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Challie Mitchell Allen 6 11-25-09 Title Juries throughout the United by gegeshandong


									Challie Mitchell
Allen 6
       Juries throughout the United States often face dilemmas. The choices they
have to make will range from being about robberies to murders. The juries
constantly are placed in situations where the verdict could seriously affect the life
of the convicted person. In Twelve Angry Men, by Reginald Rose, the jury is set on
a case that’s verdict will decide if a boy lives or dies. In the book, juror three is
the only juror who is continually of the opinion that the boy is guilty. Even though
the other jurors are able to supply evidence that the boy may be innocent, juror
three asserts that the boy is guilty because he has personally related himself to
the case.
       Juror three compared himself to the victim from the case that the jury was
deliberating. In discussion of the case, juror three believes that by being
nineteen, it would not be difficult to commit murder. He declared, “That’s old
enough, He knifed his own father” (Rose, 3). Juror three saw himself as the victim.
This was because of the personal problems he had gone through with his son.
Another reason that juror three compares himself to the victim is because of the
way the victim and his son acted with each other. As juror eight was trying to
defend the accused, Juror’s three and seven stereotyped the young men from the
environment of the accused. Juror three claimed, “It’s the kids. The way they
are…they don’t listen” (4). He has had a son who he did not get along with, which is
similar to the relationship of the victim and the accused. Juror three and his son
argued and fought during the son’s childhood. In addition to the comparison of
himself and the victim, juror three also believes the relationship of the victim and
the accused is similar to the relationship of himself and his son.
       Juror three has difficulty in deciding his vote on the case, because he has
had problems with his son, just like the victim in the case. The victim and the
accused would fight regularly. On the day of the murder, there was an argument

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