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					                                                                                       Winter 2011
                                                                                       Issue 22

                                      Daily Norfolk Immunization Clinic
 BOARD OF DIRECTORS                   The Norfolk Immunization Clinic at 1405 Riverside Blvd has been
Melinda Graham   Sally Snowe          operating for one year. The clinic is open Monday - Friday from
Bill Engel       Lon Strand
Patrick Gross    Tom Welsh
                                      8:30am-4:30pm. Walk-ins are welcome on Tue., Wed., and Thurs. un-
LeRoy Kerkman    Clarence Tichota     til 3:45pm. Appointments are highly encouraged and can be made
Elsie Lund       Jerry Weatherholt
Toni Tauber      Duane Wilcox         by calling 402-379-1380.
Nancy Rice
                 Robin Snyder
Gene Rollins                          Immunizations are available for newborn through 18 yrs. of age.
                 Executive Director

                                      Suggested donation is $13.50 for one immunization and $20.00 for
      THE PROGRAMS                    two or more. The Norfolk Clinic has the following adult vaccines
          OF GHCA                     available:
                                       Hep A $30.00 ea.
Commodities Supplemental Food
     Program (CSFP)                    Hep B $35.00 ea.

         Family Services               MMR $60.00
           Food Pantry
   Free Income Tax Assistance          Polio $35.00
  Nebraska Homeless Assistance         Tdap $40.00
        Program (NHAP)
 Federal Emergency Management          Pneumovax $40.00
       Assistance (FEMA)
    Child Safety Seat Program          TB testing is $10.00
        Case Management
            Budgeting                  Lead Screens are $10.00 (ages 1-5 years)
           Head Start                 Immunizations & TB testing for Military Personnel
        Health Services               The Norfolk clinic also has a contract with Logistics Health Inc. to
         Immunizations                provide immunizations and TB testing to all local military personnel.
    Early Child Development
            Network                   The first services with Logistics were provided on 01-18-11.
      Operation Great Start
    Operation Building Blocks
       Weatherization                 Traveling Immunization Clinics
Weatherization Expansion Project
                                      GHCA has been immunizing children and adults through traveling
 Women, Infants and Children
           (WIC)                      immunization clinics for over 20 years. Immunization Clinics in the
     GHCA Headquarters                following 14 communities in northeast Nebraska: Neligh, Tekamah,
        1119 Ave E.,
        PO Box 280                    Blair, Hartington, West Point, Wisner, Wakefield, Newcastle, Ponca,
      Wisner, NE 68791
                                      Creighton, Madison, Wayne, Oakland and Plainview. The Immuniza-
         (402) 529-3513
         1-800-445-2505               tions Clinics are open to the public and do not follow any income
                                      guidelines. The clinic schedule is located on the agency’s website at
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   Health Services Programs Are Out and About
          Serving Northeast Nebraskans!
Early Development Network (EDN)
Parents and caregivers are the most important people in a
child’s life. They know their children the best. Sometimes
they wonder, “Is my child doing what other children his/
her age are doing?” Early Development Network services
are available to answer that question and address
concerns about development. It is as easy as a phone call to their local school district or
their local EDN Services Coordinator.
                                       EDN Services Coordinators for the Norfolk Public
                                       School District also work for Goldenrod Hills. They are
                                       located in the Norfolk Goldenrod Hills office. Their
                                       phone number is 402-371-7284. For families living out-
                                       side of Norfolk, parents can call 1-888-806-6287 to find
                                       an EDN Services Coordinator in their area. Parents can
                                       call today if they have questions or want information!
 Margaret Jensen     Renee Cleveland
 EDN Coordinator     EDN Coordinator

Operation Building Blocks
Operation Building Blocks is a home visitation program available to par-
ents and families living in: Burt, Cedar, Cuming, Dixon, Madison,
Stanton, Thurston, and Wayne counties. Families or parents need to have
at least one child under the age of 5 to participate. There are no costs to
the individuals that enroll into the program and they will receive               Brooke Bouck
                                                                            Operation Building Blocks
weekly or every other week visits in their home with a Family Service        Family Service Worker

The program is tailored to the specific needs of each family and can cover topics like
positive parenting, stress and anger management, child development, home safety,
health awareness, and much more. Families and parents can stay active in the program
until they choose to stop receiving home visits. The program’s goal is to support par-
ents, increase knowledge and skills to create a healthy environment for the family. The
program has been supporting families and parents in Northeast Nebraska for three
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Operation Great Start
Operation Great Start is designed to encourage mothers to receive prenatal care early.
The program utilizes services that are available to all pregnant and postpartum
women regardless of income. The Operation Great Start program strives to give
babies a healthy start in life by that ensuring mothers and fathers have the resources
to make informed decisions and to provide mothers with pre and inter conception
education. The program also works closely with the Norfolk Public School system
providing support to pregnant and parenting teens as well providing students with
preconception education materials. The program provides one-on-one education and
support to mothers covering topics such as:

   Pregnancy                 Newborn care                 Stress
   Feeding                   Infant Development           Healthy Behaviors
   Safe Sleep Practices      Positive Parenting           Family Nutrition

Operation Great Start has recently been awarded a TUNE Grant. TUNE Into Life
Course Health is a program to educate area incorporating TUNE resources. This is a
new initiative that targets young adults using a Life Course Health model.
Operation Great Start covers an area of eight counties including Dodge, Pierce,
Cuming, Madison, Burt, Stanton, Dixon, and Wayne. Operation Great Start partners
include: Goldenrod Hills Community Action, Faith Regional Health Services, Wayne
State College and Elkhorn Logan Valley Public Health Department.

                                                 Stacey Heller    Paula Peterson   Karissa Hays
                                                Health Educator   Home Visitor     Home Visitor
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Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program
The Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP) is designed to be a
temporary assistance program for households facing eviction and/or shut off of
utilities. We have assisted a total of 153 households representing 417 unique individu-
als. Although this program has numerous success stories, we only have enough space
to briefly describe one.

We had a household of six with no electricity. The electricity disconnect was due to a
past-due electric bill accrued by the client’s ex-wife. HPRP funds paid the past due
electric bill, and their power was reconnected. In the meantime, we found out the
apartment in which they lived had broken windows and a leaky roof, and the landlord
couldn’t afford to make the repairs. With one-year old twins and two other children
under the age of five, we assisted the family in finding new housing.

Their new residence was located closer to work and to the Head Start Center where two
of the children attended school. The head-of-household broke his leg shortly after their
electricity had been turned off, and being employed as an independent contractor, was
unable to work while recovering from his injuries. He exhibited numerous traits of a
hard-working, honest family man, so we helped the family until he was fully able to
resume full time employment. With their rent and utilities being paid by HPRP funds,
the family was financially able to repair their vehicle (which is used for work and family
needs) during the long, snowy winter. HPRP assistance has ended, and the family has
been able to maintain their rent and utilities on their own.

The father was awarded “Father of the Year” at his son’s Head Start class; he is back to
work full-time and is on his way back to being self-sufficient. The household also
completed the RentWise training, which has helped the family manage money more
efficiently. This household began the program with a feeling of hopelessness and
helplessness, and now, the family is back on its feet.
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Head Start Children Make
New Friends
Riley and Melody have been visiting Head Start
children in various centers. This duo are the
“Kids - Just Like You & Me” puppets that
Burdette Kratke, Head Start Disability Specialist,
uses to talk about disabilities to children.

Riley has CP (cerebral palsy) and uses a wheel-
chair. He talks to the children about things he
likes to do which are the same things as they do,
like read, draw, build with blocks, and sing. He
also tells them how he plays ball, swims and
goes on walks, just a little differently than they

Melody, wears glasses, and talks to the children
on how important it is to keep them on to see
and how to take good care of them. Now she can
see the pictures in the books and loves to read
and draw! The children also get to play with the
puppets and help them “talk”. Riley and Melody
feel very welcome at Head Start - they play and
learn “just like one of the kids!”
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Women, Infants and Children (WIC)
                      Goldenrod Hills Community Action WIC Staff will be trained
                      using the “Loving Support To Grow and Glow in WIC”
                      utilizing breastfeeding techniques and information. Three of
                      our WIC staff have attended this training at the State level
                      and will train the rest of the staff in March. This curriculum
                      has 10 modules including activities and video clips. The
                      outcome of the curriculum is to help staff become more
                      comfortable working with breastfeeding moms as well as
                      new pregnant moms that are wanting to breastfeed their
                      baby. This training will require two full class days in order to
                      complete the 10 modules. After the training, staff will assess
                      their clinic locations to make sure each location is
                      “breastfeeding friendly.”

WIC encourages and supports all mom’s to breastfeed and strives for a comfortable
environment to breastfeed their baby at any of the WIC locations. WIC currently
has four Certified Lactation Counselors. Who recently attended a five day workshop
requiring them to pass a test at the end of the day in order to become a Certified
Lactation Counselor. The counselors are located at Norfolk, South Sioux City and
Wisner locations.

WIC Clinics are held in Creighton, Crofton, Hartington, Madison, Neligh, Norfolk,
Oakland, Osmond, Pender, Plainview, South Sioux City, Tekamah, Wakefield,
Wayne, West Point and Wisner.
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                                  NEEDS clients!
                         Do you qualify for FREE Home Weatherization Services!

                             Whether you own your home or rent these services
                                        are available in your area.
To receive free weatherization services on your home, your annual household income
must fall within the income guidelines. Households with people receiving either ADC
(Aid to Dependent Children)/TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) or SSI
(Supplemental Security Income) are automatically eligible.
                                                                    Income Guidelines
Weatherization services may include the following practices:        for Weatherization
 Weather stripping
                                                                Household    Maximum
 Caulking
                                                                Size         Household
 Attic and wall insulation                                                   Income
 Foundation insulation
                                                                1              $21,660
 Replacement of broken glass
 Repair/replacement of furnaces                                2              $29,140

                                                                3              $36,620
GHCA’s office hours are 8:00a.m. to 4:30p.m.and evenings as
                                                                4              $44,100
needed. GHCA service area includes: Antelope, Burt, Cedar,
Cuming, Dakota, Dixon, Dodge, Knox, Madison, Pierce,            5              $51,580

Stanton, Thurston, Washington and Wayne counties.               6              $59,060

                                                                7              $66,540
For more information or to apply for home weatherization
services contact:
Goldenrod Hills Community Action, Inc.
402-529-3513 or 1-800-445-2505
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     CSFP will be getting new milk!!
     Commodities Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) will be replacing the
     evaporated milk with a 1% Low Fat Ultra High Temperature (UHT) milk.
     The new UHT milk can be stored in a cool, clean dry place for up to 6
     months. After opening it should be stored in the fridge for up to one

     The 1% UHT milk can be used anywhere fresh milk is called for, such as
     soups, sauces, casseroles, and desserts. It can be enjoyed alone as bever-
     age or poured over cereal. UHT milk offers less calories, saturated fat,
     total fat, and cholesterol per serving than the evaporated milk
     traditionally offered in CSFP.

                                      Mindy DeVault   Kami Pilger
                                      CSFP Director CSFP Coordinator

Check out our Website!

It has the following features:
   Immunization, WIC and
    Commodities Clinic Calendar
   On-line program applications
   Frequently Asked Questions
   Job Opportunities and an on-line
    employment application
   Agency Newsletters, Annual Reports
    and a Needs Assessment
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Goldenrod Hills Community Action
Releases Results of Survey
Goldenrod Hills Community Action is one of nine Community Action
Agencies in Nebraska that participated in the development of a Community
Action of Nebraska State and Regional Community Assessment Report. The
report is based on a random survey of residents across the entire state of
Ne-braska. The intent of the survey was to discover the most pressing
economic challenges faced by Nebraskans. The report includes statewide
data and survey results of Goldenrod Hills Community Action’s service area
which includes the counties of Antelope, Burt, Cedar, Cuming, Dakota,
Dixon, Dodge, Knox, Madison, Pierce, Stanton, Thurston, Washington and
Wayne. Below is a summary of the survey results for northeast Nebraska:

 Top 3 health care issues                            Top 3 barriers to homeownership
 1. 67% delayed medical care because of cost         1. Unable to make down payment
 (State 67%)                                         2. No homebuyer assistance for 1st timers
 2. Access to disability services for adults         3. Poor credit
 3. Access to mental health care

 Top 3 issues & needs for children                   Top 3 areas of concern for teens
 1. Cost of childcare-top issue                      1. Activities: On the weekends
 2. Preschool services-top need                      2. Activities: In the summer
 3. Birth-age 3 childhood services-top need          3. Activities: After school

 Top 3 basic needs identified as a problem for       Top 3 barriers preventing adults from finding
 the respondent                                      employment:
 1. Affordable medical, dental and vision care for   1. Lack of available jobs
 family                                              2. Health problems/disability
 2. Paying for utilities                             3. Lack of education
 3. Affordable clothing

 Top 3 income and finance behaviors                  Top 3 perceptions of the causes of poverty
 1. Withdrawal from savings                          Respondents whose household income is less than
 2. Money in savings                                 $25,000
 3. Followed a budget                                1. Lack of training/education
                                                     2. Single parent household
 One in four said they are worse off than last       3. Not enough jobs
                                                     Respondents whose household income is over
                                                     1. Low motivation
                                                     2. Lack of training/education

The full report is available on our website:

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