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									 CC Women journalist trainees filming
the opening of the Media House in

        Dezenvolvimentu Oras Ne
        TIMOR-LESTE.USAID.GOV                                                                                                              FEBRUARY-MARCH 2009

                                                                                            Regional Media House in Ermera
From work preparation to
peacebuilding, several USAID programs
focus on empowering Timor-Leste’s youth.
                         Photo: Karl Grobl
                                                                                              Opens Doors to Community
                                                                                         The Regional Media House             The establishment of a network       The online news service
                                                                                         in Ermera opened its                 of Regional Media Houses in the         features
                                                                                         doors to journalists and             country is one of the projects       stories that impact the daily
  Regional Media House in Ermera Opens Doors...............PAGE 1                        the community on March               made possible by the five-year,      lives of the Timorese people.
  CCT Opens More Health Clinics in Remote Villages .......PAGE 2                         20, 2009. The inauguration           US$ 5.5 million “Strengthening       The communities can ac-
  Youth Suco Councils Promote                                                            ceremony in Gleno was                Independent Media Program”           cess the online news service in
  Peace and Reconciliation .................................................PAGE 2       led by US Embassy Chargé             jointly supported by USAID and       the Regional Media Houses.
  “Ita Nia Rai” Facilitates Peaceful Land                                                d’Affaires, Henry Rector,            AusAID, with a Aus$1.25 million
  Dispute Resolution............................................................PAGE 2   USAID/Timor-Leste                    contribution from the latter.        To make sure that the Ermera
  USAID Work Preparation Programs Producing                                              Mission      Representative,                                              media house will serve as a
  Youth Entrepreneurs...... ..................................................PAGE 3     Mark Anthony White, and                                                   true regional hub for commu-
  USAID Links Over 100 Youth to Hospitality                                              First Secretary of Australian      This USAID-funded activity             nity journalists, newly appointed
  and Tourism Industry.........................................................PAGE 4    Embassy, Darian Clark.                                                    Ermera media house coordinator
  Taking the Public Pulse.....................................................PAGE 4
                                                                                                                            is making a difference in
                                                                                         With the opening of this Regional expanding news coverage of              Antoninho Salsinha Carvalho, is
                                                                                         Media     House,       journalists Timor Leste.                           tasked with actively encouraging
                                                                                                                                                                   journalists from the neighbor-
              STRENGTHENING                                                              in Ermera and neighboring
                                                                                         districts can now get free access                                         ing districts of Aileu, Manufahi
                                                                                                                           Resources available to district-        and Ainaro to come and use the
            INDEPENDENT MEDIA                                                            to media facilities, training
                                                                                                                           based journalists through the           resources available in Ermera.
                                                                                         and other services provided by
             PHOTO SNAPSHOT                                                              the International Center for
                                                                                                                           Regional Media Houses include
                                                                                                                           free access to the internet and
                                                                                         Journalists (ICFJ) without having                                         The Regional Media House in
                                                                                                                           equipment such as tape record-          Ermera is a joint initiative by
                                                                                         to go to the capital, Dili.
                                                                                                                           ers and digital cameras. The Re-        the Timor-Leste Journalists As-
                                                        USAID and AusAID launch          This is the second Regional Media gional Media Houses also enable         sociation (AJTL), the Syndi-
                                                        online TV news serrvice          House to open in the country. journalists to produce stories in           cate for Journalists Timor-Leste
                                                                The first Regional Media House audio and video formats and up-            (SJTL), the Center for Investi-
                                                        Photo: D.Jose/USAID
                                                                                         in Baucau has been serving load these via high-speed internet             gative Journalists (CJITL), the
                                                                                         district-based journalists since connection to the online news            Timor-Leste        Photographers
                                                                                         January 2008; while the other service,,                Association (TILPA), the Com-
                                                                                         two Regional Media Houses another ICFJ initiative under the               munity     Radios Association
                                                                                         in Oecussi and Suai are soon independent media program.                   Timor-Leste (KRTL) and ICFJ.
                                                                                         following suit.

 Through the Regional Media
 Houses, journalists now have
                                                                                             Coconut Climber Saves
 access to production facilities
 like this one at the ICFJ of-
 fice in Dili. Photo:ICFJ
                                                                                         the Day for Radio Akademika!
                                                                                         The old antenna atop the radio       when not a student at National
                                                                                         tower at Radio Akademika at          University: he climbs coconut
                                                                                         National University had to be        trees.
                                                                                         replaced one sunny day in early      Before he started up the tower,
                                                                                         February. The problem was – no       Januario took off his shoes,
                                                                                         one wanted to climb the daunting     grabbed the antenna and some
                                                                                         25 meter-high tower.                 wrenches and strapped a safety
                                                                                         An ICFJ staffer got halfway up       belt around himself and the tower.
                                                                                         before the tower began to sway – Climbing barefoot, Januario was
                                                                                         at which point he figured it was up at the top in less than two
                                                                                         time to climb back down.            minutes. Anchoring his feet on        Time it took the
Women journalist trainees filming the        Satellite installation at the Regional                                                                                legendary coconut
                                                                                         This was a job for a specialist who the sides of the tower, it took him
opening of the Media House in Ermera;        Media House in Ermera. Photo: ICFJ                                                                                    climber to climb the
Photo:ICFJ                                                                               doesn’t weigh a lot.                about ten minutes to unhook the       25-meter high radio
                                                                                         Gathered around the base of old antenna and install the new               tower: two minutes.
                                                                                                                                                                   Photos: ICFJ
                                                                                         the radio tower, the ICFJ staff one.
                                                                                         discussed the issue in what seemed   He was back on the ground 15
                                                                                         to be a futile exercise – that is,   minutes after his ascent.
                                                                                         until someone mentioned the          Thanks to Januario and the new Radio Akademika is now on
                                                                                         name “Januario Barros Pereira.”      antenna, the student-run radio the air at 90.0 FM and can be
                                             This Baucau community radio                 After a while, this slim guy shows   station now, for the first time,
ICFJ’s Charles Rice demonstrates the         journalist is one of the clients of the                                                                            heard all over Dili.
high-speed internet connection at the        Regional Media House in Baucau.             up – weighing in at about 50 or so   broadcasts across the entire city
Media House. Photo: ICFJ                     Photo: ICFJ                                 kilograms. Januario’s profession     of Dili.

CCT Opens 4 More Health Clinics                                                                                “ITA NIA RAI” FACILITATES
in Remote Villages                                                                                             PEACEFUL LAND DISPUTE
                                                                       donated the funds for the               RESOLUTION
                                                Villagers of           construction of the clinics while
                                                Estado in Ermera                                               Alberto da Silva, a retired civil        The first thing he plans to do
                                                                       the lands were donations from           servant from Aiteas village              with his pension money from
                                                can now avail of
                                                primary health         CCT and local communities.              of Manatuto district (east of            Portugal and Indonesia is to
                                                service through a      The ongoing operation of the            the capital, Dili), is relieved.         finally have a good fence built for
                                                new purpose-built      health clinics is supported by          He has just recently registered          his land—something he could
                                                Clinic Café Timor.     USAID, CCT, and the Ministry of         his claim to the land where his          only dream of doing until now.
                                                                       Health. The community extension         house has stood for many years.
                                                Photo: CCT
                                                                       program based out of the new                                              As of March 2009, a total of 891
                                                                       clinics was developed by a grant        “There was originally a boundary land claims have been registered
Cooperativa Café Timor’s health government now contributes from MILK, a Singapore-based
                                                                                                               dispute with his neighbor, so through the USAID-supported
care division, Clinic Café Timor, medicines to support Clinic children’s charity with ongoing
                                                                                                               he asked us to give him some “Strengthening Property Rights
recently opened a small health Café          Timor’s      operations. operations funded by USAID.
                                                                                                               time before registering their in Timor-Leste” or “Ita Nia Rai”
clinic in a village called Estado
                                                                                                               land claims. Through the (“Our Land”) project, working
in Ermera district (west of the Additionally,         Clinic     Café This alliance between different
                                                                                                               mediation of local leaders, he with the National Directorate for
capital, Dili). Three more similar Timor       provides     extension institutions serves as a model
                                                                                                               and his neighbor agreed on a Land and Property (DNTPSC)
small health clinics will open over services for a Maternal and for forward thinking and
                                                                                                               compensation scheme, and when in two pilot areas—Liquica
the next six months in the coffee- Child       Health        Program. collaborative         development.       they were ready, they called us,” and Manatuto. The land claims
growing regions. The new health
                                                                                                               said Geraldo Gomes, who is the registration activity will expand
clinics are a welcome addition                                         “Over the last eight years, CCT         field manager for the USAID- to include two new areas – Aileu
to CCT’s existing network of 11 The new health clinics are a has been struggling to deliver
                                                                                                               supported land claims collection and Baucau -- by May 2009.
fixed clinics and 28 mobile clinics welcome addition to CCT’s a weekly mobile health service
                                                                                                               activity in Manatuto district.
that provides primary health care existing network of fixed using whatever local shelter was                                                     To see this project in action,
services to more than one-sixth of and mobile clinics.                 available in these remote villages,     “I am happy because now we check out:
Timor-Leste’s rural population.                                        ranging from the verandah of the        have peace,” da Silva said. watch?v=9xbnxQV1hOw.                 .
                                    Several institutions have come local village leader’s house to a
The original idea behind Clinic together to make the construction
                                                                       makeshift camp under a tree. From
Café Timor was to provide quality and operation of the four
                                                                       now on, the mobile heath team
and affordable health care services additional clinics possible. The
                                                                       will be operating from a purpose-
for cooperative members who National Cooperatives’ Business
                                                                       built clinic with a sheltered
were outside the government Association (NCBA), which is
                                                                       waiting area,” said Dr. Ross
health system. However, they implementing USAID’s Timor-
                                                                       Brandon, of Clinic Café Timor.
have since expanded to provide Leste Economic Rehabilitation
services to the general population and      Development        Project For the villagers of Estado,
in the coffee-growing regions. (assisting CCT), was able to pool                                                Retired civil servant Alberto da Silva of Aiteas village in Manatuto and his
                                                                       Lulirema and Poetali in Ermera
The network has become the resources from Starbucks, the                                                        neighbor recently agreed on their boundary, ending years of land dispute. He
                                                                       district,      and      Manulobas
largest private health service global coffee retailer, as well as                                               has recently registered his land claim through the USAID-supported Strengthen-
                                                                       in Ainaro district, this is              ing Property Rights (or “Ita Nia Rai”) project implemented by ARD, Inc., ACDI/
provider in the country, and the local communities. Starbucks
                                                                       one good news, indeed!                   VOCA, Land Equity International, and local NGO Blelun. Photos: ARD

Youth Suco Councils Promote Peace and Reconciliation in Communities
“Y4A”      Gives    Youth                                                                                      mobilization experience, Mercy     analyzing community problems,
Confidence As A Negotiator                                                                                     Corps and Timor Aid have been      and,       ultimately,      preparing
                                                                                 Youth Suco Council            coaching and supporting youth      community action plans. Many
“Through the ‘Youth forAll‘ (Y4A)                                                Representative Sku Alves      suco council representatives like  youth council representatives (11
                                                                                 facilitating a community
for Peace and Reconciliation’                                                    consensus- building meeting   Siku to lead a community-driven    in Dili and eight in Covalima)
project, I learned to organize                                                   in Bemori, Dili.              process of identifying community   have already proposed relevant
and lead meetings. More                                                                                        needs, developing plans and        projects, ranging from sports/
importantly, I gained confidence.                                             Photo: Mercy Corps               budgets and implementing           musical events, clean-up of the
Before attending the training,                                                                                 projects to meet those needs.      streets/sports grounds and
I was afraid of standing up                                                                                                                       even water and sanitation, and
                                  facilitate the discussion. We What is “Y4A” All About?
in front of many people.                                                                                       The skills developed under this road rehabilitation projects.
                                  helped each other to lead and
Now, I know that I can do it.                                                                                  program will allow Timorese
                                  moderate the problem until both Mercy Corps and its local
                                                                                                               youth leaders to begin promoting Suco Chief Gives Y4A the
                                  families reached a consensus. NGO partner Timor Aid work
For example: I suggested to                                                                                    peace and reconciliation within Thumbs Up
                                  My newly found confidence with 60 youth suco council
my chief of village (chefe                                                                                     their communities. They will
                                  comes from practicing and representatives, providing the
suco) that we should facilitate                                                                                be able to mobilize youth and “I believe that the “Y4A” project
                                  facilitating several community Timorese youth leaders with
a dialogue process between                                                                                     other community members in provides youth leaders very
                                  consensus-building     meetings training in basic concepts of
two families that had an issue                                                                                 activities that demonstrate an good learning opportunities
                                  under the Y4A project.” community mobilization, project
after a boy got a girl pregnant,                                                                               alternative to violent conflict. in        leadership,       community
                                                                   management, and community
then refused to marry her.                                                                                                                        facilitation,      mobilization,and
                                  --Siku Alves, youth suco council facilitation. Using Mercy Corps’
                                                                                                               Most of the youth suco office                  management          skills.
                                  representative of Bemori, Dili widely         tested      community
When my chief of village called                                                                                council representatives have I am now very confident
a meeting between the parties                                                                                  completed facilitating a series of with        youth suco council
to discuss the problem, I was The USAID-funded “Y4A” peacebuilding program aims                                community consensus-building representatives              like    Siku.”
nervous at first. But the chief to strengthen community-level youth governance in two                          meetings, where the youth
of village and I were able to districts -- Dili and Covalima -- of Timor-Leste.                                led community members in -- Afonso da Crus, suco chief of
                                                                                                               identifying, prioritizing and Bemori, Dili
                                                                                                                 NEWS ROUND-UP

USAID Work Preparation Programs Producing Young Entrepreneurs
The Prepara Ami ba Servisu (Preparing Ourselves for Work or PAS) program provides out-
of-school rural youth, aged 16-30, with a workforce preparation program that combines
                                                                                                                 Graduates of USAID Agribusiness Program
classroom education with on-the-job training. In groups of 50, youth participants work                           Start a Shrimp Farm
together for one year in Timor-Leste’s districts outside the capital. Over a three-year period,
at least 2,500 young men and women will benefit from this program. The program is now                                                                               A graduate of the
reaching youth in Baucau, Aileu, Maubisse, Suai and Oecussi. Elements of this program                                                                               USAID-supported
include literacy and numeracy, life skills, entrepreneurship and vocational training.                                                                               agribusiness
                                                                                                                                                                    training program
1 Agosto Borges, 24, expanded        skills such as money management.      confidence. She also learned how                                                         working in the
his father’s small business:         Prior to participating in the PAS     to apply sound business strategies                                                       shrimp farm his
                                     program, Agosto and his father        -- she has narrowed the scope of                                                         group started in
Along with his father, Agosto        didn’t even know how much             her inventory by selling clothes                                                         Manatuto.
Borges, 24, used to sell fresh       money they earned in a month.         exclusively for 5-17 year-olds.
fish at the downtown markets                                                                                                                                        Photo: LOL
of Baucau. He dropped out of         Not only does the Borges family
                                     now has a greater income; more        According to Sildonia, she now      Recent graduates of the USAID- Last March 16, 2009, follow-
pre-secondary school to help his                                           feels more in control of her own
father full-time.                    importtantly, they have gained a                                          supported Building Agribusi- ing a community dialogue with
                                     better understanding of their own     life and able to make decisions for ness Capacity program have the landowner, the group se-
In July 2008, Agosto joined the business.                                  herself and her family.             formed a cooperative called cured land rights to five hectares
PAS program after hearing about                                            3 Jose Manuel Belo, 24, now Hadian no Dezenvolve iha Area of land they intended to use for
it through his church. After 2 Sildonia Da Silva, 29, now                  keeps himself busy with a small Rurais (HADER) or “Improve shrimp farming and horticul-
actively participating in the PAS feels more in control of her life:       business                            and Develop in Rural Areas” ture. They celebrated this with a
program and learning new skills,                                                                               and started a shrimp farming Timorese traditional ritual for
                                     Prior to joining the PAS program,
Agosto and a group of four other                                           Jose Manuel Belo never finished operation in Manatuto district. transferring land ownership.
                                     Sildonia Da Silva, 29, sold clothes
PAS youth participants decided                                             primary school. He did not want
                                     at the markets in Baucau but
to get together and open a kiosk to                                        to follow in the footsteps of his
                                     struggled to find any sort of                                              The USAID-supported Building Agribusiness Capacity
sell goods in their neighborhood.                                          father and become a carpenter, so
                                     success. Her husband and father
However, after completing part
                                     are farmers, partly contributing      he lingered for a long time with in East Timor program introduced a one-year vocational
of the course on ‘how to open a                                            nothing to do and no means to training course, and in the process also trained agriculture
                                     to the feeling that she didn’t have
small business’, Agosto observed                                           support himself or his family. In teachers, installed satellite communication systems and
                                     the support or experience for this
that there were already too many                                           joining the PAS program, he was internet connectivity, and exposed students to innovative
                                     type of business.
kiosks in his village, so he changed                                       looking to create an opportunity technologies and modern agribusiness practices.
his mind and decided instead to                                            and a future for himself. With the
                                     As a result of the PAS program’s
expand his family business by                                              help of the PAS program training
                                     formal classes, mentorship,
selling chickens as well as fish.                                          partners, Jose spotted a business The group of seven students was Following the advice of an es-
                                     and human resource network,
Agosto and his father are Sildonia now has the critical                    opportunity to sell gasoline in his among the first batch of 120 tablished local farmer and, later,
now making $300 a month skills required to run a successful                village.                            graduates of the one-year post- agriculture specialists from the
selling chickens and fish. By clothes business. She has also                                                     secondary certificate program       German Technical Assistance
implementing business practices taken the lead in managing the             Currently, Jose Manuel keeps          offered at the three agricultural   (GTZ) agency, HADER started
he learned from the program finances of her new kiosk business.            himself busy selling gasoline at      high schools administered by        clearing the land situated up-
such as ‘consultation’ and                                                 the busiest roads. His idle days      the Ministry of Agriculture and     land from rice paddies and dig-
‘problem solving’, Agosto can Her PAS training has better                  are definitely over, and he is        Fisheries. Through the USAID-       ging pools for the shrimp farm..
tackle challenges with new tools prepared her to buy, sell, and            happy with the numeracy skills        supported program, the youth        GTZ is currently providing tech-
and a greater pool of resources. price her products, and interact          he learned from the program,          learned business management         nical, logistical and organizational
He also utilizes his new financial with her customers with                 which changed his life.               skills and were introduced to the   development support to the group.

Photo Gallery: Youth At Work
                                                                                                                 principles of forming and operat-
                                                                                                                 ing cooperative producer groups.    From their classes in cooperative
                                                                                                                 The students were also exposed      organizations, HADER learned
                                                                                                                 to other successful agriculture     that a key principle of cooperative
                                                                                                                 enterprises, which inspired them    organizations is “concern for the
                                                                                                                 to be agribusiness entrepreneurs.   community”.Through the ups and
                                                                                                                                                     downs of starting up a business,
                                                                                                                 Having attended the Natarbo-        the group learned that they could
                                                                                                                 ra Technical Agriculture High       really count on the local commu-
                                                                                                                 School, the HADER group knew        nity, which helped them during
                                                                                                                 that there was a wide range of      the worst times when they did
                                                                                                                 land in the area known as Suco      not even have money to buy food.
                                                                                                                 Aobeaon that they could de-
                                                                                                                 velop. Their research showed        Less than a year after gradua-
                                                                                                                 that the land is suitable for       tion, the HADER group will
                                                                                                                 shrimp farming due to the num-      be going back to their alma ma-
                                                                                                                 ber of available water sources      ter for a forum where they will
                                                                                                                 and presence of local shrimp.       share with the current crop of
                                                                           Photos: Karl Grobl/PAS
                                                                                                                                                     students their experience as a
                                                                                                                 Members of the group each           start-up in Timor-Leste. Their
                                       Youth participants of the Prepara                                         contributed $15 as seed money.      advice to those who want to fol-
                                       Ami ba Serbisu (PAS) program
                                                                                                                 Originally, the group had 17        low in their footsteps: “It all starts
                                       benefit from an integrated
                                       learning and working program,                                             founding members; however,          with a good idea, but you should
                                       and get to work in community                                              only seven were able to sustain     be ready for all the hard work,
                                       projects as well.                                                         their investment in the project.    sacrifice and uncertainty, to be-
                                                                                                                                                     come successful entrepreneurs.””
Building on Successful Pilot                                                                                                                                             From left to
                                                                                                                                                                         right: Minister of
                                                                                                                                                                         Tourism, Gil Alves;
USAID Links Over 100 Youth to Hospitality                                                                                                                                U.S. Embassy’s
                                                                                                                                                                         Charge d’Affaires,
and Tourism Industry                                                                                                                                                     Henry Rector;
                                                                                                                                                                         USAID’s Mark White,
                                                                                                                                                                         and Secretary of
On March 17, 2009, Minister           to follow several simple steps to      Timor Development Agency                                                                    State for Natural Re-
of Tourism, Industry and              succeed in their line of work : “(1)   (ETDA), is taking on the day-to-                                                            source, Mr. Alfredo
Commerce, Mr. Gil Alves,              Be professional; (2) Try to learn      day management of the internship                                                            Pires.
officially launched the USAID-        something new every day; (3)           program. ETDA will see to it
funded Hospitality Industry           Put what you learn into practice,      that the group receives the most
Internship Program (HIIP)             and lastly, (4) Be passionate          relevant training throughout
together with the US Embassy’s        about what you do and have fun.”       the program. By encouraging
Charge       d’Affaires,    HenryAs part of the internship, over 100         local institutional capacity to
Rector, USAID Representative,    recent graduates of Timorese                effectively manage the internship
Mark A. White, and Acting        hospitality and tourism training            program,      USAID/DSP          is
Secretary of State for Professional
                                 institutes will participate in one          working towards the creation
Training and Employment/         of two, six-month programs                  of an integrated and sustainable
Secretary of State for Natural   which include on-the-job training           hospitality program that will (Above:) USAID Representative Mark A. White addressing the candidate interns;
Resource, Mr. Alfredo Pires.     and mentoring at hotels and                 hopefully become an accepted (Below left:) A hotel manager signs contract with intern and administrator ETDA;
“The hospitality and tourism restaurants, as well as on-going                and valued part of the hospitality (Below right:) Interns enjoying the launch ceremony. Photos: D. Jose/USAID
industry and these interns are training in industry-demanded                 curriculum in Timor-Leste.
not working just for themselves, topics. The current program               In launching the program, Ms.       “By Doing Your Best in Your Field, You
but for others as well, and will be implemented over the
will help contribute to Timor- upcoming year, with the first
                                                                           Palmira Pires, ETDA Executive
                                                                           Director, had this to say: “This
                                                                                                                             Are Contributing to the
Leste’s economic growth” said class just starting in March and             unique program will use standards           Development of Timor-Leste”
Minister Alves. He added, “I another slated to begin in July.              developed by the government in
would like to thank the United This program is building                    coordination with demands by             Remarks by USAID Rep. Mark A.White Launching
States, USAID, and Desenvolve on                                           the industry.This program will do    Hospitality Industry Internship Program, March 17, 2009
                                         the     successful     pilot
Setor Privadu/Private Sector program implemented by the                    what others have not, connecting
                                                                                                             Today marks an important day Hospitality Industry Internship
Development project (DSP), for USAID-funded Small Grants                   job seekers with employers. It
                                                                                                             in the lives of the first batch of Program, which builds on a suc-
their support and collaboration Program, in which 22 out of                will equip interns with better
                                                                                                             62 interns who are participat- cessful pilot we did earlier (Oc-
to implement this program.” 26 interns were offered jobs                   skills and make them employable.”
                                                                                                             ing in the Hospitality Industry tober 2007-June 2008) that re-
The USAID Representative, Mark following            on-the-job-training. Previous participants of the pi- Internship Program. Through sulted in job offers for most of
White, spoke directly to the intern As part of the expansion of the lot USAID program also ad- this unique on-the-job training the interns. This time, over 100
candidates, encouraging them program, a local partner, East dressed the new batch of in- program, each of you will spend youth interns will be able to par-
                                                                           terns during the ceremony. the next six-months putting into ticipate in this unique program.
                                                                                                             practice what you have learned
taking the public pulse                                                                                      about hospitality and tourism. A special thank you to Timor-
                                                                                                             At the same time, you will be Leste’s leading technical and
By Isabel Ximenes, Technical Officer, Democracy and Governance
                                                                                                             supervised and trained by se- training institutions who have
One of the key findings of a 2006 NGOs, and private companies. partner INSIGHT will be con-
                                                                                                             lected hotel/restaurant staff to taken the first steps to train
conflict vulnerability assessment Staff of local research institutions ducting a national survey on suco
                                                                                                             develop your skills further in- these interns in the classroom
commissioned by USAID to as- have benefited from a variety of councils’ performance by the
                                                                                                             line with industry standards . and provide them with a great
sess the causes of the crisis was the training on developing research middle of this year. As the term
                                                                                                                                                foundation for continuing their
widespread lack of reliable infor- skills, ranging from method- of suco councils first elected in
                                                                                                             By doing your best in your field, education and experience. I am
mation inTimor-Leste.The assess- ologies, design, developing of 2004 and 2005 comes to an end,
                                                                                                             you are not just working for pleased to have the opportunity,
ment team also noted the severely questionnaires, data collection, it is an appropriate time to assess
                                                                                                             yourself, but contributing to the through this program, to work
limited formal channels for com- data analysis, and report writing. the overall performance of suco
                                                                                                             development of Timor-Leste. with the tourism training institu-
munication in Timorese society. The research institutions also re- councils so far. The assessment
                                                                                                                                                tions in upgrading facilities and
                                      ceived necessary training in Statis- will guide the Government’s
                                                                                                             Doing your best includes not improving practices in hospital-
In response, USAID launched a tics Program for Social Sciences. policies for suco councils for the
                                                                                                             only being good, but looking the ity and tourism management.
three-year project in 2007 aim-                                            upcoming term, as well as the ac-
                                                                                                             part as well. For example, when I
ing to develop the qualitative and These institutions include two ter- tivities of USAID/Timor-Leste’s
                                                                                                             walk into a restaurant or hotel, I From what we have just heard
quantitative research skills of lo- tiary educational institutes – Dili partners in helping suco coun-
                                                                                                             look for staff with friendly faces from both an intern and a manag-
cal institutions to take the pub- Institute of Technology, and Insti- cils to become more effective.
                                                                                                             and smiles. I look for someone er of a hotel who participated in
lic pulse on relevant topics for tute of Business – and two local re- Another survey that will be con-
                                                                                                             to ask, “May I help you?” The the pilot internship program, it is
the Government of Timor-Leste, search institutes – INSIGHT and ducted by the end of 2009 is
                                                                                                             friendliness of an employee, the clear that there is great opportu-
donors and other stakehold- East Timor Development Agency. on cultural and values profile to
                                                                                                             customer service I receive will nity awaiting those who are perse-
ers. The project will also help The four research institutions help USAID/Timor-Leste and its
                                                                                                             determine whether I will go back vering and committed to improv-
develop the skills of Timorese have since been busy conduct- partners determine more effec-
                                                                                                             to an establishment. You are the ing their skills in this industry.
organizations to conduct public ing researches and public opinion tive methods of intervention for
                                                                                                             number one determiner of suc-
opinion surveys, project evalu- surveys at the request of stake- development projects. The sur-
                                                                                                             cess of a tourist-oriented busi- I wish all the participants much
ations and impact assessments, holders such as the World Bank, vey results will also guide efforts
                                                                                                             ness. Your employer depends success in your internships. May
field tests of public education ma- the International Republican In- for promoting values conducive
                                                                                                             on you. So smile, and just be this just be the start of a pro-
terials and other research proj- stitute and The Asia Foundation, to advancing democracy, justice
                                                                                                             the great person that you are. ductive time for you, not only
ects as requested or contracted. on a range of subjects, including and prosperity in Timor-Leste.
                                                                                                                                                as professionals in the tour-
                                      performance of youth centers
                                                                                                             USAID, through its Private Sec- ism and hospitality industry,
To develop the local institutions’ in the country, national political This is all a part of USAID’s ef-
                                                                                                             tor Development project, is very but more importantly as mem-
research skills, USAID’s imple- opinions, and community polic- forts not only to ensure that
                                                                                                             pleased to provide continued bers of the Timorese society!
menting partner Democracy In- ing behavior and performance. intervention is attuned to the
                                                                                                             support to the hospitality and
ternational (DI) has been working                                          needs of the people, but also
                                                                                                             tourism sector in Timor-Leste To invest in you is to invest
with a core of professional re- At the request of USAID, Democ- to improve the flow of infor-
                                                                                                             through the expansion of the in the future of Timor-Leste.
searchers among university staff, racy International and its local mation in the new democracy.

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