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					                      Comparative Effectiveness Research Key Function Committee
                                         Informatics Taskforce
                                   December 1, 2011 – 12:00 PM ET
                                           Meeting Summary

    Hersh, B., OHSU (Co-Chair); Saltz, J., Emory (Co-Chair); Filart, R., NIH (Coordinator); Fair, A., C4
    (PM); Collier, E., NCRR; Eichmann, D., (U Iowa) Hartzog, T., ( MUSC); Hougham, G., (U Chicago);
    Kirby, J., C4 (Informatics PM); Ross, S. ( U C Denver); Titler, M., ( U Michigan); Turner, B.,

    Action Items
#      Action Item                                                            Responsible Party           Due Date
                                                                                                          When C4
       Update listserv for use by the CER KFC Informatics Taskforce to
1      be placed in the new C4 system
                                                                                   Alecia Fair/C4         systems
                                                                                                          are ready
       Send emails with visible membership emails for CER KFC
                                                                                   Alecia Fair/C4         December
2      Informatics Taskforce-wide emails to allow for members to be
       identified and to contact each other more readily
       Prioritize proposed projects/activities two group projects 1)
       taxonomy of errors conceptual group outline for a potential
                                                                               Bill Hersh, Joel Saltz,    January 5
3      whitepaper 2) a subproject on patient phenotypes as an extension
                                                                                      and ALL               2012
       to QI work for comparison of models across systems, similar to the
       eMERGE model
       Continue growing list of interested in the above group projects:        Bill Hersh, Joel Saltz
                                                                                                          January 5
4      Marcy Harris, Gavin Houghman, Harold Lehman, Elmer Bernstam            Alecia Fair, Rosemarie
       (contacted for this), Georgia Tech software engineers                            Filart
       Administrative support to add and archive new projects to the CER      Tim Hartzog, Bill Hersh,
                                                                                                          January 5
5      Informatics project/methodology. The transition for the                Alecia Fair, Rosemarie
       collaboration site is in progress at the Coordinating Center                     Filart
       Bill Hersh and Tim Hartzog will develop action plan around
                                                                                                          January 5,
6      taxonomy of errors project(s) to circulate to Taskforce for feedback   Bill Hersh, Tim Hartzog
       and potential implementation
                                                                                                          January 5,
7      Operationalize what constitutes a Taskforce project                    Bill Hersh and Joel Saltz
       Work on onboarding membership recruitment for the Taskforce for
       diverse representation of CER, Informatics, and CER Informatics         Bill Hersh, Joel Saltz,
8      interested persons; Reconfirmed collaboration and recruitment           and Rosemarie Filart
       through the Informatics KFC

Next Meeting Date & Time: January 5, 2012 at 12:00 PM ET

Recurring Meeting Date & Time: The first Thursday of every month from 12pm-1pm EDT

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