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Annual report on the works of Ideas



          Annual report on the works of IDEAS
    (Initiatives in Development, Empowerment, and Awareness Society)
        a voluntary organization at Tiruvuru, Krishna District,
                     Andhra Pradesh, South India
          For the period from April-2003 to march-2004
Introduction: IDEAS a voluntary organization from the beginning has been deeply
involved with the welfare of street and working children, and on child rights issues.
IDEAS also works for the empowerment of Domestic workers, by campaigning on the
rights of domestic workers. The team of street educators has been always on the look out
for children who have been in difficulties and help them to bring a smile on their face. As
we enter into the fifth year of collaboration with the Missionszentrale der Franziskaner, I
feel even more committed to the children in difficult circumstances. This year I had
opportunity to visit Germany, and to share my personal feelings, and to appreciate the
friars and staff of MZF who show interest in the work of IDEAS at Tiruvuru. We do
appreciate the encouragement and guidance of the friars of St. Thomas province, India.Fr.
Jesu irudayam and fr. Scaria showed lot of interest towards the growth of children of
IDEAS. To make our programmes meaningful and attractive lot of planning and
discussions, cultural activities, and trainings have been taken place during this year.
IDEAS makes a meaningful journey along with street and working children as the fare is
borne by the Missionszentrale der Franziskaner at Bonn, Germany. MZF gives
opportunity to do something beautiful to make better future for the disadvantaged and
unfortunate children. Thus we do hope that Mzf will never leave the children in the lurch
until we do find an alternative support.

Shelter home
The children at the shelter home are street children, dalit children; drop out children,
working children and children in difficult circumstances.
We do work to make the vision of IDEAS “children do not have to bear the burdens of
depreciation, hopelessness, and unhappiness”. The children at shelter home are:

Name                                age          class          Type of child

1. Charla Tirupathaiah              7            5              orphan
2. Manikala Yesubabu                8            3              over population
3. Pasupulate Nagulu                17           -              learning to cook
4. Manikala Balajee                 9            4              working child
5. Gunja Chinna Ramaiah             13           5              street child
6. Vemula Kishor                    13           7              orphan
7. Pitta Madhava Rao                11           5              street child
8. Bantula Ramesh                   11           4              street child
9. Peddi Vinodh                     10           7              orphan
10. Peddi Rajesh                    8            3              orphan

11. Vemula Durga Prasad            9            5              street child                          age          class          Type of child

12. Chall Sai                      7            3              street child
13. Kamma Murali Krishna           12           7              physically handicapped
14. Avvari Tarun                   9            3              abandoned
15. Kamma Pullaiah                 8            3              poor child
16. Pothuluri Siva Krishna         14           7              orphan
17. Thalluri Anil Kumar            14           7              orphan
18. Banne Bala Krishna             13           7              poor child
19. Mulugumati Tirupatha Rao       13           7              poor child
20. Golla Mandala Jojappa          9            4              over population
21. Vempati Krishna                10           4              poor child
22. Tihimma Sati Haribabu          12           6              poor child
23. Nala Gonad Ganesh              12           6              poor child
24. Vanguri Kiran                  14           8              orphan
25. Dara Maheswara Rao             12           6              poor child

The above children get new life in the center as they are from different family
backgrounds, and face lots of difficulties, such as one child had seen the suicide of her
mother too. Most of them are love-starved children; here in the shelter home the children
are given food, clothes, shelter, protection, entertainment, medical attention, education
and specially love and care. However some of the children change their minds to go back
to the street after staying some years with us, which saddens us. One of our former street
child Nageswarao who was with us now passed the tenth class and joined in the college,
which makes us proud and happy that our shelter home is meaningful to the children.

Non-formal educational centers
This is our daily routine work for the children in our colonies where the poorest people
live and our teachers make a visit here to take a class to these children and to hear the
problems affecting them. The teachers not only teach them but also see that they do not
become dropouts from the school system. They talked to the parents as well as to the
concerned school teachers about the child and help the child to stay in the school. These
children are given training on leadership and child rights thus they do learn more than
just classes.

WORLD SOCIAL FORUM - Another World is possible
Another world is possible chant the hundred thousands of people who gathered together
to oppose the Globalization, and imperialism. Here one can see the people from all
continents joining hands with single purpose to oppose Globalization and unite as
brothers and sisters of one family. There were too many impressions in a short time and
too many people and too many activities that it became feast and not serious at
something. I did participate in couple of seminars and conferences dealing with my work
on child rights and women workers. I also met people working with human rights and
people fighting for their homeland etc. I am lucky to have a good place at St. Pius
College but many of my friends have sky as their shelter. For Asian social forum we are

the volunteers thus could only see part of it, now we can participate in the events learn
from it.

Semi Christmas Celebration
Most of our staff being Christians, on the day of Christmas we can feast each one in our
families. Every year before the feast of Christmas we have a get-together with the
families of staff and children total of 80 persons praying and eating together. We met on
20th December to celebrate the feast and children performed the Christmas play
beautifully. The staff built a simple crib with hay at the entrance of the office. The
Director Shouri gave Christmas message of peace and joy to all the people who
participated in the semi Christmas celebration. The programme is over with a big dinner.

Empowerment of Domestic workers
Shouri, Prema, Prasad and Chitti participated in the National Animators meeting at
Varanasi in North India, from Feb 4 to 7, 2003. it was organized by the National
Domestic Workers Movement ,Mumbai which has branches in 12 states. And IDEAS has
been in partnership with them for the last 5 years. At Varanasi the participants from all
over India represented and shared their struggles and strategies on the work with
domestic workers. We are still continuing our cooperation as we see many girl children’s
life is in the kitchen and never see the face of school in their life.
The national domestic workers movement works for the welfare and empowerment of
domestic workers.

Street play programmes in Vijayawada
From 20th September 2003, IDEAS performed street theatre in 20 slums in the city of
Vijayawada. The city has 1.2 millions population. The theme of the street play is on the
rights of domestic workers. The objective of the street play is to make the domestic
workers as capacity builder, empower and bring dignity to the domestic work as well as
to the domestic worker, and make her as catalyst of action. IDEAS and JAGRUTHI these
two organizations together performed street play on the rights of domestic workers. This
street theatre programme was supported by caritas India.

Literacy campaign
As we believe that through education we can bring a change in a person, a family, in
nation, we continue to do programmes on literacy, wherever it is possible. This year we
started three literacy centers one at Sundaraiah colony the other at N.T.R. colony the third
one at Indira colony. In all these three places we distributed slates, pens, books to 120
children. Shouri and Prema participated in the public open forum on univeralization of
elementary education and how little the Government spends on literacy and what huge
amounts it spends on nuclear weapons. About 2000 people representing of voluntary
organizations, teachers unions, women’s organizations and children participated in this
open forum in Hyderabad
On September 8th 2003 on international literacy day, IDEAS organized a Rally in the
main streets of Tiruvuru on the importance of literacy to all. About 400 children
participated in this event. China Ramaiah child worker turned into student flag hoisted
the literacy rally.

Picnics, outings, excursions, are the part of life for the children of IDEAS. IDEAS
organized a picnic to Lanka Sager for 40 children on 31st August 2003. The children are
inmates of IDEAS as well as from our non-formal education centers. Lanka Sager has a
huge lake with lots of water and bridge that swings as one walks. The children play on
the 200 meters of swinging bridge. They had lot to eat and lots of time to play and swim
in the lake too. The staff and the volunteers took great care of children.
The children do often go to places like Kotturu and Kokilampadu where there is lot of
water for fishing and swimming. As they go with the German volunteer who also love
swimming, and fishing they enjoy lot in these small outings too.

Training on meditation through breathing exercises
Dr. Perptua, a nun from St.Anns congregation (Luzern), has worked as doctor in the town
of Tiruvuru and now she gives speeches on alternative medical therapy. IDEAS has
invited her to be with us to speak to the staff on the meditation through breathing
She explained how the body mechanism works and spoke about the connection between
the body and the soul. In this light she gave examples how in the Gospels the lady is
healed with the mere touch of Jesus’ garment. She also spent time on guiding the staff
with breathing exercises. We are happy for the half-day training and looking at the
alternative ways of taking care of body and spirit.

Shelter for final Exam students
Every year the tenth class students, which is very important in India, to enter into the
college, come to IDEAS to take shelter and write their exams at Tiruvuru. The students
are from rural area and they have to write exam in the town at Tiruvuru. The students are
educated by PSVS voluntary organization in the villages through bridge school system.
IDEAS accepted the students from 2002 onwards thus 3 batches of students have written
their final exams staying at IDEAS during their exam dates.

Drinking water Tank
Mr. Seelbach family from Germany talked about the work of IDEAS in their protestant
church and the congregation collected some money and donated the money to build a
underground water tank at IDEAS which could be used for drinking water and to store
the water for boys use. IDEAS thanks the family and the church members for thinking of
our boys and participating in the growth of the street and working children of Tiruvuru.
This is possible because one of our volunteers Mr. Simon Gebler who spread the work of
IDEAS to this family.

Girl child education
“In the world 860 millions of persons are illiterate and out of which 580 millions are
girls, Let us change this situation”
These are the words printed on the girl child education poster and released it on 7th April
2003,by the mandal education officer and mayor of Tiruvuru town. The poster was
published by IDEAS and was appreciated by all. We did exhibit this important poster in

market places, library, in Government offices and in schools. It was a drive on literacy on
girl child in India. Girls are looked down by the Indian society and by the family, too,
that they do not get encouragement to go the school and study. So we took up the cause
of girls to make awareness among the people about importance of girl children’s

Leadership training.
As we work with child rights, we participated in the children’s training camp at Numbur,
Guntur Dt. On 2nd to 4th April 2003. The German volunteer Peter Melanie, Soujanya,
China ramaiah, and Shouri took part in this camp. They learnt about child rights, and met
other children from other parts of Andhra Pradesh. It was well organized by child rights
advocacy foundation with which we network on child rights.
Then again on 29th and 30th November 2003 leadership training on empowerment of girl
child was held in Numbur, Mr. Ravindra and two children from IDEAS participated in it.

At last we have a generator to bring light and children’s faces too brighten up with the
use of it. It has been very useful in the shelter home. The caritas India has given us a
programme to organize awareness programme on the rights of domestic workers. The
generator was used in the night for the street theatre thus it has more than one use. We do
get a little income too by hiring of this generator for the social functions of people with
this money we did help the fire victims who lost everything in the fire accident.

Mr. Uli Tings from Germany donated the money, which he received as gifts and presents
on his birthday, to the work of IDEAS. And to be with the times in this modern age,
IDEAS purchased a computer and now the boys too can handle the computer and are
very interested to learn computer skills too. And we with these skills could be fast in
correspondence. We do thank Mr.Uli Tings for thinking of IDEAS and its street and
working children.

German volunteer
Eine-Welt-Ag of Erkelenz, Germany sends its students, to be volunteers to IDEAS as
Mr. Frank Joussen who is good friend of mine is associated with this Eine-Welt-Ag, at
Ms. Melanie Peter from Monchangladbach, from Germany spent 10 months (2003) with
the children of IDEAS. She finished her high school in Erkelenz through one world
workshop she contacted IDEAS organization and spent her time as volunteer at Tiruvuru.
She took care of children affectionately which street and working children needed it very
badly. She played with them and gave her attention when they are sick or injured. She
was a good nurse when these children get sick. And we are so happy to have the
volunteers who give lot of love and affection to these love starved children.
She left on 17th of May. On this day we organized a farewell programme to show our
appreciation and to congratulate the good work she has done here at IDEAS. The local
officers and lawyers praised her services to the children of Tiruvuru.

Director visits Germany
Eine-Welt-Ag, who sent their volunteers, invited the Director of IDEAS, Mr. Shouri, to
visit Germany and be their guest. Mr. Shouri took this opportunity to visit Germany and
to share the work of IDEAS to other friends in Germany, Belgium and Holland, too.
The trip was used well by sharing to the people to explain about street and working
children and the needs of rural people and the problems of villages. Shouri spent few
days at MZF to talk about the children of IDEAS and share his feelings of gratitude to the
friars. The children’s work could be done only because of the support received by the
MZF. It was wonderful opportunity to meet all the old volunteers and to explain the
developments taking place at IDEAS.

Teacher’s day
IDEAS organized competitions on 4th September to all the school children of Tiruvuru on
the occasion of ‘teachers day’, which falls on the 5th September.
On the birthday of the Dr. Sarvepalle Radhakrishna the philosopher and great teacher
himself. In 1962 he was elected as the President of India, which he accepted. 150 students
participated in various competitions like paintings and debates held at IDEAS. The prizes
were declared and given in the schools during the school assembly.

Visit to the prison
October 2nd on the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, every year the staff and children visit
the prison to perform a cultural programs to give something useful to the prisoners. This
year on 2nd Oct 2003, IDEAS presented useful books to change their attitude to life for
the prison library. Mr.Shouri in his speech to prisoners said that the books have great
history of changing persons and with that hope the books were presented to you and to
live a life that is meaningful for you and for others.

Involving with Government scheme
With the help of World Bank the Government of Andhra Pradesh is running a poverty
eradication programme for the people below poverty line. Our Staff, Prema, Kamalamma
and Madhavi participated in the Telugu discussions on 7th October 2003 at Arya Vyasha
Kalyna Mandapaam at Tiruvuru as well as participated in Janma Bhoomi programmes

Sports day
On 12th November 2003, 400 children gathered together for sports. These children are
street children, child labourers, child domestic workers; non-formal education centers
children all together came to participate in sports day. The children were happy to play
and the winners and losers received the prizes and this sports day is a solidarity day for
them to know that we are all one family.

Construction of Sick room
One of the successes of the directors’ visit to Germany is to talk to the friends of IDEAS
about the street and working children and the shelter home for them. As there is a need
for sick room, the Eine-Welt-Ag of Cusanus Gymnasium, Erkelenz, supported the
construction of a single room, which we use as sick room for boys to relax, to rest

without disturbances. Mr. Frank Joussen and his team are indeed good friends of IDEAS
because of their efforts this sick room and many other needs of children are fulfilled, we
are indeed grateful to their continuous support.

Celebrations and feasts
One of the major works of IDEAS is social mobilization, as part of it we do celebrate,
national and international days with a meaningful programme. We did celebrate the feast
of St. Francis of Assisi, sharing his values with children. On March 8th international
women’s day is celebrated with a rally of women workers in the main streets of Tiruvuru.
On April 30th international child lobour day is celebrated with a talk on child labor and
methods of eradication at IDEAS office. Our conviction that every child should be in
school and never be a child worker. On 25th October 2003 the whole India celebrated the
deepavali that is the Feast of Lights, it is a victory of Good over evil in a Mythological
battle. As a reminder of it the whole India spends lot of money on Fire works. This feast
promotes pollution with millions of people burning the fire works. The weather and the
atmosphere is polluted. Then as a poor country the people cannot afford to waste away
money on fire works but children love this feast most. Thus adults have to give in to
children’s interest. At IDEAS too we use a very little money to burn fire works and we do
make homemade sweets and eat to the satisfaction of children.

The fifth anniversary day and Child rights day
IDEAS has grown into its fifth year thus the 5th anniversary day and international child
rights day were celebrated on 18th November. The local State bank of India ADB,
RAJUPET, TIRUVURU sponsored the prizes to all the children who won in the sports
competitions. Mr. Jeevanbabu, Mr. P.Venkaiah, Mr. Sharma, the branch manager of state
bank of India, Adb, rajupet, Tiruvuru, Mr. Prabhabakar Rao, Mr. Sesha Giri Rao, all of
them appreciated the works of IDEAS and encouraged us to continue the good work and
thanked the donors who do think of these unfortunate children of tiruvur. The children of
IDEAS received new cloths on this day.

Helping the fire victims
Vavilala is a village, which is 3 k.m. Away from Tiruvuru and here two houses are burnt
away in a fire accident. One family has 3 children and the other family has 4 children. So
for all the 7 children IDEAS decided to give new cloths and books as they lost
everything. This programme of giving new cloths was done at a government office by the
mandal revenue officer who is the in charge of the town. This programme took place on
14th November 2003 at mandal office.
Words of Gratitude
IDEAS can do all the above programs only because of the support it receives from
missionszentrale der franziskaner at Bonn, Germany. We do thank Eine welt Ag,
Erkelenz, Social service center, Caritas India, Most Rev.Walter F.Sullivan, Bishop
Emeritus, Richmond, USA and many other friends and well wishers of IDEAS. With
your cooperation, we together can do many more good programmes.
Reported by
Avvari showraiah

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