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Assisted Suicide Persuasive Essay.docx


									Assisted Suicide Persuasive Essay:
The Details

You should state an opinion on this topic, either for
legalizing assisted suicide or keeping it illegal. Do not
express ambivalence. Deploy all of your persuasive
powers to coerce me into seeing the issue as you see it.

       5-paragrpah essay
       12 pt. font, times new roman
       Standard margins
       Double spaced

Challenges from the unit:
       Three vocab words – underlined
       Ethos/ Pathos/ Logos appeals – highlighted and labeled
       Thesis statement circled
       No logical fallacies
       Bring in at least two details you learned in the research/informing process
        ****Later we will work on how to ascribe credit to your source (annotation and citation), so do
        not worry about this step yet. Save your work on the computer so that you can access it when
        we return to this topic.

How to turn in:
       Pocket folder
       All drafts (including 5-step thesis) on one side
       Rubric and final draft on other side

I can’t emphasize this enough:
       Save your work on the computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
       DO NOT turn in writing of spurious origin
Persuasive Essay: Rubric
Category       Standards      Below Standard              Minimal            Sufficient                   Consistent              Full Command
                                  (12 pts)                (16 pts)            (19 pts)                     (21 pts)                   (25 pts)
Ideas          ELA10W1        Little or no focus Minimally focused;          Sufficiently focused        Consistently focused; Fully focused on
               a,b,e,g.       on topic/purpose; some points are              topic; sufficiently         well-developed        assigned topic &
               ELA10W2        no controlling idea; irrelevant, inappro-     developed controlling        controlling idea;     purpose; suppor-
               a,b,c,d,e,g.   ideas are unclear priate or repeated;          idea; most supporting       relevant supporting ting ideas are
                              or repetitive; fails supporting ideas are     ideas relevant and dev-      ideas with evidence; relevant & fully
                              to address counter- undeveloped; insuf-        eloped with details;        uses some rhetorical elaborated; full
                              argument; may be ficient counter-              may include rhetorical      devices and complete use of rhetorical
                              too short.           arguments.                devices and counter-        counter-arguments. devices & coun-
                                                                             arguments.                                         ter-arguments.

Organization   ELA10W2 h      Little or no evid-     Organization is      Appropriate organiza-          Organization, intro-     Overall strategy
               ELA10W1a,      ence of organizing     inappropriate or     tion, introduction and         duction, & sequenc-      strong; logical &
               e, f.          strategy; unrelated     formulaic; may lack conclusion; clear sequ-        ing are appropriate      appropriate sequ-
                              ideas within para-     an effective intro-  ence of ideas; related         and clear; conclusion    encing of ideas; en-
                              graphs; lacks trans-   duction or conclu-   ideas in paragraphs;           is not repetitive; re-   gaging intro; con-
                              itions; may be too     sion; minimal use    transitions link para-         lated ideas in para-     nclusion not repet-
                              short.                 of transitions.      graphs.                        graphs; varied tran-     itious; paragraphs
                                                                                                         sitional elements.       have related ideas
                                                                                                                                  transitions are
                                                                                                                                  effective & varied.

Style          ELA10W1        Language & tone        Language & tone       Language & tone are           Language & tone     Carefully crafted
               ELA10W2a       flat and/or inapp-     are uneven; word      appropriate; word             enhance the purp-   phrases & sente-
                              ropriate; word         choice is simple,     choice generally inter-       ose; word choice    nces; varied, pre-
                              choice incorrect       ordinary, or repet-   esting; some parts may        precise & engaging; cise, engaging
                              or inappropriate;      itive; minimal        lack audience awareness;      awareness of audi- language; sustain-
                              little awareness       awareness of au-      voice is clear; some varia-   ence throughout;    ed audience aware-
                              of audience; little/   dience & voice;       tion in sentence length       distinctive voice;  ness; authoritative
                              no sentence vari-      minimal variation     and structure.                good sentence       voice; extensive
                              ety; voice not         in sentence struc-                                  variation.           sentence variation.
                              apparent.              ture.

Conventions    ELA10C1a,b,c   Fragments, run-        Simple sentences      Majority of sentences         Consistently correct     Full command of all
               ELA10c2a,b,c   ons, incorrect         formed correctly,     formed correctly; mean-       sentences & punctua-     types of sentences
                              sentences & pun-       but there are frag-   ing generally clear; some     tion; most elements       & punctuation;vari-
                              ctuation; frequ-       ments and/or run-     errors in mechanics but       of usage and mecha-       ety of subordination
                              ent and/or severe      ons; some errors      few interfere with mean-      nics correct; minor       & coordination; all
                              errors.                interfere with        ing.                          Errors do not inter-      elements of usage
                                                     meaning.                                            fere with meaning.        & mechanics
                                                                                                                                   consistly correct.

Student Name:________________________________________ Score:___________________________

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