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If we want to write a text with some special properties we use the font tags.
In these tags we need to insert the properties we want, as the following:

First we write the text between the font tags.

<font>Your text here</font>

If you write the tags just like this, nothing will happen to the text between them,
because these tags need some properties, for example:
Font size
Font Face
Font color

We put these properties in the starting tag and we write it as the following example"

<font size="" face="" color="">Your text here</font>

Note that html form:



< p>
<"font size="5" face="arial" color="red>
.This paragraph is in Arial, size 5, and in red text color

< p>
<"font size="3" face="verdana" color="blue>
.This paragraph is in Verdana, size 3, and in blue text color



Now look at the browser:

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