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					                                               ANNEX E

                      The final narrative report should contain answers to the
                                    relevant following questions.

1.   Project goal
-    Has the project goal been attained? If not, what circumstances prevented successful
     project realization?

2.   Project participants, target auditorium
-    Does the actual number of project participants coincide with the planned number?
-    Does the actual composition of participants coincide with the target group, mentioned
     in the project proposal?

3.   Directions of the project implementation
-    What results have been achieved under particular activities? To what extent these
     results comply with initially planned and reflected in the project proposal? If the
     actual results differ from the planned ones, what caused delay or failure and what are
     the ways of avoiding such situations in the future?
-    Have any additional, unforeseen in the project proposal actions been taken?
-    What difficulties have been confronted during project realization? How did you
     overcome these difficulties? What could you recommend to other organizations
     implementing similar activities?

4.   Project implementation
     To what extent forms of project work coincide with initially planned? What changes
     have occurred and why?
-    Did any members of the target group take part in the development, realization (project
     management), project evaluation processes?
-    What forms of work proved to be most (less) efficient while working with the target
     project group?

5.   Project support
-    What mass media was involved in coverage of project activities?
-    What government/ local authorities structures have received information on the
     project/ programme?
-    What information materials have been published within the project framework
     (manuals, booklets, books, brochures, etc..)?
-    Have the sociological researches been conducted? What are their results and how can
     they be utilized in your future activities and work of other organizations?
-    What partner organizations were involved in the project realization? What other
     organizations have you cooperated with during project implementation?

6.   Project evaluation
-    How have the monitoring and project efficiency control been carried out?
-    What efficiency indicators and control methods have been used for evaluating results
     under each particular activity type?
-    Has the systematical information collection for the purpose of evaluation of project
     realization been put in practice?
-    Has the project turned out to be a) successful; b) stable? What are the future prospects
     for the project implementation?

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