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Tailor-Made Display Solutions
for Control Rooms
BARCO’s ATLAS system is a compact                 Flexible structure
                                                  • designed to form huge Display Walls
mechanical housing especially de-                 • configured for either a linear or curved setup
                                                  • requires minimal installation depth
signed to meet any given require-                 • closed structure to avoid incident light or dust
                                                  • allows easy maintenance from the rear of the
ment concerning set up, resolu-                     system
tion, and operational conditions.                 Latest projection technologies
                                                  • designed to incorporate various projection engines
Due to its flexible structure it can
                                                    based on most modern technologies
be set up in several sizes with                   • depending on the projection engines, all mechanics,
                                                    electronics and optics are well considered and result
different projector types and                       in an unsurpassed color uniformity, brightness level
                                                    and contrast from any viewing angle
screens. Since ATLAS can be fitted
                                                  High precision screens and stitched concept
in any given configuration it is the              • provides high contrast, even in bright ambient light
                                                  • selected upon the overall environmental conditions
optimal solution to update a                        and operational requirements
                                                  • patented seamless screen mounting via high
control room with minimal rebuil-                   precision cuts, supported by very fine steel pins
                                                    results in a nearly not perceptible optical seam
ding. A TLAS is the Display Wall                  • ingenious fixation frame compensates for thermal
                                                    influences without affecting the seamless
which helps you to keep up with                     performance
future developments in projection

technologies by just replacing the
projection engine.
            Photo courtesy of Photothèque SAPRR
Technical Specifications


                                                                                             Screen 67”
                                                                                             Width     1368 mm                  53.86 in.
                                                                                             Height    1026 mm                  40.39 in.
                                                                                             Diagonal                           67”

                                                                                             ATLAS Unit 67”
                                                                                             Width      1368 mm                 53.86 in.
                                                                                             Height     1026 mm                 40.39 in.
                                                                                             Depth       885 mm                 34.84 in.

                                                                                             Screen 84”
                                                                                             Width     1707 mm                  67.20 in.
                                                                                             Height    1280 mm                  50.39 in.
                                                                                             Diagonal                           84”

                                                                                             ATLAS Unit 84”
                                                                                             Width      1707 mm                 67.20 in.
                                                                                             Height     1280 mm                 50.39 in.
                                                                                             Depth      <1000 mm                <39.37 in.
This system is designed to meet your individual requests, technical data
will depend on final configuration (screen, projector, size)

Screens                                                Poly-Silicon LCD Projector            Control Unit
• black type screen with large                         • 3-panel Poly-Silicon LCD, resolu-   BARCO’s Display Walls integrate
  viewing angles                                         tion 1024x768 pixels (XGA)          with the existing network environ-
• high gain screen                                     • Lamp UHP™ 100 W, operation          ment and video sources via BARCO’s
• other screens on customer                              time 8000 h                         graphical control units of the EOS
  request                                              • Power supply 115/230 VAC,           family.
                                                         60/50 Hz, 2.5-1.5 A
Conditions                                               Power consumption 180 W             Through a PanelLink™ interface
• Operating temperature:                               • colors 16.7 millions                ATLAS is digitally connected to the
                                                                                             EOS family.
  17 °C - 27 °C | 62 °F - 80 °F                        • brightness uniformity > 95%
• Humidity:                                                                                  EOS is available both as X-Terminal
  recommended 40% - 60%, non                                                                 or as Windows NT®/2000 work-
  condensing                                           Other projectors on customer          station.
                                                                                             For multimedia applications a set of
                                                                                             expansion cards and VISUPlus offer a
                                                                                             wide variety to display all kind of
                                                                                             video and RGB signals in excellent

                                                                                             UHP is a trademark of Philips Electronics N.V.
                                                                                             Windows and Windows NT are registered trade-
                                                                                             marks of Microsoft Corporation.
                                      Barco Control Rooms
                                                                                             PanelLink is a trademark of Silicon Image.
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