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This table shows alignments between standards and the items in the unit and assessment
items of the Climate module. This alignment table addresses two questions:
1.      Which standards are measured by which items on the assessment?
2.      Which unit items prompt the same or similar tasks that the assessment items

Note: All unit alignments are to core components of the unit unless identified as being
components of the pre-unit activities or the extension activity.

Table 1: Alignments of Climate Module to NSES Inquiry Standards and Components
                   NSES Inquiry Abilities                       Climate Unit       Climate
                       Grades 9-12                                                Assessment
1. Identify questions and concepts that guide scientific             N=3              N=2
1.1 formulate testable hypothesis                                   D3-D4             D11
1.2 logical connections between hypothesis and design                 D4              D8

1.3 knowledge of appropriate procedures for scientific
2. Design and conduct scientific investigations                      N=7              N=1
2.1 clarification of question
2.2 choose equipment and safety precautions
2.3 choose technologies
2.4 plan for finding scientific knowledge from sources other
than investigation
2.5 plan method (controls, variables, data display)               B1-B5 (in
                                                                  Activities)         D9
                                                                    B4, D4
2.6 use or modify methods
2.7 use equipment and safety precautions to gather, organize,
and display data
3. Use technology and mathematics to improve                         N=2              N=1
investigations and communications
3.1 use technologies to collect, organize, and display data         A1-A2             A1
3.2 use mathematics

4. Formulate and revise scientific explanations and             N=2              N=0
models using logic and evidence
4.1 formulate explanations using logic and evidence           1, 4 (in
4.2 formulate models using logic and evidence

5. Recognize and analyze alternative explanations and           N=3              N=1
5.1 critique explanations according to scientific
                                                             A1-A2, D5           C1
understanding, weighing the evidence, and examining the
5.2 critique models according to scientific understanding,
weighing the evidence, and examining the logic
6. Communicate and defend a scientific argument                N=18              N=9
6.1 review, summarize, and explain information and data        A1-A2           A2-A5

                                                             B1-B3, B5          B1-B2

                                                              C1-C12            C2-C3
6.2 develop diagrams and charts

6.3 construct a reasoned argument                              D1-D3           D1-D3
6.4 respond to critical comments

6.5 use language appropriately, clearly, and logically

Table 2: Alignments of Climate Module to selected components of NSES Content
Standards, Grades 9-12
             Aligned NSES Content Standards                  Climate Unit       Climate
                       Grades 9-12                                             Assessment
2. Unifying Concepts and Processes: Evidence, models,
and explanations
  2.1 observations and data

3. Unifying Concepts and Processes: Constancy, change,           N=1              N=1
and measurement:
 3.1 interactions within and among systems result in change
                                                                  C13             D6
 3.2 rate, scale, pattern of change, trends and cycles.

4. Earth and Space Science: Developing Student
  4.1 contemporary environmental changes

 4.2 using observational data to answer questions

 4.3 using scientific knowledge base to answer questions

 4.4 using reasoning to answer questions

5. Science in Personal and Social Perspectives:                  N=15             N=2
Environmental quality

  5.1 human-induced changes to atmosphere (e.g., population   C1-C14, D2        D4, D7
  growth, resource use)
6. History and Nature of Science: Nature of scientific            N=1             N=1
  6.1 logical argumentation
 6.2 scientific skepticism                                        D5              D10
 6.3 questions surrounding global warming

 6.4 incomplete ideas where information is fragmentary

Table 3: Alignments of Climate Module to selected components of AAAS Content
Standards, Grades 9-12
                 AAAS Content Standards                       Climate Unit      Climate
                      Grades 9-12                                              Assessment
1. Systems                                                        N=3             N=1
 1.1 investigate patterns of change with graphs

 1.2 radiation of heat                                         C8-C9, D2          D5
1. The Earth

 1.1 weather-climate distinction                              A1-A6 (Pre-

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