The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn-the end by lanyuehua


									The Adventures of
Huckleberry Finn
    The Conclusion
             Read the following quote:
   [Spike] Lee also believes that parents must shoulder their
   portion of responsibility on [controversial] issues. "Parents
   really have to think about this stuff. I cannot understand parents
   today saying Huckleberry Finn should not be taught in school
   today because of the N-word. To me that's ignorant.
   Ignorant. First of all, you've probably used that word as a child,
   number one; they've heard it in the streets. Even the nastiness
   of that word does not outweigh the value of that monumental
   piece of American literature."
Recall that Spike Lee is an African American Satirist; then answer the following
questions in a 5-7 sentence Free Write.

   •Do you believe Huck Finn should be taught in schools?
   Explain your response. Do you believe it should be
   censored? Does the language affect our perception of the
   story and the characters? Do you agree with Lee’s claim?
                Flaws & Hope
 Mysteries     revealed:
     Why does Tom, the rule-follower, help to
      free Jim?
       • Miss Watson died!
       • She set Jim free
       • Tom is gung-ho to let Jim free now—odd since
         in a way he was the one to keep him
         imprisoned all for the sake of adventure.
     Jim reveals that Pap is dead: a reminder
      that Jim is the father figure
                   Flaws & Hope
   Huck says he is going to “light out for the
    territory.” How is this a sign of hope for
       His adventures aren’t over and he can still live
        outside society
       He will continue to grow and learn.
       Huck functions better when he’s on his own—
 Twain shows the Romantic side of Huck: he
  wants to travel and have other adventures.
 Is the ending realistic given the age of the
  narrator and the other events?

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