Cleaning and Maintenance Schedule

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					    Cleaning and Maintenance Schedule
                                                                             ColorSpan 5400uv Series

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This knowledgebase article describes cleaning and maintenance tasks that should be performed on the ColorSpan
5400uv series of printers.

Operator-Level Cleaning & Maintenance Schedule

Task                      Description

Interval: Daily

                          The printheads should be cleaned daily using the automated Purge
                          function. The printer will perform this task automatically based on internal
Clean Printheads
                          timers and recent usage. A Purge should be performed before the first job
                          of the day is to be printed.
Interval: Weekly or
as needed

Clean rail and
                          Inspect for dust buildup, clean if necessary. See instructions below.
carriage wheels

Clean the carriage
encoder strip

Interval: As needed
                          Use the Purge button to clean the printheads whenever reduced print
Clean printheads
                          quality or missing jets in the Prime Bars are observed.
                          The ionizer bars should be cleaned as needed to maintain their
Clean ionizer bars
                          effectiveness. See instructions below.

                          Each lamp has a foam-like air filter on top of the lamp. Overtim this filter will
                          fill up with particulates and ink dust, reducing air flow. If the printer presents
Replace UV Lamp
                          an error message indicating the lamps have overheated, this filter should
Air Filters
                          be the first suspect. Clean or replace the filter periodically to prevent
                          overheating messages.

Interval: At control
panel warning

                          The control panel warns you when either of the UV lamp bulbs have been
Replace UV lamp
                          illuminated for 500 hours, but they may be usable for many more hours
bulbs                        beyond that point. Bulb life will vary. The bulbs must be replaced when they
                             no longer cure the UV ink sufficiently.

Cleaning the carriage rail
Even with the fully-enclosed design of the 5400uv printer, the carriage rail should be cleaned at least weekly of any
particles and debris. Particles that accumulate on the rail will lead to noisy operation, print defects in the form of vertical
bands, and eventually to unrecoverably wheel/bearing damage on the carriage. Preventative cleaning of this component
will ensure printer productivity.

Wipe the entire length of the rail with a lint-free cloth or wipe moistened with isopropyl alcohol. The rail surfaces that must
be clean are the surfaces that touch the carriage bearings. These are the top surface, including the front and back of the
front lip, and the side surface, behind the belt. Move the carriage manually or press Tools > Maintenance > Access
Printheads on the control panel menu so you can access and clean the entire rail.

Cleaning the carriage wheels
This operation is difficult because visibility is restricted. Frequent cleaning of the carriage rail will reduce the need for
cleaning of the carriage wheels.

          1. Remove any media from the platen and turn off the printer using the on/off switch.

          2. Wait for the printer to shut down, then open the front cover.
          3. Reach in manually move the carriage to the center of the platen.
          4. Fold a paper towel several times and moisten a corner with water or isopropyl alcohol (IPA).
          Alternatively, use a long cotton swab intead of a paper towel.
          5. Press the paper towel or cotton swab against the carriage wheel. See photos below for
          location of wheels.
Side view of carriage. The circled area is the location of the wheels
                                                    Detail view of wheel locations.

          6. Keeping the paper towel in contact with the wheel, slowly move the carriage left and right
          several inches so that the carriage wheel rotates completely.

          7. Repeat steps 4-6 on the opposite side of the carriage.
          8. Close the cover and turn the printer back on.
Cleaning the Ionizer Bars
The ionizer bars are attached to each side of the printhead carriage. Clean the ionizer bars as needed to maintain their
efficient operation. The ionizer bars cannot eliminate static charges if they are dirty. A buzzing noise at the ionizer bar
indicates reduced ionizer efficiency. This may be due to oxidation or buildup on the titanium pins.

     1. Switch off power to the printer.

     2. Wait for the printer to shut down, then open the front cover.
     3.   Reach in manually move the carriage to the center of the platen.

     4. Brush the titanium pins with a soft metal bristle brush (part number 0602665).
5. Switch on power to the ionizer bar. If the pins are clean, there will be no buzzing sound;
    otherwise, repeat this procedure.

6. Close the cover and turn the printer back on.

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