Chris Talbot_ Senior Director_ Business Development Qualcomm Life by gegeshandong


									           Chris Talbot, Senior Director, Business Development
                              Qualcomm Life

Chris is Senior Director of Business Development for Qualcomm Life, a
wholly owned subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated. As head of business
development for the group, Chris leads the team responsible for the
development of the 2net™ partner ecosystem, which consists of medical
and fitness device companies, healthcare services businesses, application
companies, informatics alliances, wireless operators, technology partners
and physician and healthcare provider networks. Chris founded the 2net™
business platform, leading the team that created the core products and
services that set the foundation for the Qualcomm Life business.

With 20 years of business development and marketing leadership, Chris has
spent his career starting up new domestic and international businesses
within and outside Qualcomm across various sectors spanning machine-to-
machine (M2M) wireless communications, commercial space missions,
defense surveillance systems as well as telehealth systems and services.

Prior to Qualcomm, Chris spent 10 years at MacDonald, Dettwiler &
Associates, helping grow the company into Canada’s leading space and
information services company, from annual revenues of $60M to $1 billion
by creating new commercial space missions, leading the company into new
market segments, and developing international business in Europe, Asia,
and the U.S.

Chris holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the
University of British Columbia and a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from
McGill University.

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