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    BY: JOHN
              Table of Contents

Page 2 …………….The Beginning of Skateboarding

Page 3…………….History of Skateboarding

Page 4…………….How Skateboards are Made

Page 5……………Famous Skateboarders

Page 6……………Tricks

Page 7……………Bibliography
Boards gliding on rails, wheels riding and slapping the wood on the ramps and skaters
flying off the ramps doing all kinds of tricks and spins…this is the exciting life of a skater.

Beginning of Skateboarding
      Skateboarding has become popular with professional competitions. It first gained
popularity in the 1950s because of surfing. People started selling skateboards in 1959. In 1960
skateboards had high performance clay wheels. Before that the skateboard wheels weren’t as
sturdy and smooth with the clay wheels. Skateboarding is now popular among boys and young
men. Skateboarding is also used for transportation.

  Skateboarding got it’s start form surfing.
  A surfboard is a long thin piece of wood
  or fiberglass. Surfing is a sport when
  you ride your surfboards on tall or
  short waves in the ocean. This is               In the 1950s skateboards had surf board looking
  surfing.                                        decks and smooth clay wheels. This is an older
                                                  looking skateboard.
History of Skateboarding
      In 1973 people made a new kind of wheel called the urethane wheels. These type of
wheels gave skaters a smoother ride. In some cities the police took skateboards away from
skaters who were riding them when they weren't supposed to. Many people thought that
skateboarding history was over because of injuries.

 Now we have a new kind of wheel called the           Not to long ago the police men and
 urethane wheels. Urethane wheels are much            women used to take skate boards
 smoother than the wheels in the older days.          away from the skaters. This is what
 These are the new and improved wheels.               happened in the older days.
How Skateboards are Made

         If you ever wondered what the parts on a skateboard were, this is a diagram of a
         skateboard’s parts.

In the 1950s skateboards were just decks nailed onto roller blades. A modern skateboard has 6
to 7 layers of maple plywood. A skateboard now is a deck with two curved edges on both left
and right sides of the deck mounted on four wheels. On a skateboard there is a crummy feeling
tape called grip tape.

                          On a modern skateboard there is a black crummy feeling
                         tape on top of the board called grip tape.
                         This tape will help your feet stay on the board while your
                         in the air so you don’t fall off as easy.
Famous Skateboarders
      Tony Hawk was born May 12, 1968 in San Diego. At the age of 9 Tony hawk began
skating. He was the first skater to land a 900. A 900 is when you spin in the air two and a half
times. Tony Hawk made skateboarding more famous by having his own business called
Birdhouse and was sponsored. Now Tony Hawk autobiography called hawk...Occupation

 Some skaters like Tony
 Skate u shaped ramps to get
                                     Now Tony Hawk has an
 Lot of air.
                                     autobiography called HAWK:
                                     Occupation Skateboarder.
         A skater named Allan Gelfand invented the Ollie. The Ollie is when you slap the back
of the skateboard and then you slide your foot in the front to the front of the board and jump in
the air a tiny bit and then land firmly on the board. Another kind of trick is the kick flip, the
kick flip is when you are in an Ollie and you slide your foot to the side of the board so it will
spin sideways. Some skaters skated “U” shaped ramps called the half pipe.
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