Bailey the Victim

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					                  Bailey the Victim
                   Brian Kempiak

       Based on Robert Cormier’s Chocolate War.
                Chapter six page 38-45

2010                                              Brian
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The Beginning- Set up

A tight shot on the clock showing 9:41cut to a wide shot of the classroom. All of the
students are putting away their books. You can see Brother Leon walking through the
desks nervously. Holding a ruler he swaps at people randomly. A camera view from
a student perspective the camera is trailing Brother Leon. Same angle you see
Brother Leon go to the front of the room.

                                  Brother Leon
                                 Enough of this!
                         (Everyone is now looking at Leon)

A wide shot of the classroom from the door.


                                   Brother Leon
                                     Get up here.
                (Bailey walks to the front after putting away a book.)

The Accusation-Confrontation

A wide shot from the student camera.

                                    Brother Leon
           As you know, gentlemen (looking at the class ignoring bailey)
  As you know, a certain discipline must be maintained in a school. A line must be
drawn between teachers and students. We teachers would love to be one of the boys,
                of course. But that line of separation must remain.
  (His arm reaches with the ruler, and then slaps Bailey. Bailey strokes his cheek.)

A wide shot of the classroom. Everyone is looking at Bailey like he is a victim. The
camera changes to the Student camera.

                                   Brother Leon
                             Bailey. Bailey. Bailey.
                (A tight shot on Bailey from student perspective.)

                              …Yes, Brother Leon.
            (A tight shot on Brother Leon from student perspective.)

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                                   Brother Leon
                     Bailey. Why do you find it necessary to cheat?

A beat. A tight shot of the Bailey and the class being in the background still and silent.

                                       Brother Leon
                             Is silence an admission of guilt?
                          (A wide shot from the student camera)

Brother Leon turns towards Bailey as Bailey is shaking his head.

                                       I don’t cheat.

                                      Brother Leon
   But look at the evidence. All A’s, no less. Only a genius is capable of that sort of
 performance. Do you claim to be a genius? I’ll admit you look like one-those glasses,
                           that pointed chin, that wild hair…
                     (Leon points at each characteristic respectively)

Then Leon leans towards the class. The change to a wide shot of the class from the chalk
board perspective. A wide shot of the class laughing nervously, then switch to the
student camera and you see Leon turning towards Bailey. The laughter stops.

                                      Brother Leon

                                      Yes (miserably)

                                    Brother Leon
                           You haven’t answered my question.

Change to a view from the student camera of Brother Leon walking to the window.
Bailey is standing awkwardly alone in the front of the class. A tight shot of the clock
showing 9:46. A wide shot of the classroom.

                                   I don’t cheat (Braver)

                                   Brother Leon
         Then how do you account for all the A’s? (Still looking at the window)

                                       I don’t know.

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The view changes to the student camera as Brother Leon turns towards Bailey.

                                    Brother Leon
                           Are you perfect is that the answer?

Bailey looks at the class begging. Then the view changes to the wide shot of the class
from the doorway.

                                     Brother Leon
             Only god is perfect, Bailey. Do you compare yourself to god?

 The class looks uncomfortable. Then the camera goes to the student camera.

                                       Brother Leon
        The only alternative is that you are not perfect. And of course you’re not.

                                That’s right Brother Leon.

                                    Brother Leon
                          You cheat! You’re a cheat and a liar.

                                 Aw, let the kid alone.
                     (Brother Leon turns quickly towards the class.)

                                     Brother Leon
                                     Who said that?

The Truth- Conclusion

A view of the clock at 9:51 and the bell rings. The view goes back to the Student cam.
All the kids grab their bags, but Leon stops them.

                                 Brother Leon
        Nobody moves. You poor fools. Do you know who’s the best one here?

                                     Brother Leon
       (Placed his hands on Bailey. Speaking to class like they are slow children.)

    Gregory Bailey that’s who. He denied cheating. He stood his ground. But you
 gentlemen you sat there and enjoyed yourselves or you allowed it to happen. (Turning
towards Bailey.) You did well Bailey. Of course you don’t cheat. Your classmates out
                              there. They’re the cheaters.

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