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					Definition of Current Health Policy
Issue and Facts: Childhood Obesity.

Key points that support the
purposed policy (With citations)

                                                                           To amend the Child
                                                                         Nutrition Act of 1966 to
                                                                          establish the Healthy
                                               Patricia Clyne, Kathy
                                                                         Habits School Challenge
                                            Culbertson, Amanda Desai,
                                             Patricia Gonzalez, Angela            Program
                                            Hattaway, Alexandra Hilton            H.R. 5113
    For more information on the H.R            Phone: 407.823.2000
                                                                         NUR4837 Healthcare Issues, Policy,
            5113 Bill visit:
                                                                                  & Economics
                                            4000 Central Florida Blvd.
              Orlando, Florida, 32816       University of Central Florida
        WWW.UCF.EDU
     .xpd?bill=h111-5113                           FALL 2010
                                                       H.R. 5113
                                                  Policy Proposal Bill                              H.R Bill 5113
        H.R Bill 5113
                                      The purpose of the bill is to amend the Child
    Why is this Bill needed?          Nutrition Act of 1966 to establish the Healthy
   This bill/policy is needed due    Habits School Challenge Program to reduce
    to the overwhelming statistics    childhood obesity by recognizing schools that
    related to childhood obesity      are creating healthier school environments for
                                      children by promoting good nutrition and
    in our nation. Between 1988
                                      physical activity, and for other purposes.
    and 1994 childhood obesity
                                       The Child Nutrition Act of 1966 to requires
    increased 11 percent (Healthy         local educational agencies (LEAs)
    People 2010). As of 2008, the         participating in the school lunch or          What is being done?
    rate has increased to 19.5            breakfast programs to establish or expand       The bill was introduced on April
    percent (CDC, 2010). The              a local school wellness policy for their
                                                                                           22, 2010.
    childhood obesity is rising at        schools.
                                                                                         This bill is in the first step in the
    an alarming rate and if            The new bill directs the Secretary to
                                                                                           legislative process. Introduced
    something is not done to bring        provide LEAs, school food authorities, and
                                                                                           bills and resolutions first go to
    about a drastic change, the           states, on request, information and
                                                                                           committees that deliberate,
                                          technical assistance in: (1) establishing
    condition of our nation from a                                                         investigate, and revise them
                                          healthy school nutrition environments; (2)
    medical and financial stand                                                            before they go to general debate.
                                          reducing childhood obesity; and (3)
    point in the near and distant         preventing diet-related chronic diseases.        The majority of bills and
    future will be astronomical. In    It also directs the Secretary to establish         resolutions never make it out of
    1995 alone, according to              the Healthy Habits School Challenge              committee.
    Healthy People 2010, the              program to reduce childhood obesity by         On May 27, 2010 the bill was
    medical costs related to              recognizing schools that are creating            referred to the Subcommittee on
    obesity were $99 billion.             healthier school environments for children       Healthy Families and Communities
   Obesity is the second leading         by promoting good nutrition and physical         (GovTrack, 2010).
    indicator for Healthy People          activity.                                     Sponsor:
                                       Requires the Secretary to contract with the        Rep. Kathleen Dahlkemper
                                          Institute of Medicine to provide the          Co-sponsers:
   Obesity has more than tripled
                                          Secretary with recommendations for             Eleanor Norton [D-DC]
    within the past 30 years              updating the nutrition rules for the school    Joe Baca [D-CA43]
    (CDC, 2010)                           lunch and breakfast programs (GovTrack,        Shelley Berkley [D-NV1]
                                                                                         Diane Watson [D-CA33]

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