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					        It is with enthusiasm and gratitude that I share the news of our recent food drive. For the
past 4 years, the children of our church family have had the opportunity to conduct a food drive
throughout the month of November, to benefit our food pantry. This year the Dennis Sebastian
Memorial Lend a Hand Food Drive began in mid October so that it would coincide with the
Mission:1 campaign launched by the UCC nationwide.

       Our goal was to collect 1,111 healthy food items and personal care items. This was
indeed a lofty goal since in the past our collection yielded at its highest point 325 items. The
children once again made their “designer” grocery bags to share with the congregation and each
Sunday set up a display in the in the Great Hall encouraging folks to donate items. The response
from all of you and your support of the kids was nothing short of incredible. When all was said
and done we had collected a whopping 1,753 items! We were also fortunate enough to have the
children and their efforts be recognized by the Mission:1 staff on the national level, as they
featured a photo and a couple paragraphs about our food drive on the Mission:1 National
Spotlight page. Our heartfelt thanks to the Board of Outreach and to all of you for supporting the
Church School children in this project.

       Pictured below are some the children of our Church School program with their designer bags.

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