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Beijingers commute 70 mins


									 Beijingers commute 70 mins
• According to the latest survey, the
  transportation time related to work that
  citizens in Beijing spend is on average
  70 minutes, 16 minutes more compared
  with 20 years age. The main reasons of
  this phenomenon are the increased
  distance between home and the work
  place and heavier traffic.
    House passes bonus tax
• The US House of Representatives voted
  decisively Thursday to impose a 90% tax
  on millions of dollars in employee
  bonuses paid by troubled insurance giant
  AIG and other bailed-out companies. The
  bill was approved with a vote of 328 to 93.
  The tax will apply to employees whose
  total annual pay exceeded $250000 at
  firms that received more than $5b in
  government rescue funds.
      Spaniards going gray
• Celebrities in Spain including the mayor
  of Madrid are keeping up with a national
  fashion trend of dying their hair gray.
  According to sociologists, people can
  earn trust more easily by getting gray hair
  which indicates having more life
  experience. It is also reflection of self-
  confidence particularly for those women
  who refuse hair coloring, some
  psychologists added.

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