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        Semesterr Overrviiew,, Ellectiions,, and the Futurre
        Semeste Ove v ew E ect ons and the Futu e
                                                                   Sprriing 2007
                                                                   Sp ng 2007

Dea e3
Dea e3

 Th e se mestte is com ing to a c lose and th anks to a o you ha d wo k th ink itss sa e to sa y th at we have ta ken
TThe ssemessterrriiss comiing tto a cllosse and tthanksstto allll offfyourrrharrrd worrrk;;;III tthiink iitts ssafffe tto ssay tthattwe have ttaken
    he eme e com ng o a c o e and hank o a o you ha d wo k h nk                                                 a e o ay ha we have aken
 many stteps o w a d as an o g an iza ti ion Membe ssh ip is on th e i ise ou membe ss a e exc iti ing and eve w ing to
many sstepss ffforrrwarrrd assan orrrganiizzattion... Memberrrshiip iisson tthe rrrisse,,,ourrrmemberrrs arrre exciitting and everrrwiilililing tto
  many ep o wa d a an o gan a on Membe h p on he e ou membe a e exc ng and eve w ng o
 make many amazi ing ideas come to i e E3 is i ina ly be ing e cogn ize d by many on campus bod ies and
make many amazzing iideass come tto llilifffe... E3 iiss fffinallly beiing rrrecogniizzed by many on campussbodiiessand
  make many ama ng dea come o e E3                                    na y be ng ecogn ed by many on campu bod e and
  ind iv idua ls as one o th e mostt e fe cti ive and p o g e sssive o g an iza ti ions a o und wh ich is mak ing ou job easi ie
iindiiviiduallssassone offf tthe mosst efffffecttive and prrrogrrresssiive orrrganiizzattionssarrround,,,whiich iissmakiing ourrrjjob eassierrr
   nd v dua a one o he mo e ec ve and p og e ve o gan a on a ound wh ch mak ng ou ob ea e
 eve y day To day we open a new chapte o e3 one wh ich hope you can he lp w i ite Th is chapte w
everrry day... TToday,,,we open a new chaptterrrffforrre3,,, one whiich III hope you can hellp wrrritte... TThiiss chaptterrrwiililll
  eve y day         oday we open a new chap e o e3 one wh ch hope you can he p w e                                                h chap e w
  inc lude an executi ive body th at is TW C E AS B G as lastt se mestte . Remembe , th e u tu e o th is o g an iza ti ion is
iincllude an executtive body tthattiissTTWIIICE AS BIIIG assllasst ssemessterrr.. Rememberrr,, tthe fffutturrre offftthiiss orrrganiizzattion iiss
   nc ude an execu ve body ha                      W CE AS B G a a eme e Remembe he u u e o h o gan a on
 now in you ve y capab le hands. hope th at you w ta ke th is o th e oppo ttun ity o what it is, a un ique and
now iin yourrrverrry capablle handss.. III hope tthattyou wiililll ttake tthiissffforrr tthe opporrrtuniitty ffforrrwhattiittiiss,,a uniique and
  now n you ve y capab e hand                        hope ha you w ake h o he oppo un y o wha                                         a un que and
   e wa d ing way to uti ize you own stt e ngth s in o d e to make a huge impact on th e campus and in th e
rrrewarrrdiing way tto uttilililizze yourrr own sstrrrengtthssiin orrrderrrtto make a huge iimpactt on tthe campussand iin tthe
   ewa d ng way o u e you own eng h n o de o make a huge mpac on he campu and n he
 commun ity in wh ich you ive Th e o low ing is a gene a intro ducti ion to th e e3 Executi ive posi iti ions o next
communiitty iin whiich you llilive... TThe fffolllowiing iissa generrralll iinttrroducttion tto tthe e3 Executtive possittionssffforrrnextt
  commun y n wh ch you ve                     he o ow ng a gene a n oduc on o he e3 Execu ve po on o nex
 se mestte .
    eme e

 A Posi iti ions a e open o e lecti ion at th e end o th e se mestte on Decembe 6 th. Th ose u nn ing sh ou ld c e ate a
Allllll Possittionssarrre open ffforrrellecttion att tthe end offf tthe ssemessterrron Decemberrr6tthh.. TThosse rrrunniing sshoulld crrreatte a
 A Po on a e open o e ec on a he end o he eme e on Decembe 6                                                              ho e unn ng hou d c ea e a
 2-3 m inute sp eech on why you wou ld be a good cand idate o th at posi iti ion Once e lecte d te m s lastt o one
2--3 miinutte sspeech on why you woulld be a good candiidatte ffforrr tthatt possittion... Once ellectted,,, tterrrmssllasst ffforrrone
 2 3 m nu e peech on why you wou d be a good cand da e o ha po on Once e ec ed e m a o one
 se mestte . A posi iti ions a e ava lab le o c e d it o no c e d it. I you w ish to e ce ive c e d it, you mustt ta lk to D .
ssemessterrr.. Allll possittionssarrre avaiililablle ffforrr crrrediittorrrno crrrediitt.. IIfffyou wiissh tto rrreceiive crrrediitt,, you musst ttallk tto Drrr..
  eme e A po on a e ava ab e o c ed o no c ed                                                   you w h o ece ve c ed you mu a k o D
 Heath e Honea e3 a cu lty adv iso . tt may a lso be a posssib ity depend ing on you ma jo to have e3 count as
HeattherrrHonea,,,e3 fffaculltty adviissorrr.. IIIt may allsso be a posssiibiilililitty dependiing on yourrrmajjorrrtto have e3 countt ass
 Hea he Honea e3 acu y adv o                             may a o be a po b y depend ng on you ma o o have e3 coun a
 you inte n sh ip
 you n e n h p

 Executi ive membe ss and p o ject leade ss mustt lead by examp le and th e e o e a e he ld to th e o low ing
Executtive memberrrs and prrrojjecttlleaderrrs musst llead by examplle and ttherrreffforrre arrre helld tto tthe fffolllowiing
  Execu ve membe and p o ec eade mu ead by examp e and he e o e a e he d o he o ow ng
 sttanda d s: A exec posi iti ions e qu i e atttendance at th e ma jo i ity o e3 exec gene a l and g o up meeti ings, and
sstandarrrdss:: Allll exec possittionssrrrequiirrre atttendance att tthe majjorrritty offfe3 exec,,, generrrall,,,and grrroup meettingss,,and
    anda d A exec po on equ e a endance a he ma o y o e3 exec gene a and g oup mee ng and
   u l i th e e qu i e mentss o you posi iti ion be low f you a e e ce iv ing c e d it o any k ind as an exec o a p o ject
fffullfffililll tthe rrrequiirrrementts offf yourrrpossittion bellow... IIIffyou arrre rrreceiiviing crrrediitt offfany kiind assan exec orrra prrrojjectt
   u              he equ emen o you po on be ow                              you a e ece v ng c ed o any k nd a an exec o a p o ec
  leade , th ese e qu i e mentss a e a lso pa tt o you g a de Occasi iona ly a o us have oth e ob igati ions, wh ich is
lleaderrr,, tthesse rrrequiirrrementts arrre allsso parrrt offfyourrrgrrrade... Occassionallly allll offfusshave ottherrroblliligattionss,,whiich iiss
   eade he e equ emen a e a o pa o you g ade Occa ona y a o u have o he ob ga on wh ch
 unde ssta ndab le but th is sh ou ld not be a common th eme
underrrsttandablle butt tthiiss sshoulld nott be a common ttheme...
  unde andab e bu h hou d no be a common heme

 Th at sa id th is o g an iza ti ion is se t up in a way th at he lps you as an exec o p o ject leade get th ings done qu ick ly
TThatt ssaiid,,, tthiiss orrrganiizzattion iissssettup iin a way tthatt hellpssyou assan exec orrrprrrojjecttlleaderrrgett tthiingss done quiicklly
  ha a d h o gan a on                              e up n a way ha he p you a an exec o p o ec eade ge h ng done qu ck y
 and e fi ic ientl ly Ou B lackboa d si ite has many va luab le e so u c es o th e o g an iza ti ion ope a ti ions and w be
and effffficiienttly... OurrrBllackboarrrd ssitte,,, hassmany valluablle rrressourrrcess ffforrr tthe orrrganiizzattion operrrattionssand wiililll be
 and e c en y Ou B ackboa d e ha many va uab e e ou ce o he o gan a on ope a on and w be
 accesssib le next se mestte to ALL EXECS AND PROJECT LEADERS In add iti ion th e e is a bu lt in su ppo tt sy sttem to
accesssiiblle nextt ssemessterrrtto ALL EXECS AND PROJECTT LEADERS... IIn addiittion ttherrre iissa buiililttiin ssupporrrt ssysstem tto
 acce b e nex eme e o ALL EXECS AND PROJEC LEADERS n add on he e a bu n uppo y em o
 he lp you inc lud ing th e p o ject g o ups th emse lves, th e execs, and ou a cu lty adv iso , Heath e Honea F ina ly
hellp you,,,iinclludiing tthe prrrojjecttgrrroupss tthemssellvess,, tthe execss,,and ourrrfffaculltty adviissorrr,, Heattherrr Honea... Fiinallly,,,
 he p you nc ud ng he p o ec g oup hem e ve he exec and ou acu y adv o Hea he Honea F na y
 a tte e lecti ions e e it is impo ttant pe ssona ly to ta ke a new Execs and p o ject leade ss on a gu ided to u o
afffterrrellecttionssIII fffeelll iittiissiimporrrtantt perrrsonallly tto ttake allll new Execssand prrrojjecttlleaderrrs on a guiided ttourrrofff
 a e e ec on ee                             mpo an pe ona y o ake a new Exec and p o ec eade on a gu ded ou o
 SDSU and a o th e peop le and o fi ices th at you w ike ly encounte next se mestte . Th is ta kes th e guesss-w o k
SDSU and allll offftthe peoplle and offffficesstthatt you wiililll llilikelly encountterrrnextt ssemessterrr.. TThiissttakesstthe guesss--worrrk
 SDSU and a o he peop e and o ce ha you w ke y encoun e nex eme e                                                      h ake he gue wo k
 out o be ing in e3 Th ese posi iti ions DO e qu i e a consi ide a b le amount o ti ime so keep th is in m ind At th e
outt offfbeiing iin e3!!! TThesse possittionssDO rrrequiirrre a conssiderrrablle amountt offfttime,,, sso keep tthiissiin miind... Att tthe
 ou o be ng n e3 he e po on DO equ e a con de ab e amoun o me o keep h n m nd A he
 sa me ti ime we have wo k ed ve y ha d ove th e yea ss to c e ate a si itu ati ion whe e a o th e to o ls and su ppo tt
ssame ttime,,,we have worrrked verrry harrrd overrrtthe yearrrs tto crrreatte a ssittuattion wherrre,,, allll offf tthe ttoollssand ssupporrrt
  ame me we have wo ked ve y ha d ove he yea o c ea e a ua on whe e a o he oo and uppo
 needed to be su ccesss u a e at you i inge ttips. Get e ady o a u n c e ati ive and end lesssly e wa d ing
needed tto be ssuccesssfffulll arrre att yourrr fffingerrrtiipss.. Gett rrready ffforrra fffun,,, crrreattive,,, and endllessslly rrrewarrrdiing
 needed o be ucce u a e a you nge p Ge eady o a un c ea ve and end e y ewa d ng
 se mestte !
  eme e

S ince e ly
S nce e y

IIan Bevan
  Ian Bevan
   an Bevan

P e si ident o th e Env i o -B usi inesss Soc iety
Prrressidenttofff tthe Enviirrro--Bussinesss Sociietty
P e den o he Env o Bu ne Soc e y
San D iego Sta te Un ive ssity
San Diiego Sttatte Uniiverrrsiitty
San D ego S a e Un ve y

A lw ays e e re e to conta ct me i you have any questtions o conce n s.
Allw ayss fffeelll fffrree tto conttactt me iifffyou have any quesstiionssorrrconcerrrnss..
A w ay ee ee o con ac me you have any que on o conce n

E-m a l P e si ident@ c lube3 o g
E ma P e den @c ube3 o g
Phone (9 49) 293-9 826
Phone 949 293 9826
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                                Orrganiizatiion IInfrrastrructurre
                                O gan zat on nf ast uctu e
                                                        Sprriing 2007
                                                        Sp ng 2007

P e d en

A ssuccessssffull prressiidentt musstt have a ssttrrong passssiion fforr whatt tthe Enviirro--Bussiinessss Sociietty
 A ucce u p e den mu have a ong pa on o wha he Env o Bu ne Soc e y
    and o The P e den po on equ e con an nvo vemen bu ex e me y
ssttandss fforr.. The Prressiidentt’’ss possiittiion rrequiirress conssttantt iinvollvementt butt iiss exttrremelly
rrewarrdiing.. The maiin rressponssiibiilliittiiess off tthe prressiidentt iiss generrall orrganiizattiion overrssiightt,,
   ewa d ng The ma n e pon b e o he p e den gene a o gan za on ove gh
whiich rrequiirress hellpiing ffaciillittatte a ssynerrgiissttiic rrellattionsshiip bettween alll ottherr exec
 wh ch equ e he p ng ac i a e a yne g c e a ion h p be ween a o he exec
memberrss,, prrojjectt grroupss and iinttegrrattiion off new e3 memberrss.. The prressiidentt’’ss
 membe p o ec g oup and n eg a on o new e3 membe                                                 The p e den
rressponssiibiilliittiiess crrossss overr iintto ALL prrojjectt grroupss;; ttherrefforre tthe prressiidentt musstt have
   e pon b e c o ove n o ALL p o ec g oup he e o e he p e den mu have
iintterrperrssonall sskiilllss.. The prressiidentt and viice prressiidentt arre a tteam and sshoulld worrk cllosselly
  n e pe ona k                       The p e den and v ce p e den a e a eam and hou d wo k c o e y
   oge he and ha e many o he ame e pon b t e
ttogettherr and ssharre many off tthe ssame rressponssiibiilliitiiess..

Duttiiess iin tthiiss possiittiion iincllude::
Du e n h po on nc ude

           Bookiing & rressearrchiing Speakerrss
           Book ng & e ea ch ng Speake                                                        Overrssiightt/Nettworrkiing off alll
                                                                                               Ove gh /Ne wo k ng o a
           Letttterr ffrrom tthe Prressiidentt
           Le e om he P e den                                                                 prrojjectt grroupss
                                                                                               p o ec g oup
           Orrganiize/Conductt Meettiingss
           O gan ze/Conduc Mee ng                                                              Mee ng wt h ou acu y adv o
                                                                                              Meettiing wiith ourr ffaculltty adviissorr
           Meettiing/Eventt Remiinderrss
           Mee ng/Even Rem nde                                                                VP:: coorrdiinattiion
                                                                                               VP coo d na on
           Generrall E--maiill quessttiionss
           Gene a E ma que on                                                                  End Seme e p ann ng o nex
                                                                                              End Semesstterr-- pllanniing fforr nextt
           Dessiign Semesstterr’’ss Agenda
           De gn Seme e Agenda                                                                ssemesstterr
                                                                                                 em e e
           Attttend Alll e3 ffuncttiionss and
           A end A e3 unc on and                                                                n p i ng membe o ake exec
                                                                                              IInsspiirring memberrss tto ttake exec
           m ee n g                                                                           possiittiionss
                                                                                               po on
           Tablliing/Cllassss announcementtss
           Tab ng/C a announcemen                                                             Dellegattiion off ttasskss
                                                                                               De ega on o a k
           Ne wo k ng                                                                         Prroffessssiionall
                                                                                               P o e ona
           Publliic sspeakiing
           Pub c peak ng                                                                      Teach Nextt exec tteam how tto…
                                                                                               Teach Nex exec eam how o…

Memberrshiip iis tthe key:: The prressiidentt sshoulld allwayss be ffocussed on rrecrruiittmentt and
 Membe sh p s he key The p e den hou d a way be ocu ed on ec u men and
 expan on n h a ea we have ound ha ab n g and c a oom announcemen
expanssiion.. IIn tthiiss arrea,, we have ffound tthatt ttablliing and cllassssrroom announcementtss
have been by ffarr mosstt effffecttiive and II ssttrronglly rrecommend tthatt EVERY ffutturre e3
 h a ve b e e n b y a m o e e c ve a n d                      ong y ecommend ha EVERY u u e e3
 p e den u ze bo h e pec a y a he a t o he eme e The p e den hou d y o
prressiidentt uttiilliize botth,, esspeciiallly att tthe ssttarrt off tthe ssemesstterr.. The prressiidentt sshoulld ttrry tto
    nd o he me hod — e pon o h p ho d ng/en e ng con e
ffiind ottherr metthodss—ii..e.. ssponssorrsshiipss,, holldiing/entterriing conttessttss,, moviie sscrreeniingss
                                                                                              m o v e c e en n g
  a way a ucce
((allwayss a ssuccessss)),, ettc..

The prressiidentt iiss tthe maiin lliiaiisson fforr extterrnall publliic affffaiirrss nott lliisstted..
The p e den              he ma n a on o ex e na pub c a a no                                       ed
Allwayss keep tthiiss iin miind:: Yourr rrolle ass prressiidentt verry much wiilll detterrmine tthe ffutturre
 A way keep h n m nd You o e a p e den ve y much w de e mine he u u e
ssuccessss orr ffaiillurre off e3,, whiich iiss why itt iiss varry iimporrttantt tto ttake tthiiss rrolle sserriiousslly..
   ucce o a u e o e3 wh ch why i va y mpo an o ake h o e e ou y
Founderrss,, passtt prressiidenttss,, and memberrss have gone tto exttrreme llengtthss tto gett tto brriing e3
 Founde pa p e den and membe have gone o ex eme eng h o ge o b ng e3
tto tthiiss llevell.. Thiiss possiittiion rrequiirress a rrellattiivelly ffrree sschedulle iin orrderr tto be an effffecttiive
   o h e ve            Th po on equ e a e a ve y ee chedu e n o de o be an e ec ve
prressiidentt.. Thatt ssaiid,, II tthiink tthe passtt prressiidenttss woulld alll agrree tthatt ffullffiillling tthiiss rrolle iiss a
 p e d en            Tha a d h nk he pa p e den wou d a ag ee ha u ing h o e a
llearrniing experriience,, ffrrom whiich you wiilll ttake many valluablle sskiilllss..
  ea n ng expe ence om wh ch you w ake many va uab e k

Viice Prressiidentt::
 V c e P e d en
The possiittiion off Viice Prressiidentt iiss a hiighlly iinvollved,, and prrobablly tthe mosstt iimporrttantt rrolle
 The po on o V ce P e den a h gh y nvo ved and p obab y he mo mpo an o e
  n he unc on ng and execu on o a EBS ac vt e Th pe on hou d ca y a w de
iin tthe ffuncttiioniing and executtiion off alll EBS acttiiviitiiess.. Thiiss perrsson sshoulld carrrry a wiide
arrrray off sskiilllss and ttallenttss tthatt wiilll be putt tto usse overr tthe ssemesstterr.. IItt iiss iimperrattiive tthatt
 a ay o k and a en ha w be pu o u e ove he eme e                                                            m p e a ve h a
tthey arre ablle tto ssussttaiin a ssttrrong worrk etthiic ass tthe rressponssiibiilliittiiess off tthiiss possiittiion can be
   hey a e ab e o u a n a ong wo k e h c a he e pon b e o h po on can be
demandiing and allsso verry rrewarrdiing..
 d em a n d n g a n d a o ve y e w a d n g

The ffiirrsstt and fforremosstt rressponssiibiilliitty off tthe possiittiion iiss tto be a ssupporrtt posstt fforr tthe Prressiidentt..
 The           and o emo e pon b y o he po on                                       o be a uppo po o he P e den
                                                                             o e o a ev a e he wo k oad o he
IItt iiss iimporrttantt tto rrealliize tthatt tthe Vice Prressiidentt’’ss rrolle iiss tto allleviiatte tthe worrklload off tthe
            mpo an o ea ze ha he Vice P e den
Prressiidentt,, sso he/sshe can acttiivelly sseek executtiive llectturrerrss,, and corrporratte ssponssorrsshiip..
 P e den o he/ he can ac ve y eek execu ve ec u e and co po a e pon o h p
The ttwo ttop executtiivess sshoulld meett earrlly iin tthe ssemesstterr,, ass ssoon ass tthe ttwo possiittiionss
 The wo op execu ve hou d mee ea y n he eme e a oon a he wo po on
arre detterrmiined.. The dellegattiion off ttasskss and autthorriitty sshoulld ffalll underr tthe guiidelliiness
 a e de e m ned The de ega on o a k and au ho y hou d a unde he gu de ne
ssett outt by an honesstt assssessssmentt off tthe ttwo memberrss’’ uniique perrssonalliitty,, charractterr,, sskiilll,,
   e ou by an hone a e men o he wo membe un que pe ona y cha ac e k
ssttrrengtthss and weaknessssess..
        en g h a n d w ea k n e e

Speciiffiic duttiiess off tthiiss possiittiion iincllude::
Spec c du e o h po on nc ude
           Attttend alll meettiingss and eventtss
           A e n d a m e e n g a n d e ve n                                         Meettiing Pllanniing
                                                                                    Mee ng P ann ng
           A Po on F n e pon b t y
           Alll Possiittiionss Fiilll iin rressponssiibiilliity                     Enssurre Grroup Effffiiciiency
                                                                                    En u e G oup E c ency
           Meettiing/Eventt Remiinderrss
           Mee ng/Even Rem nde                                                      Dellegattiion off ttasskss
                                                                                    De ega on o a k
           Pllanniing Semesstterr
           P ann ng Seme e                                                          Attttend Alll e3 ffuncttiionss/meettiingss
                                                                                    A end A e3 unc on /mee ng

The nextt rressponssiibiilliitty off tthiiss possiittiion iiss tto sserrve ass a lliiaiisson among tthe many offffiicerrss off
 The nex e pon b y o h po on o e ve a a a on among he many o ce o
EBS,, ass many off tthe eventtss wiilll iincllude tthe conttrriibuttiionss off sseverrall offffiicerrss.. Rememberr,,
 EBS a many o he even w nc ude he con bu on o eve a o ce                                                          Remembe
tthiiss possiittiion iiss Chiieff off OPPERATIIONS Offffiicerr,, and ttherrefforre tthiiss perrsson iiss rressponssiiblle fforr
  h po on Ch e o OPPERAT ONS O ce and he e o e h pe on e pon b e o
coorrdiinattiion off alll eventtss.. Much off tthiiss sshoulld be dellegatted tto tthe rresstt off tthe memberrss;;
 coo d na on o a even                      Much o h hou d be de ega ed o he e o he membe
howeverr tthe VP’’ss sskiilllss off worrkiing wiitth ottherrss,, ass welll ass lleaderrsshiip sskiilllss,, wiilll be viittall tto
 howeve he VP k o wo k ng w h o he a we a eade h p k                                                       w be v a o
much off EBS’’ss ssuccessss overr tthe ssemesstterr..
 much o EBS ucce ove he eme e

Ass Viice Prressiidentt,, you arre a verry valluablle memberr tto EBS and on you’’rre way tto
 A V ce P e den you a e a ve y va uab e membe o EBS and on you e way o
essttablliisshiing a grreatt carreerr iin lleaderrsshiip rrolless.. Thiiss iiss a huge rressume boosstterr and att
 e ab h ng a g ea ca ee n eade h p o e Th                                       a huge e ume boo e and a
everry iintterrviiew you have,, tthe emplloyerr wiilll ssee tthiss and menttiion iitt,, giiviing you ssometthiing
 eve y n e v ew you have he emp oye w ee hi and men on g v ng you ome h ng
tto ttallk tto tthe emplloyerr aboutt diisspllayiing yourr dediicattiion,, communiitty--sserrviice,, ssellff--ssttarrttiing
  o a k o he emp oye abou d p ay ng you ded ca on commun y e v ce e                                                a ng
 a b t e a n d ea d e h p k
abiilliitiiess and lleaderrsshiip sskiilllss.. No matttterr whatt yourr educattiionall backgrround,, iiff you wantt
                                               No ma e wha you educa ona backg ound you wan
  o ge nvo ved on campu you w nd h expe e nce ex eme y ewa d ng and ve y
tto gett iinvollved on campuss,, you wiilll ffiind tthiiss experriience exttrremelly rrewarrdiing and verry
 b en e c a

VP Fiinance::
 V P F nance
Thiiss possiittiion iiss a verry iimporrttantt possiittiion and iiss viittall tto tthe ssuccessss and advancementt off
 Th po on a ve y mpo an po on and v a o he ucce and advancemen o
             ake a ve y ded ca ed n e gen de a - o en ed mo va ed nd v dua o pe o m
EBS.. IItt ttakess a verry dediicatted,, iinttellliigentt,, dettaiill-orriientted,, mottiivatted iindiiviiduall tto perrfforrm
tthe duttiiess off tthiiss possiittiion.. Thiiss possiittiion allsso rrequiirress coorrdiinattiion bettween ottherr grroupss,,
   he du e o h po on Th po on a o equ e coo d na on be ween o he g oup
iinclludiing ssponssorrsshiip and eventtss..
  nc ud ng pon o h p and even

                                                                                              ve y m p o a n o a n e
           ASAP:: iiff ttherre iiss a change iin who holldss tthiiss possiittiion,, iitt iiss verry iimporrttantt tto ttrranssfferr
            ASAP         he e a change n who ho d h po on
                                                a n d h e p e d en n a m e
           tthe accountt tto yourr name ((and tthe prressiidentt’’ss name))
             he accoun o you name
           Nettworrkiing wiitth ottherr grroupss tthatt need ffiinanciiall assssiissttance..
            Ne wo k ng w h o he g oup ha need nanc a a                                       ance
          The mosstt iimporrttantt rressponssiibiillitty tthe hollderr off tthiiss possiittiion musstt perrfforrm iiss
          The mo mpo an e pon b i y he ho de o h po on mu pe o m
          deciidiing whatt prrojjecttss arre ffiinanciiallly viiablle tto ttake on
          dec d ng wha p o ec a e nanc a y v ab e o ake on
          501 C3-- Worrk wiitth ssponssorrsshiip sso tthatt we can achieve non--prroffiitt ssttattuss.. Thiiss way
          501 C3 Wo k w h pon o h p o ha we can achieve non p o                                            a u Th way
          e3 can maxiimiize iittss iincomiing money tthrrough ssponssorrsshiipss..
          e3 can max m ze            ncom ng money h ough pon o h p
          Researching and obtaining financial aid from SDSU
          Planning for the Next Semester:
          Obtaining fee payments from members
          Keeping a record of core transactions (inflows/outflows)

 We cu en y have a check ng accoun e up wt h Un on Bank The VP o F nance
We currrrenttlly have a checkiing accountt ssett up wiith Uniion Bank.. The VP off Fiinance iiss
  e pon b e o ove ee h accoun whe he t ve y ng ha ce t a n check we e
rressponssiiblle tto overrssee tthiiss accountt,, whettherr iit iiss verriiffyiing tthatt cerrtaiin checkss werre
cllearred tthrrough onlliine bankiing,, wrriittiing checkss tto orrganiizattiionss,, and maiinttaiiniing rrecorrdss
 c ea ed h ough on ne bank ng w ng check o o gan za on and ma n a n ng eco d
off rreceiipttss,, jjourrnall enttrriiess,, and depossiittss/wiitthdrrawallss..
 o ece p ou na en e and depo /w hd awa

Thrroughoutt tthe courrsse off tthe ssemesstterr,, ttherre wiilll be numerrouss eventtss,, acttiiviittiiess,, bake--
 Th oughou he cou e o he eme e he e w be nume ou even ac v e bake
ssalless,, ssemiinarrss,, ettc.. tthatt we ass a cllub woulld lliike tto be a parrtt off.. Offtten ttiimess,, tthey ssound
    a e em na e c ha we a a c ub wou d ke o be a pa o O en me hey ound
lliike excelllentt iideass and many ottherr diirrecttorrss iin tthe cllub wiilll be verry exciitted aboutt.. IItt iiss
    ke exce en dea and many o he d ec o n he c ub w be ve y exc ed abou
yourr rressponssiibiilliitty ass tthe VP off Fiinance,, tto tthorroughlly weiigh tthe prross and conss off each
 you e pon b y a he VP o F nance o ho ough y we gh he p o and con o each
possssiiblle acttiivitty and deciide whettherr iitt iiss accepttablle and ssound tto ttake on.. Thiiss can be
 p o b e a c vi y a n d d e c d e w h e h e                   accep ab e and ound o ake on Th can be
 done h ough a co bene ana y o en me ac vi e w co a a ge amoun o
done tthrrough a cosstt--beneffiitt anallyssiiss ((offtten ttiimess acttiivittiiess wiilll cosstt a llarrge amountt off
money and nott prroduce any rrevenuess butt one musstt llook att ottherr,, iinttangiiblle beneffiittss
 money and no p oduce any evenue bu one mu ook a o he n ang b e bene
ssuch ass gettttiing ourr name outt,, EBS memberr rrecrruiittmentt,, and llong--tterrm effffecttss on tthe
    uch a ge ng ou name ou EBS membe ec u men and ong e m e ec on he
communiitty)),, a brreak--even anallyssiiss,, and even fforrecassttiing prrediictted cassh ffllowss ffrrom tthe
 commun y a b eak even ana y                            and even o eca ng p ed c ed ca h ow om he
 p o ec and compa ng o o he a e na ve Th dec on mak ng e pon b t y
prrojjectt and comparriing iitt tto ottherr alltterrnattiivess.. Thiiss deciissiion--makiing rressponssiibiilliity iiss
 wt hou a doub one o he oughe a gnmen a he VP o F nance becau e can
wiithoutt a doubtt one off tthe ttoughesstt assssiignmenttss ass tthe VP off Fiinance becausse iitt can
be diiffffiiculltt tto ttelll ssomeone tthatt a prrojjectt tthey arre verry eagerr aboutt iiss unrreassonablle orr
 be d cu o e omeone ha a p o ec hey a e ve y eage abou un ea onab e o
                                         e en a o he ong e m ucce o EBS
outt off tthe budgett,, butt iitt iiss essssenttiiall tto tthe llong--tterrm ssuccessss off EBS..
 ou o he budge bu

Therre iiss a cllearr need fforr tthe VP off ffiinance tto worrk cllosselly wiitth tthe ssponssorrsshiip tteam,, an
 The e a c ea need o he VP o nance o wo k c o e y w h he pon o h p eam an
arrea iin need off much iimprrovementt.. Nextt ssemesstterr we wantt tto ssett tthe goall tto have att
 a ea n need o much mp ovemen                       Nex eme e we wan o e he goa o have a
lleasstt one rrelliiablle ssponssorr..
  ea one e ab e pon o

Ass VP off Fiinance you arre a verry valluablle memberr tto EBS and on you’’rre way tto
 A VP o F nance you a e a ve y va uab e membe o EBS and on you e way o
essttablliisshiing a grreatt carreerr iin Fiinance.. Thiiss iiss a huge rressume boosstterr and att everry
 e ab h ng a g ea ca ee n F nance Th                             a huge e ume boo e and a eve y
iintterrviiew you have,, tthe emplloyerr wiilll ssee tthiiss and menttiion itt,, giiviing you ssometthiing tto
  n e v ew you have he emp oye w ee h and men on i g v ng you ome h ng o
ttallk tto tthe emplloyerr aboutt diisspllayiing yourr dediicattiion,, communiitty--sserrviice,, and ffiinance
   a k o he emp oye abou d p ay ng you ded ca on commun y e v ce and nance
knowlledge.. IIff you have a backgrround iin Fiinance and wantt tto gett iinvollved on campuss,,
 know edge you have a backg ound n F nance and wan o ge nvo ved on campu
you wiilll ffiind tthiiss experriience exttrremelly rrewarrdiing and verry beneffiiciiall..
 you w nd h expe ence ex eme y ewa d ng and ve y bene c a

Sec e a y

This position is an easy and educational way to get acquainted with EBS and how its
infrastructure works. It provides a valuable opportunity for the holder of this position to
become qualified to attain another executive position at a later semester.

This Position’s Duties Include:
        Meettiing minuttess and attttendance
         Mee ng minu e and a endance
        Meettiing Topiicss fforr e--maiillss
         Mee ng Top c o e ma
        Web--ssiitte addittiionss
         Web e addi on
        Unffiiniisshed bussiinessss:: rreviiew meett ttopiicss tthatt ffelll tthrrough tthe crrackss..
         Un n hed bu ne                 ev ew mee op c ha e h ough he c ack
        Wrap it up- derailed conversations, tangents, etc.
        General Oversight
          Back-up E-mails, thank you letters

General oversight is an important role of the secretary for many reasons. To be able to
count the minutes and attendance {very important} at meetings and events, the
secretary must be present at these events. In addition, to help the president write the
Weekly E3 E-mail Summaries, a new role of the secretary is to simply bullet point all of the
meeting topics of conversation. This way, all the issues we address while brainstorming
end up in the e-mail summaries, on our e3 site, the appropriate project group’s
database, etc. You may or may not have noticed that sometimes at various e3
meetings and events, we can get a bit carried away brainstorming or conducting
question/answer sessions. Since the secretary’s job already includes recording meeting
length and topics covered, it seemed fitting that the secretary could be the one who
steps in and lets us know when to “Wrap it up”.

General oversight also includes working with other groups, especially the VP(s) of web
content. To double his or her efforts in web site up keep, the secretary will serve as an
extra set of eyes looking for valuable information to post on the web site. In many cases,
the secretary serves as back-up support in many of the other exec positions, especially
the president and vice president.

The holder of this position needs to be proficient with Microsoft Office Programs (Word,
Excel, and optimally Access [Access is not required]). Having a laptop would be an
advantage, but is absolutely not a requirement.

VP Eventtss::
V P E ve n

E3 iiss known fforr iittss amaziing eventtss ffrrom tthe ECO--Fasshiion Show,, Earrtth Week 05,, tthe
 E3 known o                  a m a z n g e ve n      om he ECO Fa h on Show Ea h Week 05 he
Generrattiion Grreen Knowlledge Summiitt and many morre tto come.. Ass VP off eventtss,, you
 Gene a on G een Know edge Summ and many mo e o come A VP o even you
 w have many va uab e ne wo k ng oppo un e a we a ea manage a expe ence
wiilll have many valluablle nettworrkiing opporrttuniittiiess ass welll ass rreall managerriiall experriience..
 Th po on equ e o gan za ona kl                                    he ab t y o adap a p an o ac on on he po
Thiiss possiittiion rrequiirress orrganiizattiionall sskiillss,, tthe abiilliity tto adaptt a pllan off acttiion on tthe sspott,,
and off courrsse have a ssttrrong worrk etthiic.. Howeverr,, you wiilll have sseverrall prrojjectt grroupss
 and o cou e have a ong wo k e h c Howeve you w have eve a p o ec g oup
tthatt wiilll worrk wiitth tthe eventtss tteam ass welll a compllette ttiimettablle fforr alll pottenttiiall ttasskss iin
  ha w wo k w h he even eam a we a comp e e me ab e o a po en a a k n
tthe orrganiizattiion off an eventt..
  he o gan za on o an even

Thiiss rrolle iiss allsso cllosselly iinvollved cllosselly wiitth many ottherr grroupss and possiittiionss.. The
 Th o e a o c o e y nvo ved c o e y w h many o he g oup and po on                                            The
prressiidentt and viice prressiidentt arre allsso verry iinvollved iin eventt pllanniing,, ass iiss tthe rresstt off tthe
 p e d e n a n d v c e p e d e n a e a o ve y n v o v e d n e ve n p a n n n g a                          he e o he
exec boarrd tto varryiing degrreess.. The prressiidentt iiss rrequiirred tto acttuallly book alll sspeakerrss
 exec boa d o va y ng deg ee                        The p e den         equ ed o ac ua y book a peake
fforr eventtss and meettiingss,, howeverr afftterr iinittiiall conffirrmattiion,, tthe VP off Eventtss wiilll worrk iin
  o even and mee ng howeve a e ni a con i ma on he VP o Even w wo k n
concerrtt wiitth tthe Prressiidentt and alll ottherr rrolless.. Ottherr grroupss tthatt tthe VP off eventtss wiilll
 conce w h he P e den and a o he o e O he g oup ha he VP o even w
 wo k wt h nc ude he VP o Spon o h p/Me chand e VP o Med a/Adve ng and he
worrk wiith iincllude tthe VP off Sponssorrsshiip/Merrchandiisse,, VP off Mediia/Adverrttiissiing,, and tthe
VP off web conttentt..
 VP o web con en

Pllanniing ssummiittss,, concerrttss,, ffiillm ffessttiivall,, ettc ttakess a huge amountt off worrk butt ttherre arre
P ann ng umm conce                           m e va e c ake a huge amoun o wo k bu he e a e
many perrkss tto beiing ass an orrganiizerr off ssuch eventtss.. Fiirrsstt,, you arre hellpiing ssprread tthe
many pe k o be ng a an o gan ze o uch even                                     F   you a e he p ng p ead he
awarrenessss off ssometthiing tthatt you belliieve iin,, whiich iiss iincrrediiblly rrewarrdiing.. Second,, you
awa ene o ome h ng ha you be eve n wh ch nc ed b y ewa d ng Second you
a e wo k ng w h many o he mo e eemed and mpo an acut y a and
arre worrkiing wiitth many off tthe mosstt esstteemed and iimporrttantt ffacullty,, ssttaffff and
enviirronmenttall bodiiess on campuss and iin tthe communiitty—ttallk aboutt nettworrkiing!! Nott tto
env onmen a bod e on campu and n he commun y— a k abou ne wo k ng No o
menttiion tthatt orrganiiziing a ssummiitt lliike,, nextt ssemesstterr’’ss Glloball Warrmiing Acttiion Summiitt orr
men on ha o gan z ng a umm ke nex eme e G oba Wa m ng Ac on Summ o
2008’’ss “Focuss tthe Nattiion” ssummiitt,, llookss grreatt on a jjob orr grrad--sschooll applliicattiion..
2008 “Focu he Na on” umm ook g ea on a ob o g ad choo app ca on

Thiiss Possiittiion’’ss Duttiiess IIncllude
Th Po on Du e nc ude
           Project leader of various events
          Actively Seeking Philanthropic event opportunities
          Scheduling, planning, organizing the philanthropic events
          Ensuring the signing of ALL event Approval forms, including food and beverage
          approval forms and other.
          Help president look for meeting speakers
          Look for new ideas and events in the community.
          Ensuring that all delegated roles are fulfilled by the required date
          Follow the Event Planning Manual
          Attending Green Lunch Meetings
          Meeting with Green Campus initiative people
          Attending other community events for ideas (speakers and such)

VP Spon o h p/Me chand e O ne Two Po on open
VP Sponssorrsshiip/Merrchandiisse:: ((One--Two Possiittiionss open))

 Th po on w p ov de an awe ome oppo un y o ne wo k wt h ome p og e ve
Thiiss possiittiion wiilll prroviide an awessome opporrttuniitty tto nettworrk wiith ssome prrogrressssiive
grreen companiiess and hellp outt e3 att tthe ssame ttime.. Thiiss grroup wiilll allsso be rressponssiiblle
 g een compan e and he p ou e3 a he ame ime Th g oup w a o be e pon b e
  o e3 me chand e e e3 Na gene o e3 g oce y bag
fforr e3 merrchandiisse ii..e.. e3 Nallgeness orr e3 grrocerry bagss..

The VP off Sponssorrsshiip/Merrchandiisse sshoulld be crreattiive and ablle tto brriing ttheiirr iideass tto
 The VP o Spon o h p/Me chand e hou d be c ea ve and ab e o b ng he dea o
rrealliitty.. IItt iiss iimporrttantt tto look att alll off ourr pllanss and goallss and devellop ssttrrattegiiess tto
  ea y                    mpo an o look a a o ou p an and goa and deve op a eg e o
obttaiin ssponssorrsshiipss fforr tthesse eventtss ass welll ass generrall operrattiionss.. IIn tthe ssame rresspectt,,
 ob a n pon o h p o he e even a we a gene a ope a on                                           n h e a m e e p ec
do tthe ssame wiitth e3 merrchandiisse..
 d o h e a m e w h e3 m e c h a n d e

We have done prretttty welll ass a ssttudentt rrun orrganiizattiion rrunniing on a sshoessttrriing budgett,,
 We have done p e y we a a uden un o gan za on unn ng on a hoe ng budge
howeverr iin ourr attttemptt tto rreallly make a possiittiive marrk on tthe campuss and iin tthe
 howeve n ou a emp o ea y make a po ve ma k on he campu and n he
communiitty money iiss alll ttoo offtten a lliimiittiing ffacttorr.. Ourr goall nextt ssemesstterr,, ass we
 commun y money a oo o en a m ng ac o Ou goa nex eme e a we
     an t on n o non p o
ttrranssiitiion iintto non--prroffiitt ssttattuss,, iiss tto gaiin ssponssorrsshiipss fforr upcomiing eventtss and ffundiing iin
                                           au              o ga n pon o h p o upcom ng even and und ng n
 gene a We hope o a a n 4 5 h ope u y ong e m pon o h p bu hey cou d a o be
generrall.. We hope tto attttaiin 4--5 ((hopeffullly llong--tterrm)) ssponssorrsshiipss butt tthey coulld allsso be
fforr sspeciiffiic eventtss ass welll.. Thiiss possiittiion sshoulld worrk cllosselly wiitth tthe VP off eventtss and
   o pec c even a we Th po on hou d wo k c o e y w h he VP o even and

Thiiss iiss iimporrttantt becausse ourr Glloball Warrmiing Acttiion Summiitt tthiiss Aprriill wiilll need
Th            mpo an becau e ou G oba Wa m ng Ac on Summ h Ap w need
conssiiderrablle ffundiing.. Plluss we wantt tto conttiinue tto rraiisse tthe barr on tthe ttype off eventtss
con de ab e und ng P u we wan o con nue o a e he ba on he ype o even
we can ssuccessssffullly operratte.. We arre lliitterrallly lliimitted by ourr budgett.. Everrytthiing ffrrom
we can ucce u y ope a e We a e e a y mi ed by ou budge Eve y h ng om
beach cllean upss tto tthank you giiffttss fforr sspeakerrss tto prriinttiing ffllyerrss cosstt money..
beach c ean up o hank you g                     o peake o p n ng ye co money

Speciiffiic duttiiess off tthiiss possiittiion iincllude::
Spec c du e o h po on nc ude
           Crreatte a pllan tto gaiin
           C ea e a p a n o g a n                                              Overrssiightt off alll ssttepss
                                                                               Ove gh o a ep
           Spon o h p                                                          Reporrtt prrogrressss att Exec meettiingss
                                                                               Repo p og e a Exec mee ng
           W o k w h i n a n c e o m a k e ea y
           Worrk wiitth ffinance tto make rrealliitty                          Wo k w h a o he g oup e
                                                                               Worrk wiitth alll ottherr grroupss ii..e..
           Drrafftt ssponssorrsshiip lletttterrss
           D a pon o h p e e                                                   ma ke ng/commun ca o n
           Crreatte a pllan fforr e3
           C ea e a p a n o e3                                                 Prressiidentt,, eventtss,, ettc..
                                                                               P e d en ev en e c
           me c h a n d e

VP Mediia/Adverrttiissiing::
VP Med a/Adve ng

Thiiss possiittiion iiss open tto anybody who hass an eye fforr effffecttiive marrkettiing iin many diifffferrentt
 Th po on open o anybody who ha an eye o e ec ve ma ke ng n many d e en
fforrmattss.. IItt iiss prrefferrrred tthatt tthiiss perrsson iiss ablle tto worrk witth ttwo dessiign prrogrramss,, photto
  o ma                   p e e ed ha h pe on ab e o wo k wi h wo de gn p og am pho o
sshop and publliissherr.. Ourr adverrttiissiing ttendss tto crrossss overr many fforrmss off mediia,, iinclludiing
  hop and pub he Ou adve ng end o c o ove many o m o med a nc ud ng
ellecttrroniic biilllboarrdss,, SDSU Uniiverrsse,, ffllyerrss,, posstterrss,, bannerrss,, e3 web ssiitte,, cllassss rroom
 e ec on c b boa d SDSU Un ve e ye po e banne e3 web e c a oom
announcementt,, ttablliing,, powerr poiintt,, viideo,, newsslletttterrss,, ttelleviissiion,, tthe Daiily Azttec,, ettc..
 announcemen ab ng powe po n v deo new e e                                              e ev on he Da ly Az ec e c
Speciiffiic duttiiess off tthiiss possiittiion iincllude::
Spec c du e o h po on nc ude
           Dessiign e3 adverrttiissementtss
            D e g n e3 a d v e em en                                       Centterrss Forr Sttudentt IInvollvementt--
                                                                           Cen e Fo S uden nvo vemen
           Enssurre tthatt tthey arre
            E n u e ha hey a e                                             eventt apprrovall
                                                                           even app ova
           iimpllementted on ttiime
             mp emen ed on me                                              Look fforr new wayss off adverrttiissiing
                                                                           Look o new way o adve ng
           Coorrdiinatte witth VP Web--dessiign
            Coo d na e wi h VP Web de gn                                   Prroposse new iideass tto Exec
                                                                           P opo e new dea o Exec
           Coorrdiinatte witth VP Eventtss
            Coo d na e wi h VP Even                                        boarrd
                                                                           boa d
           Coorrdiinatte witth VP
            Coo d na e wi h VP                                             Orrganiize/attttend ttablliing
                                                                           O gan ze/a end ab ng
            Spon o h p/Me ch                                               Attttend Alll e3 ffuncttiionss/meettiingss
                                                                           A end A e3 unc on /mee ng
           Meettiing Serrviicess-- bookiing
            Mee ng Se v ce book ng

SVP Marrkettiing/Communiicattiion::
SVP Ma ke ng/Commun ca on

This is an incredibly important element for the long-term success of EBS. The SVP of
Marketing/Communications should have an educational background in either
marketing, communications, IMC and/or advertising. Of course this is not mandatory,
but recommended, due to the required familiarity to marketing opportunities for an
organization or company.

Speciiffiic duttiies off tthiis posiittiion iincllude::
Spec c du es o h s pos on nc ude
           Wrriittiing prressss rrelleassess
           W n g p e e ea e                                                Coorrdiinatte witth VP
                                                                           Coo d na e wi h VP
           Conssttantt coorrdiinattiion witth VP
           Con an coo d na on wi h VP                                      Sponssorrhiip/Merrch
                                                                           Spon o h p/Me ch
           Marrkettiing/Adverrttiissiing and tthatt
           Ma ke ng/Adve ng and ha                                         Look fforr new wayss off adverrttiissiing
                                                                           Look o new way o adve ng
           g oup                                                           Prroposse new iideass tto Exec
                                                                           P opo e new dea o Exec
           Make ssurre iimpllementted on ttiime
            Make u e mp emen ed on me                                      boarrd
                                                                           boa d
           Coorrdiinatte wiitth VP Web--dessiign
           Coo d na e w h VP Web de gn                                     Orrganiize/attttend ttablliing
                                                                           O gan ze/a end ab ng
           Coorrdiinatte wiitth VP Eventtss
           Coo d na e w h VP Even                                          Attttend Alll e3 ffuncttiionss/meettiing
                                                                           A end A e3 unc on /mee ng
           Managiing marrkettiing campaiignss
           Manag ng ma ke ng campa gn

The most important duties of the VP of Marketing are to design and implement the overall
communications strategy for EBS. Throughout the course of the semester, there will be
numerous events, activities, seminars, etc. that we as an organization would like to be a
part of. It is the responsibility of the VP of Marketing to make sure members, and non-
members are aware of, and attend the events listed above.

The most important duty of the VP of Marketing is ensuring that people will attend all EBS
events. The difficulty of this position is that, if there is a lack of attendance at any event
or meeting, it means that the VP of Marketing did not do his/her job of communicating
effectively to get results.

VP Web Conttentt::
 VP Web Con en
Musstt be orrganiized and iinvollved wiitth e3.. Ablle tto ssummarriize everrytthiing web--worrtthy and
 Mu be o gan zed and nvo ved w h e3 Ab e o umma ze eve y h ng web wo hy and
  ake he n a ve o make u e end up on he e3 web e Th po on w wo k wt h
ttake tthe iiniittiiattiive tto make ssurre iitt endss up on tthe e3 web ssiitte.. Thiiss possiittiion wiilll worrk wiith
tthe ssecrrettarry,, prressiidentt,, viice prressiidentt and ottherr Executtiive offffiicerrss,, esspeciiallly tthe VP off
  h e e c e a y p e d e n v c e p e d e n a n d o h e E x e c u ve o c e e p e c a y h e V P o
 Ma ke n g/Commun ca on and he VP o Med a/Adve ng n do ng o can be
Marrkettiing/Communiicattiionss and tthe VP off Mediia/Adverrttiissiing.. IIn doiing sso,, iitt can be
 a u ed ha any and a pe nen n o ma on end up on he web t e
assssurred tthatt any and alll perrttiinentt iinfforrmattiion endss up on tthe webssiite..

          Moniittorr alll e3 eventtss,, communiitty eventtss;; everrytthiing iimporrttantt sshoulld be
          Mon o a e3 even commun y even eve y h ng mpo an hou d be
          updatted on tthe web ssitte..
          upda ed on he web i e
          Attttend e3 meettiingss,, eventtss,, and ssociiall happeniingss..
          A end e3 mee ng even and oc a happen ng
          Worrkss wiitth Marrkettiing and Mediia/Adverrttiissiing
          Wo k w h Ma ke ng and Med a/Adve ng
           C ea e a ma ke ng campa gn e ed b ack and g een hock pho o
           Crreatte alll marrkettiing campaiignss ii..e.. rred,, bllack and grreen,, sshock photto
           campaiign,, ettc..
           c a mp a gn e c
           Worrkiing witth tthe VP communiicattiion/marrkettiing
           Wo k ng wi h he VP commun ca on/ma ke ng
           Worrkiing witth VP off Grreen Ressearrch
           Wo k ng wi h VP o G een Re ea ch
Ourr maiin goall iis tto iincrrease tthe amountt off updattes tto tthe web siitte,, iimprroviing ourr
Ou ma n goa s o nc ease he amoun o upda es o he web s e mp ov ng ou
efffecttiiveness iin web communiicattiion..
e ec veness n web commun ca on

VP Conttessttss::
 VP Con e
 Ou con e a e de gned o p omo e u a nab t y among SDSU uden
Ourr conttessttss arre dessiigned tto prromotte ssussttaiinabiilliity among SDSU ssttudenttss.. Thiiss possiittiion
                                                                                                              Th po on
                                           o gan za ona ab t e and c ea v y Ou ecyc ng
rrequiirress communiicattiion sskiilllss,, orrganiizattiionall abiilliitiiess and crreattiiviitty.. Ourr rrecyclliing
  equ e commun ca on k
prrogrram hass been a huge ssuccessss sso ffarr butt nextt ssemesstterr we hope tto brriing a new
 p og am ha been a huge ucce o a bu nex eme e we hope o b ng a new
conttesstt tto lliiffe..
 con e o e

 O de o ope a on B a n o m ng hou d beg n ho y a e e ec on whc h hou d ead
Orrderr off operrattiionss:: Brraiinssttorrmiing sshoulld begiin sshorrttlly afftterr ellecttiionss,, whiich sshoulld llead
tto tthe iidenttiiffiicattiion off nextt ssemesstterr’’ss conttesstt.. Frrom ttherre,, we sshoulld meett wiitth alll
  o he den ca on o nex eme e con e                                      F om he e we hou d mee w h a
campuss and offff campuss bodiiess tthatt we woulld lliike tto colllaborratte witth and crreatte goallss
 campu and o campu bod e ha we wou d ke o co abo a e wi h and c ea e goa
                                                       mpo an o wo k wi h nance i h nanc a y
and dellegatte rressponssiibiillittiiess.. IItt iiss iimporrttantt tto worrk witth ffiinance ((iss tthiiss ffiinanciiallly
 and de ega e e pon b i e
 po b e? pon o h p/me chand e f o p ze VP o Ma ke ng/Commun ca on o
possssiiblle?)),, ssponssorrsshiip/merrchandiisse ((forr prriizess)),, VP off Marrkettiing/Communiicattiionss fforr
 m a k e n g a e g y V P o M e d a a n d a d ve n g c e a n g a d ve n g , h e p e d e n
marrkettiing ssttrrattegy,, VP off Mediia and adverrttiissiing ((crreattiing adverrttiissiing)), tthe prressiidentt
and viice prressiidentt,, SVP off prroffessssiionall nettworrkiing,, ettc..
 and v ce p e den SVP o p o e ona ne wo k ng e c

Duttiiess off tthiiss possiittiion iinclude::
Du e o h po on nclude
           Brraiinssttorrm afftterr ffiinallss fforr nextt ssemesstterr
           B a n o m a e n a o n ex em e e
           W o k w h i n a n c e o ma k e u e
           Worrk wiitth ffinance tto make ssurre iitt iiss ffiinanciiallly viiablle
                                                                    nanc a y v ab e
           C ea e a p an o e3 e Do m Recyc ng o u an ab t y con e
           Crreatte a pllan fforr e3-- ii..e.. Dorrm Recyclliing orr ssussttaiinabiilliity conttesstt
           Coorrdiinatte wiitth campuss bodiiess::
           Coo d na e w h campu bod e
           Overrssiightt off tthe operrattiionss off tthe conttesstt
           Ove gh o he ope a on o he con e
           Reporrtt prrogrressss att Exec meettiingss and Generrall Meettiingss
           Repo p og e a Exec mee ng and Gene a Mee ng

VP Trranssporrttattiion Prrojjectt::
 VP T an po a on P o ec
The ttrranssporrttattiion prrojjectt fforr nextt ssemesstterr wiilll conttiinue tto be tthe MTS prrojjectt,, whiich we
 The an po a on p o ec o nex eme e w con nue o be he MTS p o ec wh ch we
lliike tto calll “Grreeniing tthe Grreen Liine”.. Thiiss prrojjectt hass ttwo maiin goallss,, 1.. To make
    ke o ca “G een ng he G een L ne” Th p o ec ha wo ma n goa 1 To make
ttiickettss fforr tthe ttrrollley avaiilablle onlliine tthrrough tthe SDSU webssiitte.. 2.. To ffiind new and
     cke o he o ey ava lab e on ne h ough he SDSU web e 2 To nd new and
crreattiive wayss tto prromotte ttrrollley usse ii..e.. adverrttiissiing,, ettc.. Howeverr,, when tthiiss prrojjectt iiss
 c ea ve way o p omo e o ey u e e adve ng e c Howeve when h p o ec
compllette,, tthe ttrranssporrttattiion prrojjectt sshoulld ffiind anottherr way tto prromotte ottherr modess off
 comp e e he an po a on p o ec hou d nd ano he way o p omo e o he mode o
     an po a on e b k ng/ ka eboa d ng ca poo ng e c The e o e due o he
ttrranssporrttattiion ii..e.. biikiing/sskatteboarrdiing,, carrpoolliing,, ettc.. Therrefforre,, due tto tthe
changiing natturre off tthiiss prrojjectt,, we need a perrsson tto ffiilll tthiiss possiittiion,, who iiss adapttablle tto
 chang ng na u e o h p o ec we need a pe on o                                    h po on who adap ab e o
new iideass,, ablle tto effffecttiivelly prroposse iideass tto bussiinessssess and SDSU,, and ssomebody
 new dea ab e o e ec ve y p opo e dea o bu ne e and SDSU and omebody
who iiss conssttanttlly llookiing fforr new wayss tto prromotte morre effffiiciientt ttrranssporrttattiion..
 who con an y ook ng o new way o p omo e mo e e c en an po a on

          Coorrdiinatte wiitth MTS Trranssporrttattiion company
          Coo d na e w h MTS T an po a on company
          Coorrdiinatte wiitth SDSU
          Coo d na e w h SDSU
          Reporrtt prrogrressss att exec meettiingss and generrall meettiingss
          Repo p og e a exec mee ng and gene a mee ng
          Worrk wiitth tthe VP off Marrkettiing and communiicattiion on marrkettiing dessiign
          Wo k w h he VP o Ma ke ng and commun ca on on ma ke ng de gn
          Worrk wiitth tthe VP off Mediia and Adverrttiissiing tto acttuallly crreatte adverrttiissementtss..
          Wo k w h he VP o Med a and Adve ng o ac ua y c ea e adve emen

VP Grreen Buiilldiing::
 V P G een B u d n g
Grreen buiilldiing dessiign iiss iincrrediiblly iimporrttantt.. How we dessiign ourr buiilldiingss ttoday wiilll
 G een bu d ng de gn nc ed b y mpo an How we de gn ou bu d ng oday w
make a huge economiic and enviirronmenttall iimpactt down tthe lliine.. By pusshiing fforr grreen
 make a huge econom c and env onmen a mpac down he ne By pu h ng o g een
buiilldiing dessiign,, we arre drrawiing attttenttiion tto tthiiss imporrttantt iissssue,, whiille prroviidiing
 bu d ng de gn we a e d aw ng a en on o h impo an                                     ue wh e p ov d ng
ssolluttiionss,, whiich acttuallly can ssave tthe sschooll miillliionss off dolllarrss yearrss down tthe lliine.. Forr
  o u on wh ch ac ua y can ave he choo m on o do a yea down he ne Fo
tthiiss possiittiion,, we need ssomeone who iiss ablle tto keep up wiitth tthe upcomiing prrojjecttss iin
  h po on we need omeone who ab e o keep up w h he upcom ng p o ec n
 and a ound he SDSU a ea and ake pa t n he plann ng mee ing and e ha SDSU
and arround tthe SDSU arrea and ttake parrt iin tthe planniing meettingss and ssttrressss tthatt SDSU
ssttudenttss wantt ssussttaiinable buiilldiing dessiign!! We need ssomeone who knowss ssometthiing
    uden wan u a nable bu d ng de gn We need omeone who know ome h ng
aboutt grreen buiilldiing dessiign and tthatt iiss outtsspoken yett rrattiionall enough tto brriing
 abou g een bu d ng de gn and ha ou poken ye a ona enough o b ng
llegiittiimatte concerrnss tto lliightt..
  eg ma e conce n o gh

Duttiiess off tthiiss possiittiion iinclude::
Du e o h po on nclude
           Ressearrch asspecttss off Grreen Buiilldiing Dessiign
           Re ea ch a pec o G een Bu d ng De gn
           Attttend Pllanniing Meettiingss
           A en d P a n n n g M ee n g
           Mee w h Ce e e he SDSU u a nab e Bu dn g d ec o
           Meett wiitth Cellesstte,, tthe SDSU ssussttaiinablle Buiilldiing diirrecttorr
           Meett wiitth Stteve Liincolln and ottherrss att tthe Physsiicall pllantt
           Mee w h S eve L nco n and o he a he Phy ca p an

SVP Prroffessssiionall Nettworrkiing::
SVP P o e ona Ne wo k ng

  Thiiss new possiittiion addrressssess ourr need tto worrk ass a “grreen uniion” on campuss and iin tthe
  Th new po on add e e ou need o wo k a a “g een un on” on campu and n he
 commun y We have een he po ve mpac o wo k ng w h o he env o nmen a
communiitty.. We have sseen tthe possiittiive iimpactt off worrkiing wiitth ottherr enviirronmenttall
 p oponen e Compa on The Phy ca P an he G een Lunch Env on San D ego e c
prroponenttss ii..e.. Compassssiion,, The Physsiicall Pllantt,, tthe Grreen Lunch,, Enviissiion San Diiego,, ettc
and hope tto iincrreasse tthiss nettworrkiing ttrrend.. The SVP off Prroffessssiionall nettworrkiing iiss
 and hope o nc ea e hi ne wo k ng end The SVP o P o e ona ne wo k ng
rressponssiiblle fforr attttendiing any and alll iimporrttantt campuss and offff campuss enviirronmenttall
   e pon b e o a end ng any and a mpo an campu and o campu env onmen a
meettiingss and ffuncttiionss.. IIn doiing sso,, you arre openiing tthe doorr new avenuess off
 mee ng and unc on n do ng o you a e open ng he doo new avenue o
colllaborrattiion.. The natturre off tthiiss possiittiion iiss allsso an amaziing opporrttuniitty tto miinglle witth
 co abo a on The na u e o h po on a o an amaz ng oppo un y o m ng e wi h
ssome off San Diiego’’ss biiggesstt enviirronmenttall lleaderrss!! IItt iiss iimporrttantt tto be acttiive att alll e3
   ome o San D ego b gge env onmen a eade                                       m p o a n o b e a c ve a a e 3
meettiingss iin tthiiss possiittiion ass welll,, sso tthatt you can make a pottenttiiall connecttiion bettween
 mee ng n h po on a we o ha you can make a po en a connec on be ween
ssomebody you meett and an endeavorr tthatt we arre iinvollved iin..
   omebody you mee and an endeavo ha we a e nvo ved n

Duttiiess off tthiiss Possiittiion iincllude::
Du e o h Po on nc ude

           Attttendiing alll meettiingss iin communiitty and campuss
            A end ng a mee ng n commun y and campu
           Attttend mosstt off e3’’ss meettiingss and be up tto sspeed iin diifffferrentt prrojjecttss and eventtss
            A end mo o e3 mee ng and be up o peed n d e en p o ec and even
             den y po en a ne wo k ng oppo un e o ha ed e o
           IIdenttiiffy pottenttiiall nettworrkiing opporrttuniittiiess fforr ssharred efffforrttss
           Colllectt conttactt iinfforrmattiion and passss tthiiss tto tthe apprroprriiatte exec orr grroup
            Co ec con ac n o ma on and pa h o he app op a e exec o g oup
             ea d e
           Reporrtt ffiindiingss att exec meettiingss on Mondayss
            Repo nd ng a exec mee ng on Monday
           Up keep off communiicattion
            Up keep o commun ca ion
           Settttiing up meettiingss witth tthe new conttactt and tthe prrojjectt grroup
            Se ng up mee ng wi h he new con ac and he p o ec g oup
           Crreatte ssharred goallss and objjecttiivess
            C ea e ha ed goa and ob ec ve
           Dellegatte rressponssiibiilliittiiess tto prrojjectt lleaderrss
            De ega e e pon b e o p o ec eade
            Upda e he e3 con ac i s
           Updatte tthe e3 conttactt llisstt ((sttiilll iin tthe worrkss))
                                                            n he w o k

Thiiss iiss tthe ssiinglle mosstt diirrectt way tto meett pottenttiiall emplloyerrss ass welll ass assssettss tto ourr
Th            he ng e mo d ec way o mee po en a emp oye a we a a e o ou
orrganiizattiion.. Thiiss possiittiion iiss rrellattiivelly ffllexiiblle..
o gan za on Th po on e a ve y ex b e

VP Grreen Ressearrch/Daiilly Azttec::
VP G een Re ea ch/Da y Az ec

This position is a creative way that the Enviro-Business Society stays ahead of the
upcoming trends of Environmental Business and applying it to the various groups in the
enviro-business society. Generally, next semester’s Daily Aztec project will encompass
the bulk of this position’s focus. If you have good people skills, are interested in
researching anything green, and are driven enough to consistently provide quality
material that can be easily written into an article.

This position’s duties include:
        Ongoing talks/coordination with the daily Aztec writers
          Structure the agreement and negotiations between e3 and the paper
               o How many times per week
               o How to cycle stories and events
               o What topics to cover
               o Who does what-delegation
          Constantly look for new technology, studies, evidence, community events, etc.
          Presence at e3 meetings and taking notes on potential stories
          Reference from and add to the green research web directory, at the end of this
          This may also evolve into the “Green Lunch News Letter” as well.

VP Memberrsshiip:: One off tthe prriimarry goallss off ourr orrganiizattiion iiss expanssiion,, whiich iiss why
 VP Membe h p One o he p ma y goa o ou o gan za on expan on wh ch why
tthe VP off memberrsshiip’’ss rrolle iiss acttuallly one off tthe mosstt iimporrttantt possiittiionss tto ffiilll.. The VP
  he VP o membe h p o e ac ua y one o he mo mpo an po on o                                                          The VP
off memberrsshiip musstt have a ssttrrattegy fforr iincrreassiing memberrsshiip,, ass welll ass iinttegrrattiing
 o m em b e h p m u h a v e a a eg y o n c ea n g m em b e h p a w e a n eg a n g
new memberrss iintto tthe orrganiizattiion.. Thiiss rrolle rrequiirress orrganiizattiionall sskiilllss,, an outtgoiing
 new membe n o he o gan za on Th o e equ e o gan za ona k                                                an ou go ng
perrssonalliitty,, and ttiime tto devotte..
 pe ona y and me o devo e

Thiiss possiittiion’’ss duttiiess iincllude
Th po on du e nc ude
           Updattiing tthe e--maiill lilisstt
            Upda ng he e ma
           Worrkiing witth tthe prressiidentt becausse you ssharre many off tthe ssame goallss-- ii..e..
            Wo k ng wi h he p e den becau e you ha e many o he ame goa                                      e
           iincrreassiing memberrsshiip..
              n c ea n g m e m b e h p
            Gene a ove gh o a a ea ed o nc ea ng membe h p p e y much eve y
           Generrall overrssiightt off alll arreass ttiied tto iincrreassiing memberrsshiip ((prretttty much everry
            g oup
            O gan ze ab ng a he beg nn ng o he eme e p ck 2 day ha wl wo k wt h
           Orrganiize ttablliing att tthe begiinniing off tthe ssemesstterr ((piick 2 dayss tthatt wiill worrk wiith
           yourr sschedulle..
            you chedu e
           Tablle arround alll eventtss
            Tab e a ound a even
           Tablle att begiinniing off tthe ssemesstterr
            Tab e a beg nn ng o he eme e
           Tablle befforre meettiingss
            Tab e be o e mee ng
           Cllassss rroom announcementtss
            C a oom announcemen
           Worrk wiitth VP Marrkettiing/Communiicattiionss
            Wo k w h VP Ma ke ng/Commun ca on
           Worrk wiitth VP Mediia/Adverrttiissiing
            Wo k w h VP Med a/Adve ng
           Worrk wiitth VP off Web conttentt
            Wo k w h VP o Web con en
            Wo k w h VP Even d aw membe h p e g een conce
           Worrk wiitth VP Eventtss-- drraw memberrsshiip ii..e.. grreen concerrttss
           Worrk wiitth VP Conttessttss
            Wo k w h VP Con e
           Worrk wiitth VP Sponssorrsshiip and Merrchandiisse
            Wo k w h VP Spon o h p and Me chand e
           Reporrttiing prrogrressss tto execss
            Repo ng p og e o exec
           Detterrmiine wherre tthiiss memberr iiss iintterresstted iin getttting iinvollved and passssiing tthatt
            D e e m n e w h e e h m em b e                n e e ed n ge ing nvo ved and pa ng ha
           iinffo allong tto tthe prrojjectt leaderr fforr tthatt grroup..
              n o a ong o he p o ec leade o ha g oup
           Crreattiive-- ablle tto come up wiitth new iideass and prroposse tthesse iideass att Monday
            C ea ve ab e o come up w h new dea and p opo e he e dea a Monday
           exec meettiingss..
            ex ec m ee n g

VP Expanssiion
VP Expan on

Expanssiion iiss an exciittiing iidea fforr ourr orrganiizattiion.. IIn a ssensse,, tthiiss orrganiizattiion iiss rreallly
 Expan on an exc ng dea o ou o gan za on n a en e h o gan za on ea y
iinttended tto modell fforr ottherrss down tthe lliine.. Though iitt hass jjusstt been a ffew yearrss ssiince e3
  n ended o mode o o he down he ne Though ha u been a ew yea                                                         n c e e3
wass fforrmed,, we arre now ffocussiing much off ourr efffforrttss iin tthe upcomiing ssemesstterr on
 wa o med we a e now ocu ng much o ou e o                                n he upcom ng eme e on
expandiing.. On tthe llocall llevell fforr examplle,, we hope tto conttiinue ttallkss witth ourr ffrriiendss att
 expand ng On he oca eve o examp e we hope o con nue a k wi h ou end a
USD and devellop a ssttrrattegy and ttiimettablle tto tthe crreattiion off tthe ssecond e3 Chaptterr att
 USD and deve op a a egy and me ab e o he c ea on o he econd e3 Chap e a
USD.. On tthe nattiionall llevell we arre ttrryiing tto prroposse ourr modell off grrassss--rroottss
 USD On he na ona eve we a e y ng o p opo e ou mode o g a oo
enviirronmenttall ssttudentt--rrun orrganiizattiion tto MTV’’ss Eco--IImagiinattiion Challlenge.. Thiiss
 env onmen a uden un o gan za on o MTV Eco mag na on Cha enge Th
 con e ha a po en a p ze o $25 0 00 no o men on a conce
conttesstt hass a pottenttiiall prriize off $25,,000,, nott tto menttiion a concerrtt.. These ttwo arreas arre
                                                                                               These wo a eas a e
tthe Maiin ffocus off tthe VP off Expansiion..
  he Ma n ocus o he VP o Expans on
Thiiss possiittiion’’ss Duttiiess iincllude::
Th po on Du e nc ude

           Worrkiing cllosselly wiitth memberrsshiip
           W o k n g c o e y w h m em b e h p
           Wo k ng wi h he Expan ion Packe c om ng oon
           Worrkiing witth tthe Expanssion Packett ((comiing ssoon))
           Worrkiing witth tthe Prressiidentt
           W o k n g w i h h e P e d en
           Orrganiizattiionall overrssiightt off ourr efffforrttss tto expand tto ottherr campussess
           O gan za ona ove gh o ou e o                              o ex p a n d o o h e c a m p u e
           Worrk wiitth tthe Conttesstt tteam
           Wo k w h he Con e eam
           Worrk wiitth tthe Eventtss tteam
           Wo k w h he Even eam
           Come up w h a og ca t a egy o he new USD chap e o o m
           Come up wiitth a llogiicall sstrrattegy fforr tthe new USD chaptterr tto fforrm
           Crreatte wayss tto iimpllementt USD memberrss iintto ourr orrg..
           C ea e way o mp emen USD membe n o ou o g
           Fiindiing new wayss tto expand
           F n d n g n ew w a y o ex p a n d
           Cllassss Announcementtss
           C a Announcemen
           Po en a y ak ng pa t n a k a o he campu e
           Pottenttiiallly ttakiing parrt iin ttallkss att ottherr campussess
           Takiing parrtt iin beach cllean upss
           Tak ng pa n beach c ean up
           Ressearrch sschoollss tthatt woulld allsso pottenttiiallly be a pllace tto expand
           Re ea ch choo ha wou d a o po en a y be a p ace o expand

Therre iiss an expanssiion tteam and sso we need tto hellp tthe VP off Expanssiion,, an expanssiion
 The e an expan on eam and o we need o he p he VP o Expan on an expan on
packett,, tthe execss,, and ourr ffaculltty adviissorr.. Thiiss possiittiion rreallly iiss a grreatt way tto make an
 packe he exec and ou acu y adv o Th po on ea y a g ea way o make an
  mpac on he u u e by he p ng a t a new chap e o e3 To
iimpactt on tthe ffutturre by hellpiing ssttarrt a new chaptterr off e3.. To ffiilll tthiiss possiittion you musstt
                                                                                              h po ion you mu
rregullarrlly rreporrtt ongoiing ssttrrattegy and prrogrressss iin yourr efffforrttss tto expand.. IItt allsso rrequiirress
  egu a y epo ongo ng a egy and p og e n you e o                                        o ex p a n d    a o eq u e
worrkiing cllosselly wiitth many ottherr possiittiionss,, esspeciiallly tthe VP off Memberrsshiip and tthe
 wo k ng c o e y w h many o he po on e pec a y he VP o Membe h p and he
 P e d en

Have an iidea?
H a ve a n d e a ?
Basically, all you have to do is:
     1. Have an idea.
     2. Email it to the executive board members.
     3. Make it happen

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