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					                                   Stefano Materia
                                  Curriculum Vitae

Bologna, 1979-08-24
e-mail: stefano.materia@cmcc.it


 2009 : University of Bologna (Italy). PhD in Geophysics, area Climatology. Title of
  the thesis: “A New Representation of Large River Catchment Basins in the
  Simulation of the Global Climate”. Supervisor: Dr. Antonio Navarra.

 2005 : University of Bologna (Italy). Master Degree in Environmental Science. Title
  of the thesis: “La foresta di Norunda (Uppland, Svezia) come sorgente di biossido di

 2004 : University of Lund (Sweden). Master student in Physical Geography and
  Ecosystem Analysis. Title of the thesis: “Forests acting as a carbon source : analysis
  of two possible causes for Norunda forest site”.

Work Experiences

 06/2009 – now: CMCC (Euro-Mediterranean Center for Climate Change). Junior
  Scientist. Expertise in the interaction between climate and hydrological cycle at the
  global scale.

 05/2005 – 03/2006: ARPA Emilia Romagna (Regional Agency for Prevention and
  Environment). Project Manager.

Other Eduction Experiences

 09/2007 – 03/2008: Center for Ocean Land and Atmosphere Studies (COLA),
  Calverton, MD, USA. Work-study experience. Research project titled: “Sensitivity
  of river discharge to the quality of the Land Surface Schemes participating to GSWP-
  2 meteorological forcings”.

Collaboration with Scientific Journals
 Scientific Reviewer for the American Meteorological Society (Journal of Climate,
  Journal of Hydrometeorology)


 Materia S, Alessandri A, Navarra A, 2009. A new representation of large river
  catchment basins in the simulation of global climate. In preparation.

 Materia S, Dirmeyer PA, Guo Z, Alessandri A, Navarra A, 2009. The sensitivity
  of simulated river discharge to land surface representation and meteorological
  forcings. Journal of Hydrometeorology, in press.

 Materia S, Dirmeyer PA, Guo Z, Alessandri A, Navarra A, 2009. Sensitivity of
  river discharge to the quality of external meteorological forcings. EMS Annual
  Meeting Abstracts, 6, EMS2009-424.

 Materia S, Alessandri A, Navarra A, 2009. A new representation of river basin
  discharge in the global climate system. Geophysical Research Abstracts, 11,

 Materia S, Navarra A, 2007. Explanation for biases in a river routing model for
  climate simulation. Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS), 4th Annual Meeting,
  Bangkok, THA.

Personal skills

 Very good English literacy and proficiency.

 Familiarity with Linux and Windows operating systems. Excellent knowledge of
  computer programming language Fortran2003. Extensive knowledge of softwares
  for numerical calculation, analysis and visualization of scientific data such as Matlab
  and Grads, and applications for manipulating meteorological and climatic data, such
  as NCO and CDO.

 Team-working experience and excellent learning abilities developed during the PhD
  program and the work-study experience in the USA.

Bologna, 30/11/2009

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