Unit IB Quest Review by gegeshandong


									                                          Unit IB Quest Review
                                           Greece and Rome

Directions: Answer the following questions by looking at your maps, vocabulary terms, notes, charts,
textbook, and movie worksheets

          *Remember that this is a general guide and that you are responsible for the material
                                     covered in class and online*

    1. Study your map on Greece and make sure you have answered the map questions

    2. Study your map on Rome and make sure you have answered the map questions

    3. Know the how these people are responsible for the birth of human consciousness
Who             Known as                  Beliefs



    4. What were the Punic Wars

    5. Identify the significance of these Roman Emperors
Who                        Significance
Julius Caesar


Caesar Augustus


Antonius Pius

Marcus Aurelius


    6. Democracy

    7. Republic
   8. What would be a true Roman art

   9. Parthenon

   10. What was the problem with the Roman state

   11. What was the impact of Minoan and Mycenaean cultures on Greek culture

   12. How does the geography of Greece impact its government

   13. Romulus and Remus

   14. For the Spartans everything was done for what

   15. Identify the following in regards to Greece and Roman Society
Greece            1. Homoioi

                  2. Perioikoi

                  3. Helots

Rome              1. Patricians

                  2. Plebeians

                  3. Slaves

   16. Polis

   17. Rome treated their subjects like what

   18. What were Christians blamed for during the time of the Roman Empire

   19. Phillip and Alexander’s Greece was known as

   20. What were the Twelve Tables

   21. Impact of Etruscans on the development of Rome (know when Etruscan rule would end
       as well)

   22. How did the geography of Italy contribute to the development of the Roman Empire

   23. Phillip II of Macedonia would do what to Greece after the Peloponnesian war
      24. Contributions of
                    Greece                            Rome



Science             a. Euclid                         a. Medicine

                    b. Archimedes                     b. Ptolemy

                    c. Aristarchus                    c. Galen

      25. What were the achievements of Alexander the Great and his conquests of most of the
          known world by the time he was 30

      26. Pax Romana (know when as well)

      27. Pater Familias

      28. What were the five (5) teachings of Jesus

      29. What two regions were created when the Roman Empire split

      30. Economically the Roman establishment of what would impact the whole empire

      31. Roman government






      32. Why would the Greeks need to establish colonies

      33. Hoplite
    34. How did the growth of wealth through trade contribute to the spread of new ideas in

    35. What would link the Roman Empire

    36. What were the rights of a Roman citizen

    37. Every Spartan citizen was required to have what

    38. Culture
                Greece                            Rome
Men             Sparta


Women           Sparta


    39. Philosophy
                Greece                            Rome


    40. What does the story of the Iliad tell

    41. What was Rome’s impact on Western Civilization

    42. What was the result of Alexander’s conquests

    43. The loss of the Mycenaean monarchy during the Dark Ages would give way to what

    44. Agora

    45. Acropolis

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