The European Adventures of Drippy the Raindrop 1 by lanyuehua


									               The European Adventures of Drippy the Raindrop

There was once a raindrop name Drippy who was small as a tiny atom. He lived in a
fluffy, white cloud and was always as happy as a lark.

One day the weather became cold as ice and after some time Drippy and his friends
realised that they were falling on a roof of a dark, red car that was as hard as rock.
The driver accidentally pressed the brake so he hurled Drippy and his mates on the
windscreen of the car. The driver drove the vehicle into the Gozo Channel ferry
boat, turned on the wipers, knocked Drippy and threw him in a puddle.

A rushing dark black Toyota treaded on the puddle and stepped on Drippy and his
friends and threw them in the wide, open space, so Drippy was as hurt as a broken
heart. When the journey was over and the door opened, Drippy lost his mates and
skidded to the door and went on the street. He continued to slither down to Nadur.
He saw a carnival float and saw stalls and kiosks containing snacks, imqaret, toys,
soft drinks, kebabs and doughnuts.

Drippy slid up on the carnival float and saw the dancers dancing to the music that
the singers were singing so loudly through the microphones. After the activity and
entertainment he fell from the carnival float and into the sea that was very near. As
he wished to meet his old buddies again he evaporated to a cloud above and began
his next journey to another country.
              The European Adventures of Drippy the Raindrop

Once upon a time lived a little raindrop in a white, fluffy cloud. The raindrop was
called Drippy and he was always relaxing. One day the weather was very cold and a
storm was brewing. Drippy the raindrop fell from the cloud and landed on Malta in
Ghadira Bay on a puddle.

It was very dirty and drippy was going to choke. Then a boy splashed in the puddle
and drippy went to sea. The day after the weather was hot as lava and Drippy
began floating on the sea. He wanted to go back to his house in the clouds. He
started his journey back home.

              The European Adventures of Drippy the Raindrop

One blazing morning, a tiny raindrop was relaxing on the blue, Mediterranean sea
that was as warm as toast. It was a very hot day, so Drippy evaporated very quickly
to the cloud of Captain Salty, who was expecting someone to come aboard his cloud.

Captain Salty was surprised to see Drippy on his cloud. While he was travelling he
was a magnificent lake and he wished to go there.

All of a sudden, in the warm afternoon, the sky became covered in ghostly grey
clouds and Drippy became scared when he felt himself falling. He landed on a leaf at
Chadwick Lakes. There were many strange creatures around him. He saw tadpoles
moving underneath him so he decided to join them in the pond.

A few children were playing in the area. Young Jimmy was holding a jar in his dirty
hands. He stooped over the pond. He dipped the jar into the pond and Drippy was
captured into the jar. He took Drippy home with him.

At home Jimmy wanted to use the water in the jar for an experiment. However, as
he didn’t use all the water, Drippy remained in the jar. Suddenly, as Jimmy was
carrying the jar it slipped out of his hands and it broke into pieces and the water
spilled everywhere. Drippy too ended up on the floor.

A ginger cat saw Drippy and was about to drink him when Jimmy’s parents chased
the cat out of the room. Then they dried up the water and Drippy ended up in the
bathroom sink, through the water pipes and out to the vast blue sea.
              The European Adventures of Drippy the Raindrop

Once upon a time there was a droplet which lived in a large cloud with an old
captain. The droplet’s name was Drippy and he was as cold as ice. The captain
always kept watch to see if a storm was approaching.

One day a lightning hit the cloud and gave the cloud a shaking and with a fright
Drippy fell off the cloud and landed on top of a roof of a house. On the roof he felt
himself moving rapidly downwards and squeezing through a tiny crack. It was the
crack in the roof which led him into a dark channel. Slowly he felt himself being
pushed further and further down until he hung lightly from the ceiling. He could see
more light now and hear sounds of splashing and more water.

Suddenly he felt that he could not hold on any longer as he was being pushed again.
He fell down. Splash! He landed on a hard, colourful surface. It was red, blue, green
and yellow. He started losing his balance as something really big took hold of Drippy
and the object he landed on. He was being moved rather violently. It was very hard
for Drippy to hold on. Ugghh!!! He ended up among thousands of other drops with
the only difference that they seemed really dirty and murky.

Drippy tried to escape but he couldn’t. He was desperate to get out when he felt
something pulling him down.

The maid, who was cleaning the bathroom had just pulled the plug and Drippy was
swallowed down into the deep darkness of the drains. He became very scared and
felt very lonely. Now, more than before, he wished that he never left the cloud.

Time passed and Drippy seemed to have been travelling for hours and hours. At
times he was in dark, tight, stinky places. Other times he felt the warmth of the sun
shining on his face again. It was at these times when Drippy could breathe and feel
happy again.

When the hours of sunlight and fresh air seemed to be becoming longer, Drippy
relaxed once more and was ready for his new adventure.

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