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					                              B230 Organisational Informatics
                                    Semester 2, 2000

                         Guidelines for Tutorial Presenters

1. You will present two “required” readings from the list of readings for your nominated week
   during the semester. For some weeks, there are more than two required readings given
   so you will have a choice. For most weeks, however, there are only two required readings
   so you will not have a choice.

2. You will need to read at least one other reading from the “recommended” or “additional”
   reading list for the week in which you are presenting.

3. If you are presenting in Week 2, you have a choice of any two required readings from
   Topics 1 and 2 in the Reader. If you are presenting in any other week, you will present
   two required readings from the Topic number that corresponds to the week in which you
   are presenting (i.e. if your tutorial presentation is in Week 6, you will present both
   required readings from Topic 6 - the Kiesler et al. and the Sutton readings).

4. You can assume that everyone in your tutorial group has read the required readings so
   it’s not necessary to summarise them. Rather, you should review or critique each reading.
   Highlight the main issues addressed in each reading and give your opinions on the
   issues. Your opinions may agree or disagree with the author’s research. Support your
   opinions, where possible, by referring to other literature or documented examples.

5. Include in your presentations some questions to stimulate comments from tutorial group

6. Prepare your presentation in a Word file or text file. Have the prepared file opened in one
   window of your computer and the chat room in another window. Copy a paragraph at a
   time from your prepared file and paste into the message field of the chat room window
   (where it says “Type your message below and press [enter]”).

7. Intersperse your comments with prepared questions to keep the group interested.

8. In addition to presenting your critique of the readings, you will need to moderate the
   group discussions. This means that you will need to keep the discussions flowing and
   coherent. If there is a lag in the discussions, you may need to ask another question; if too
   many people want to “talk”, you may need to interrupt and stipulate an order. It is best to
   ask a question of the whole group, however if you find that some group members are not
   participating, you may need to address them individually in order to draw them into the

9. Aim to have about 15 minutes presentation and 45 minutes discussion. In the earlier
   weeks while the environment is new, you may need to “talk” more than 15 minutes.

10. The weekly tutorial question for your journal does not have to be addressed in the tutorial
    presentation. The weekly question is related to lecture and tutorial topics, and is intended
    to be individual research. The emphasis in tutorial discussions is on the weekly readings.
    If the tutorial question comes up in discussions, by all means allow discussion but not at
    the expense of the tutorial readings.

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