Expanding Greece Project

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					Expanding Greece Project

There are so many elements, stories and traditions of Ancient Greece that we could
spend an entire year studying only this region in the time before the Common Era.
In order to get the most out of our limited time, I’m turning the teaching over to you.

In your small group, you will need to make a creative and informative presentation
on the topic of your choosing. Some of these topics will be people, some places, and
some events. Your classmates will be quizzed over the information you will be
presenting so it will need to be clear, accurate and your presentation must allow
them a chance to take some notes.

Mandatory elements:

-Two reliable sources of information, properly cited.

- A physical form for your presentation, Keynote, iMovie, skit, poster, or movie (we
can borrow the Flip Camera).

- A guided note sheet for the class. We will post them on the wiki.

Questions/ comments to guide you:

- What was the significance of your topic in the Greek world?

       a. What was the greatest accomplishment or major importance?
       b. Why is your topic remembered?

- How does your topic tie into what we have been discussing in class?

- On your note sheet you should highlight at least five important elements of your

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