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					The Outsiders                   S.E.Hinton
7 points
                    **On the line, write the page number of the book
                           where the answer can be found**

  1. ___ What did the Socs do when they jumped Ponyboy after he left the movie?
       a. they said he needed more grease and poured a can of motor oil over his head.
       b. They stuffed him into the trunk of a Corvair and drove him to a vacant lot.
       c. They swung bicycle chains and warned him to stay out of their drive-in
       d. They threatened to cut off his hair and one pulled a knife on him.

  2. ____   Cherry was “White as a sheet” after Ponyboy told her about—
       a.   the vivid, recurring nightmares he had about his parents’ car crash.
       b.   The rumble in which Sodapop had been cut with a broken bottle
       c.   Johnny’s beating by four Socs driving a blue Mustang
       d.   Randy’s threat to teach the “dirty greasers” a lesson they’d never forget

  3. ____ According to Cherry, how were Greasers different from Socs?
       a. they forgave more quickly
       b. they seemed older
       c. they could find a little good in even bad situations
       d. they were more emotional.

  4. ____   Before she left with the Socs, what did Cherry say that shocked Ponyboy?
       a.   her parents were a lot like Johnny’s
       b.   she wanted to talk to him about school
       c.   she could fall in love with Dally
       d.   she had been born on the East Side

  5. ____ What comment did Johnny make while Ponyboy read from Gone With the
       a. He and Ponyboy should run away to Atlanta
       b. Ponyboy would probably ride into sure death to be gallant
       c. The Confederate and Union armies were just like Greasers and Socs
       d. The Southern gentlemen reminded him of Dally
The Outsiders                   S.E.Hinton
7 points

                    **On the line, write the page number of the book
                           where the answer can be found**

  6. ____ While they were saving the kids, what did PonyBoy notice about Johnny?
       a. his eyes didn’t have their usual defeated, suspicious look.
       b. His fear seemed even greater than that of the kids.
       c. He gently placed the kids outside one by one
       d. His mouth was set in the same grim line that was Dally’s trademark.

  7. ____ At the Tasty Freeze, what did Randy tell Ponyboy as they sat in the Mustang?
       a. he was sick of the fighting and wasn’t going to show up at the rumble.
       b. Bob had been trying for weeks to get the Greasers angry enough to rumble
       c. The Socs were planning to bring weapons to the rumble.
       d. He had tipped off the police about the rumble.

  8. _____ Before the rumble, what did Ponyboy ask of the guys in the gang?
       a. why they liked to fight
       b. how they hid their fear
       c. if they were carrying heaters
       d. whether they really hated Socs

  9. _____ Ponyboy worried that when he’d been delirious, he had—
       a. asked only for Sodapop and not for Darry
       b. talked about where he’d hidden the gun
       c. admitted his true feelings for Cherry
       d. revealed Dally’s secret

  10. ____   Randy was confused when he left Ponyboy’s bedroom because Ponyboy
        a.   told him Cherry was a spy
        b.   said he had killed Bob
        c.   asked him to visit Johnny at the hospital
        d.   told him to “stay away”

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