JOB DESCRIPTION Planning Officer Compliance and Implementation Grade E Directorate Planning by RyanWinterswyk


									                                      JOB DESCRIPTION

Planning Officer (Compliance and Implementation)
Grade                                   E
Directorate                             Planning & Strategy
Place of Employment                     Dragonfly House, Norwich

Main Purpose of the Job:

To investigate alleged breaches of planning control, monitor the compliance of development
with planning permissions, collect relevant evidence and implement enforcement action where

Key Relationships:

(i)     Responsible to Head of Development and Regeneration (line manager).

(ii)    Liaison with Enforcement Officers in six constituent authorities.

(iii)   Provides advice and guidance to Planning Officers.

Main Activities and Responsibilities:

 (i)    To carry out all functions as required by the Town and Country Planning Acts and
        associated legislation to provide a professional and efficient planning control
        enforcement system.

(ii)    To maintain an up to date knowledge of the law, principles and policies associated with
        planning control generally and related enforcement matters.

(iii)   To supervise, process and ensure the efficient handling of all enforcement Appeals with
        the help of Planning Officers and Planning Assistants including attendance as a
        professional expert witness at planning appeals.

(iv)    To advise Planning Officers on the wording and application of planning conditions and
        ensure that all key conditions and other matters (including Section 106 Agreements) are
        complied with.

(v)     To prepare reports for authorisation by the Head of Development and Regeneration
        defining the breach of planning control and the steps required to remedy the breach.

(vi)    To liaise with the Solicitor to ensure all necessary action is undertaken to secure the
        cessation of breaches.

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(vii)    To liaise and consult with all other necessary departments of the Authority, adjacent
         councils and other enforcement agencies to ensure the planning enforcement function is
         professionally and adequately carried out.

(viii)   To contribute to the understanding of the public of the Authority’s planning
         responsibilities, including through the updating of services accessible through the

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                                   PERSON PROFILE

                                        Essential                            Desirable
Education & Qualifications   ▪                                    ▪   Working towards or having
                                                                      RTPI membership
Specialist Knowledge &       ▪   Two years experience in          ▪   Understanding of national
Skills                           development control work             park planning framework.
                                 and/or planning                  ▪   Knowledge of MS Word,
                                 enforcement.                         Excel and GIS.
                             ▪   Organisational skills to
                                 maintain confidential filing
                                 system containing
                                 extensive records of
                                 conversations, visits and
                             ▪   Computer literacy and the
                                 development of e-planning.
                             ▪   Ability to read architectural
                                 plans and elevational

Mental Skills                ▪   Ability to interpret the         ▪
                                 General Development
                                 Provisions Order to assess
                                 whether planning
                                 contravention has occurred.
                             ▪   Ability to prepare evidence
                                 for and initiate legal
                             ▪   Analytical skills to advise
                                 agents, landowners and the
                                 public on planning and
                                 enforcement legislation and
                                 the Authority’s planning
                                 policies applied to their own
                                 personal circumstances.
Interpersonal &              ▪   Sympathetic listening skills.    ▪
Communication Skills         ▪   Tactful, assertive.
                             ▪   Mediation skills.
                             ▪   Excellent and developed
                                 negotiation skills required in
                                 potentially tense situations
                                 with unwilling contraveners.
                             ▪   Ability to communicate
                                 effectively in writing, in
                                 person or on the telephone
                                 with members, members of
                                 the public and in-house and
                                 external officers.

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Physical Skills             ▪   Taking accurate                  ▪
                                measurements from scaled
                                drawings and interpreting
                                plans on the ground.
                            ▪   Map reading.
Initiative & Independence   ▪   Initiative to make               ▪
                                suggestions to
                                contraveners as to how to
                                rectify the situation.
                            ▪   To make assessments as
                                to the most appropriate
                                course of action to follow.
                            ▪   To undertake effective co-
                                operation/co-ordination with
                                other services.
                            ▪   To investigate and resolve
                                situations, often at site
                                meetings, rarely seeking
                                advice from managers.
Physical Demands            ▪   Extensive time on site           ▪
                                visiting all parts of the
                                Broads by foot, car or boat.
                            ▪   Ability to walk medium
                                distances sometimes at the
                                waters edge to make site
Mental Demands              ▪   Prolonged periods of             ▪
                                enhanced mental attention
                            ▪   Considerable work related
Emotional Demands           ▪   Ability to face and deal with    ▪
                                potentially aggressive
                                people either on the
                                telephone or on their sites.
                            ▪   Confidence to follow
                                procedures and undertake
                                careful investigations in the
                                face of pressure from
Responsibility for People   ▪   Maintenance of                   ▪
                                confidentiality to protect the
                                identification of
                                complainants and to
                                maintain the privacy of the
                                affairs of those being
                            ▪   Understanding of
                                occupiers’ business or
                                personal needs and how
                                they might appropriately be

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Responsibility for            ▪   Provision of advice and       ▪
Supervision                       guidance to support
                                  services team to ensure
                                  efficient and effective
                                  maintenance of digital,
                                  electronic and manual
Responsibility for            ▪   To deliver Business Plan      ▪
Financial Resources               and Broads Plan objectives
                                  within agreed performance
                                  targets of government or
                                  the Authority.
Responsibility for Physical   ▪   Responsibility to take        ▪
Resources                         appropriate action to
                                  remove eyesores/to
                                  prevent land uses and
                                  development which have
                                  an adverse impact on the
                                  environment, landscape or
                                  general amenity of the
                              ▪   Responsible for the
                                  updating of the website in
                                  relation to planning
                                  enforcement and
                                  implementation of planning
Working Conditions            ▪   Working alone in remote       ▪
                              ▪   Frequent interactions with
                                  aggressive site occupiers.
                              ▪   Some site investigations
                                  take place at weekends or
                                  at unsocial hours in the
                                  evening/night time/early
                              ▪   Ability to undertake site
                                  visits by boat.
                              ▪   Inspecting sites where
                                  planning contraventions are
                                  suspected (either with or
                                  without landowner
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