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Cardiff Portal Manipulating Portlets


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									                                                                  Cardiff Portal

Manipulating Portlets
Moving and manipulating portlets to customise your view

You can customise the view on any of My Page to suit your requirements.
Portlets can be moved or displayed in a variety of states on any of the portal
pages. You can also add and remove portlets from pages to display the
content that is most relevant to you at any one time.

Moving Portlets

   1. Click and hold the mouse button on the title of the portlet you wish to
      move. Your mouse pointer will change to a four-pointed arrow.
   2. Available destinations on the page are highlighted by a green dotted
      horizontal bar. As you move closer to a permissible drop zone for the
      portlet, the horizontal bar turns grey.

             Dotted green horizontal bar: Permissible drop zone for a portlet.

                  Grey box with dotted green border: Target drop zone.

   3. Drag and drop the portlet in the desired target location, identified by the
      grey area bordered with a green dotted line. If you drop the portlet in
      any other area of the screen, i.e. when no grey box is visible, the
      portlet will not be placed on the page.
   4. The portlet will be moved to the new location.

Manipulating Portlets

Each portlet mode can be displayed in normal, maximized or minimized
states. When a portlet is maximized, it is displayed in the entire body of the
portal page, replacing the view of other portlets. When a portlet is minimized,
only the portlet title bar is displayed on the portal page.

To select a portlet state, click the blue circle at the top right hand corner of a

portlet to open the portlet menu:

Last updated 22 September 2010
                                                         Cardiff Portal

1. Select Minimise to minimise the portlet:

2. Select Maximise to maximise the portlet and hide all other portlets:

3. Select Restore to restore the portlet to its Normal state.

Last updated 22 September 2010

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