pr i made Parametric Constructions In these final projects by gegeshandong


									i-made Parametric Constructions                In these final projects for the Parametric Constructions Seminar students
   2007 Course                                 explored the design, fabrication and assembly of a repetitive non-stan-
                                               dardized component system based on parametrically controlled varia-
                                               tion and serial differentiation, i.e. mass-customization. The component
                                               systems were conceived as a combination of a skin and structure that
        StudentS: Sam alCorn, dominCk          was fully resolved tectonically and materially. The component systems,
           GalleGoS,andrew GlaSS, duStin       when assembled, produced a patterned spatial configuration. To pro-
           Headley, SaraH HoCkmeyer, Brian     duce an effectual pattern, the repetition and order depended upon the
           HuBBard JonatHan noBle, Jamie       systematic variation within a field. This variation occurred through the
           owenS, Brian PaCe, kyle Perry,
           JoSH reitz                          superstructure – the ordering system – and/or the individual component
                                               as both determined the constraints of pattern. The modification of pa-
        induStry PartnerS: midweSt metalS,     rameters of design, which could be automatic or interactive, incremental
            Bentley SyStemS                    or random, allowed for the manufacture of different components in the
                                               same series, thus making the mass-customization, i.e., the industrial
        aCademiC Credit: arCH 498/598
                                               production of unique objects possible. The development of the compo-
        PartnerinG CamPuS dePartment of        nent system occurred in several iterative steps: first creating a paramet-
           arCHiteCture                        ric model using RhinoScript or Generative Components that produced
                                               in automatic, machinic fashion a series of similar, yet different spatial
        external fundinG: $2100 in maCHininG   configurations that could be recognized as belonging to the same type.
                                               A selected sample from the series was then fabricated and assembled
        faCulty: kevin klinGer, Branko
                                               into a physical construct, which was then refined iteratively in subse-
           kolareviC                           quent sessions; the process of fabrication and assembly informing the
                                               model of the geometry in a cyclical fashion until a “final” construct was
                                               produced. The final products were carefully crafted medium-scale con-
                                               structs that consisted of interconnected, topologically identical but di-
                                               mensionally varied components that were serially produced using the
                                               introduced techniques of parametric design and digital fabrication.

                 Parametric Constructions [ final presentations ]


                 Parametric Constructions [ final reviews ]

                                                                    Parametric Constructions

                 Parametric Constructions [ constructing geomtric mitosis in the lab ]


                 Parametric Constructions [ parametric hexagonal system ]

                 Parametric Constructions [ parametric variations ]


                 Parametric Constructions [ final reviews ]

                                                                      Parametric Constructions

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