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					Make Inquiry On Possible Voter Fraud--ACT NOW!!

According to news reports, William "Willy" Lantigua was born in Dominican
Republic in 1955 and came (just how-via legal means or ??) to the U.S.A. as a
young kid.

So here is a guy who by accounts has NO higher education and I believe not
EVEN a high school degree, has NEVER taken the desire or interest in learning
proficient English OR obtain a college degree all in the course of becoming a
better American and to assimilate but gets to occupy City Hall by getting a foreign
country to collect and gather votes for him. And dollars to donuts, used the same
method to occupy a seat in the Mass State House chambers.

Previous generations of immigrants who chose Lawrence for work and a better
future, worked hard, were honest, learned English and wanted a better life for
themselves and their children. I still believe that most law-abiding and honest
immigrants remain focused on those dreams and qualities and not taking
advantage of America.

This is NOT the American dream! It is ABUSE of America and the generosity
of the American people!!

Overall, smells a bit fishy and of election rigging to me. Perhaps a letter to US
DOJ, Civil Rights Division, Voter Section is in order. See addresses below.

Just read this ONE article mentioning Willy Lantigua and his friend Carmen Beltre,
indicted on identity theft, identity fraud, social security and immigration paperwork
tampering. Source:‐carrying‐

LAWRENCE — When Carmen Beltre was arrested Monday afternoon, police said,
she was carrying "suspicious" lists of names and Social Security numbers and
immigration and tax paperwork that police say she admitted she "shouldn't have" in
her large pocketbook.

When she was booked and allowed to use the phone, Beltre called Mayor
William Lantigua and talked with him for about two minutes, according to a
police report.
"I've known Willy a long time," Beltre told the arresting officer, Jeffrey Hart,
according to his report. "He's gonna want to know what I was arrested
for,"....(sic)... Hmmm, "known Willy (street name) a long time", perhaps Carmen
and Lantigua do go back a long time (his first involvement in political campaigns
and voting...

In your letter make reference to Lantigua's involvement with Lantigua Political
Institute Inc., filed by attorney Salim Tabit and wherein the documents list Mayra
Lantigua and Carlos Matos as co-directors.

Worth looking into and alerting the US Attorney, US DOJ.

US Attorney Carmen Ortiz,
John Joseph Moakley U.S. Courthouse
One Courthouse Way, Suite 9200,
Boston, Massachusetts 02210

Chief, Voting Section
Civil Rights Division
Room 7254 - NWB
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.
Washington, DC 20530

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