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					Understanding Prayer        [the page reference in the book, The Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer’, is embedded in the text]

A conscious and intelligent Mind exists within an energetic field that is responsible for shaping our physical
world. This field has many names: Web of Creation, the Spirit of God, the Quantum Hologram, and this field
connects all Creation. p.2-3

Human Beings communicate with this Energetic field through emotion, and this is our direct connection with
God. The ultimate Prayer is using our emotions of gratitude and appreciation. We feel what we want as if it
already exists [has already happened]. This can be health, abundance, relationships, global peace, healing
the planet, relieving suffering in any form. This feeling in our hearts is the greatest overlooked component of

Before we pray, we need to create these feelings from a clear and focused place within and believe your
pray has been already answered even as you deliver it. This needs to be a full body experience using as
many senses as you can. p.13 [Caution – when we ask for something to happen, or be provided, we are
actually giving the power to what we don’t have, and that prevents it from happening.] p.16
When you pray, feel the existence of the emotions of what you want: the smell, see it before you using it,
touching it and doing what you want. In this way your thoughts, feelings and emotions are united. p.17
Then to complete the prayer process, feel thanks, appreciation and gratitude, and feel grateful or the
opportunity to participate in creating this. p.18

Each one of us is a living prayer. This energy field reflects back to us, in our minds, all that we truly believe.
Feelings is the language which the Mind of God recognizes. Improve the quality of your feelings, and you
improve what consciousness [God - we] creates. This also means that we create, unintentionally, all the
misery we experience. Consciousness and the universe are ONE. p.23-7
What we want to create consciously, we must feel, in our hearts, as a reality. p.30

Feel the feelings of gratitude and appreciation for the Peace which already exists in the world. This will
increase Peace on our planet. Prayer is designed to change US. When we ‘bend or change’, our world will
spontaneously reflect that change. p.33
When we look beyond the ‘hurt, pain, and suffering, etc’ in the world, and consciously find beauty and the
many successes, and give thanks for them, our world will reflect this back to us. p.37
When we allow the ‘pain of life’s disappointments’ to linger unresolved, it can destroy our health, our lives,
and our relationships. p.42

Unresolved negative emotions, our ‘hurts’, in the mind/body connection, cause illness. This makes it
necessary to learn to ‘heal and forgive’ everything that causes us pain and hurt. P.72
When our Souls are hurting, our pain is transmitted into our bodies as the Spiritual Quality of the Life Force
that we feed into each cell. This creates a second major hurt: the sadness of ‘increased’ Separation from
who we truly are as Universal Consciousness.
Our greatest challenge and growth comes from appreciating all Good and Beauty in life, AND to still feel
good when it has passed. This is a giant step towards healing. We need to reconnect to the Spiritual Force
that feeds our bodies. We do this be feeling LOVE more in each moment regardless of our situation. p.75-7

‘Hurt’ then becomes a barometer of our ability to love. As hurt increases, so does our capacity to Love. Hurt
is not, nor ever intended, to be a punishment. Letting love into your life, can transform your life by
transforming hurt into wisdom. p.79
Hurt comes from the ‘way’ we interpret our experiences, change the way we feel about it, and it becomes
wisdom. This changes the patterns of health in our bodies, changes the way we support our families, and
the community, and ultimately create greater Peace in the world, reflecting the changes in our deepest
beliefs. This works equally powerfully whether positive or negative emotions are employed. p.81

We release hurt through Blessing. p.96
It is important to prepare our minds, hearts, and bodies before a prayer ever begins. We are entering a
sacred dialogue with the Mind of God. Remember that acknowledgement without judgment opens the door
to healing – it removes the feelings that we were ‘wronged’. This opens the door to let JOY into your life. Jou
energies the body, and makes you feel lighter. We can easily learn to transform ‘hurt’ into a new experience
that helps ‘empower’ ourselves. Just ‘acknowledge’ the hurt and then ‘bless’ it. We learn to Bless those who
suffer, then bless the cause of their suffering, and finally Bless those who witnessed the suffering. p.100

Blessing does not mean that suffering is OK, or that you condone it, or that you make excuses for it.
Blessing means that you accept the fact it happened, then let that feeling move through your body
suspending or relieving the suffering. Blessing is designed to free us, because we take the power when we
‘release’ the hurt. p.103
To prepare yourself for ‘Blessing’, you must ask the question; “Am I ready to move beyond a ‘gut’ reaction or
an old belief that ‘someone must pay’, or that ‘I need to get even’ in order to right this wrong?’ If you honestly
answer ‘Yes’, then the Blessing will work, because you removed all judgment from that ‘wrong’. This
dissolves the polarity [duality], elevating us above the ‘judgment of right and wrong’. p.107
There are three parts to the blessing; bless those who suffer, bless those who cause the suffering, and bless
those who witnessed the suffering.

The key to Blessing is, it must be offered, in a quiet place, alone and privately. p.-114-5
The Format: I bless ____________. Place the name(s) of those who are –or- have suffered.
             I bless ____________. Place the name(s) of those who inflicted suffering. Be very specific.
             I bless ____________. Place the name(s) of or identify all those who witnessed this suffering.

Keep doing this as many times as needed, whether you, an individual, or a group. You need to get beyond
all the blocks you have put in place. Say the Blessing out loud. Use names, dates, people, organizations,
and places. Be as specific and clear as you can. Repeat the Blessing until you feel warmth in your body, that
extends out of your stomach, and rises up into your body. You may have an emotional, tearful reaction. In
his way the ‘hurt is freed’.
Bless everything you see that has any suffering. Always Bless and Pray from a place of focus, with quiet,
and with love. Respect your sacred dialogue with the Mind of God. This way one lives from a place of
greater strength and clarity each day. p.117

Beauty exists only in the eyes of the beholder. p.133 It is unique to the individual observer. In its presence,
we are changed. Beauty heals suffering, hurt, and fear in our lives. Beauty is an experience of one’s heart,
mind and Soul. The power to see beauty is our choice. What is the beauty upon which you base your life?
Beauty exists only where we allow it to exist. p.140
When in a public setting, really look at someone, and ask yourself, “What about that person touches me
deeply?” Close your eyes, and imagine what emptiness you would have felt, had you not looked at that
person. What would you have missed? It is the way we choose to see life hat creates the beauty wihin. What
purpose or meaning do you put to each experience in your life? We might not e able to determine what
happens in each moment, but we do have the power and ability to determine how we feel about what
happens! p.152
Beauty is our intentional experience. This is unique to humans on this planet. Experiencing beauty changes
the feelings we have in our bodies. Our feelings are directly linked to the Mind of God. Some would say this
‘emotional-prayer-feeling’ is the most powerful force in the universe. Beauty has the power to change our
lives and our world. [Mother Teresa and the Sisters of Charity found beauty every day in the slums of India.]
Truly our inner beliefs become our outer world. p.158
Creating Prayers. Prayer is the language of God and the Angels. It’s mystical qualities can heal our bodies
and our world. First you need to prepare your body by creating inner feelings of pure love, thanks and
appreciation and gratitude. Whenever we ‘experience’ a feeling, we are actually ‘praying’. That energy talks
directly to the Mind of God. Life is, then, the Mind of God sending back to us what we feel – what we’ve
‘prayed’. p.162 We must first have the feeling, of our prayer answered back, in our hearts, before it can
become reality in our lives. ‘You must ‘speak’ to the Universe in a way that is meaningful’. When we feel as
though we’re surrounded by healed lives, and healed relationships, and enveloped by peace in our world,
that feeling is both the language and the prayer that opens doors to all possibilities.
We all have these ancient and mystical powers within us. Note carefully how you feel when you pray. How
do you feel speaking to the Force that created the Universe? How do you feel speaking to each cell in your
body? p.175
We must become the very thing we choose to experience in life. Develop these qualities so the Mind of God
can mirror them back. “If we want abundance, we must feel gratitude for the abundance that already exists
in our lives. p.178
When our ‘hurt’ makes sense to us, we begin to feel differently about what we experience, then we see light
at the end of the tunnel. Remember, Prayers are only words UNLESS accompanied by feeling and emotion.
                                      May Yahweh bless you and keep you,
                            May Yahweh let his face shine on you and be gracious to you,
                                May Yahweh show you his face and bring you peace.

Yahweh is believed to be the closest sound actually ‘saying’ God’s name.

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