; world history I--Greece 2 study guide
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world history I--Greece 2 study guide


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									               Greece’s Golden Age (Greece #2)
                         Study Guide

Name: _______________________________

   1.) What is another name for Greek art?

   2.) A statue of what Greek goddess could have been found at the Parthenon in ancient

   3.) What Greek sculptor created the statue in the Parthenon?

   4.) What Greek sculptor sculpted statues of what people should look like?

   5.) What Greek tragedian wrote the play Oedipus?

   6.) In honor of what Greek god were the Olympics held?

   7.) Greek women could not participate in the Olympics, thus, they created their own
       Olympics. In honor of what goddess did the females hold their games?

   8.) What did the Greeks believe about the human mind?

   9.) What is a sophist?

   10.) Socrates created a new way of teaching that involved asking students questions and
        challenging the students’ answers. What type of teaching is this called (what type of

   11.) What happened to Socrates?

   12.) Plato was a student of Socrates and wrote down Socrates’ ideas. What was the name of
        the earliest known political science book written by Plato?

   13.) Why did Plato not like the government system of Athens? Which city-state’s
        government did he like?

   14.) What was the name of the school created by Plato?

   15.) Who was Aristotle’s most famous student?

   16.) What was the name of the school created by Aristotle?

   17.) Aristotle wrote a book on the different governments of Greece. What was the name of
        Aristotle’s book?
18.) Who is believed to be the 1st Greek historian? He is also known as “the father of

19.) “The father of history” wrote a book called Historia. What was the book about?

20.) What Greek historian believed that only humans could make history, not the gods?

21.) Thales of Miletus was a Greek scientist. What was Thales discovery?

22.) What Greek scientist made strides in music and geometry, created the Pythagorean
     Theorem and surmised that the earth was round?

23.) Which Greek scientist believed that disease and sickness were caused by things in
     nature? He is also known as the “father of medicine.”

24.) Philip II ruled over what kingdom between 359-336 BC?

25.) Philip had been educated in the Greek city-state of Thebes as a young boy. What ideas
     did he learn while in Greece?

26.) As king, Philip had three goals. What were those three goals?

27.) How did Philip structure his military?

28.) How did Philip die?

29.) What was the name of the city that Alexander founded in Egypt?

30.) At what age did Alexander become king?

31.) How did Alexander die?

32.) What happened to Alexander’s massive empire after his death?

33.) What is the name of the culture that blended Greek culture with Asian culture?

34.) What is Cynicism?

35.) What is Stoicism?

36.) What is Epicureanism?

37.) What did Aristarchus believe?

38.) What did Eratosthenes do?

39.) What did Euclid do?

40.) What did Archimedes do?

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