

Just what is it my heart expects? If my advances she rejects Do I dare? Should I take a chance? To see if we could find romance? Or should I now my thoughts repress? And ever silent acquiesce? Why is it I now hesitate? And with my fickle heart debate So alas! I am here again At the crossroads I oft have been Mocked again by the sweet satyr And cruelties of love's desire

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