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					The whole “Conservative My Ass! These People are Nazis!” series is available online at
 Ann Coulter: Columnist,                     David Horowitz: Author,                     Lt. Gen. William G. “Jerry”            Pat Robertson: Christian
 TV Opinion Maker,                           Former 1960s Radical Turned                 Boykin: Pentagon’s Deputy              Fascist, Certifiable Lunatic and
 Total Fascist                               Right-Wing Bully                            Undersecretary of Defense              Close Advisor to the President
                                                                                         over the Global Manhunt for
                                                                                         Osama bin Laden,
                                                                                         Fundamentalist Crusader

 From National Review Online,               From “Ten Reasons Why Reparations            Quoted in L.A. Times, Oct. 16,
                                            for Blacks is a Bad Idea for Blacks—         2003:
 Sept, 13, 2001:
                                            and Racist Too,” by David Horowitz,          “George Bush was not elected by a      November 1993 address to the
 “We should invade their countries, kill, Jan. 3, 2001          majority of voters in the United       American Center for Law and
 their leaders and convert them to          “What about the debt blacks owe to           States. He was appointed by God.”      Justice
 Christianity. We weren’t punctilious       America—to white America—for liber-                                                 “There is no such thing as separation
 about locating and punishing only          ating them from slavery? This may not        Quoted in L.A. Times, Oct. 16,         of church and state in the constitution.
 Hitler and his top officers. We carpet-                                                 2003:                                  It is a lie of the Left and we are not
                                            seem like a serious question to some,
                                                                                         “We in the army of God, in the house   going to take it anymore.”
 bombed German cities; we killed            but that only reveals their ignorance of     of God, kingdom of God have been
 civilians. That’s war. And this is war.”   the history of slavery and its fate.”        raised for such a time as this.”

  Brig. Gen. Gary Jones:                     Barbara Bush about the                       Richard Baker:                         William Bennett: former Drug
  commander of the Louisiana                 relocation of people forced                  Representative, 6th                    Czar, Ideologue of “War on
  National Guard’s Joint Task                out of New Orleans to the                    Congressional District of              Terror,” Advisor to President
  Force                                      Houston Astrodome                            Louisiana                              George W. Bush

  As hundreds of armed troops
  under his command prepared to             Barbara Bush said:                           Richard Baker after Hurricane          Remark by Bennett on his radio
  launch a mission from a staging           ...They all want to stay in Texas.... “And   Katrina: “We finally cleaned up        program, “Morning in America,”
  area at the Louisiana Superdome,          so many of the people in the arena           public housing in New Orleans. We      Sept. 28, 2005: "If you wanted to
  Jones said: “This place is going to       here, you know, were underprivileged         couldn’t do it, but God did.”          reduce crime, you could, if that were
  look like Little Somalia. We’re going     anyway, so this is working very well                                                your sole purpose, you could abort
  to go out and take this city back.        for them.”                                                                          every black baby in this country."
  This will be a combat operation to
  get this city under control.”

 John Yoo: War Criminal, Author
 of Bush's Torture Memos, and
 UC Berkeley Law Professor
                                               Dick Cheney: Liar, Mass
                                               Murderer, Torture Junkie
                                                                                         My Ass!
 Quoted in New Yorker magazine:
 Congress has no power to “tie the
 President’s hands in regard to torture
 as an interrogation technique.”              Quoted in the New YorkTimes:
                                              “Right now, the vice president is
 “It’s the core of the Commander-in-          devoting himself to beating back
 Chief function. They can’t prevent the       congressional legislation that would
 President from ordering torture.”            prohibit the torture of prisoners.”

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