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									                                     PARKS & RECREATION DEPARTMENT
                                     PARKS & RECREATION DEPARTMENT

                                           Coed Volleyball Rules
Typical Court Dimensions:

1) Net is 7'4"

2) Ball is 25-26 inches around and weighs .57-.61lbs.

3) Court Length is 29.5 feet wide by 59 feet long

4) Parallel line is placed 10 feet back from the net on each side

Game Rules:

1) Each team must submit a roster and each player must submit a registration form and pay the registration fee in order to

2) Teams are responsible for supplying one line judge for each game, this person does not have to be a player.

3) Each player may ONLY be listed on one team roster.

4) A playing team must consist of three men and three women. Coed rule stipulates the following possible alternate
combinations only: three men and two women, or three women and two men.

5) A team with less than five players present five minutes after the scheduled start time must forfeit the game. If the fifth
player does not arrive in 10 minutes, the team must forfeit the match.

6) Because of work/play schedules if a teammate is late he/she can rotate into that game and then play the whole next
game. (example if a team has to start w/5 it ends w/5. the tardy person will have to rotate in only for that game)

7) If a team uses more than one hit, a combination male and female hit must be recorded or all female hits may be used.

8) Matches consist of winning two out of three games, the third game will be played even if its not necessary.

9) Winning team must score 15 points with a 2 point margin.

10) Points scored only when team is serving.

11) A serve may not be spiked or blocked, nor may it be received with open hands.

12) If a player hits the ball into any overhead obstruction on his/her side of the court, the ball is considered still in play.

13) If a player hits the ball into any overhead obstruction on the opponent’s side of the court, the ball is considered dead
and the point of side out will be awarded to the opposing team.

14) A serve which hits any obstruction is considered dead and the side out will be called.

15) No player may touch the net at any time, whether or not he/she is playing the ball.

16) A player may not reach under the net to touch a ball or a player on the opposing team.

17) Any ball, except a serve may be recovered from the net if the player makes no contact with the net.

18) The ball may be played as soon as any part of it crosses the net.

19) The ball may be clearly hit with one or both hands, forearms or any part of the arm once the ball crosses the net.

20) Contact with two hands or forearms must be simultaneous or it will be called a double hit.

21) A player may not direct the ball with a sideways motion of the hands.

22) A player may not carry or push the ball.

23) When players of opposing teams simultaneously contact the ball at the net, the contact is not considered on of the
three volleys allowed for either team.

24) A player may not step on or over the service line while serving.

25) A player may leave the court to play a ball.

26) A ball touching a boundary line is considered still in play.

27) If the ball contacts the body below the waist, it is considered a dead ball.

28) The serving order and positions on the court at service shall be an alternation of male and female. When substituting
or rotating players, the change must be male for male and female for female.


                               GENERAL FACILITY RULES
Participants in the recreation center are expected to conduct themselves in such a manner that they do not
disturb others using the facility. The following will NOT be allowed in the center:
    1. Smoking or tobacco chewing.
    2. Gambling.
    3. Consumption or possession of alcohol or drugs.
    4. Vulgar, profane or abusive language.
    5. Running in the facility unless the program requires
    6. Abusive, loud or rowdy behavior.
    7. Any acts prohibited by law.
    8. Obscene gestures or inappropriate sexual conduct/innuendo.
    9. Fighting or rough or unsafe play.
    10. Abuse of facilities or equipment.
    11. Loitering inside or outside the building.
    12. Dribbling basketballs outside the gymnasium area.
    13. Playing individual radios, boom boxes or televisions unless they are needed for a specific program or
    14. Skateboarding inside the building or outside on ramps is prohibited.
    15. The general public is not allowed to use the recreation center telephone except in emergency situations.
    16. Other rules as posted.

                                PLEASE ABIDE BY THE FOLLOWING RULES
                              WHILE USING THE CITY PARKS & FACILITIES:
   Drinking alcoholic liquors or beverages including beer in a City park or facilities is prohibited.
   Please do not cut, injure, deface, remove or disturb any tree, shrub, fence, building, bench or other
   Please do not make or kindle an open fire, except in picnic stoves, charcoal only.
   It is unacceptable for individuals to use abusive, profane or indecent language that annoy others. Individuals
    violating the above will be asked to leave the park. If a violator is being disobedient to this rule, they face
    being charged for violation of this rule.
   Use of firearms or any form of weapon in a city park or facility is prohibited.
   Please do not use the City parks or facilities for private entertainment/shows with out a permit. Permit
    requests forms are available at the Parks & Recreation Office and must be approved by the Department.
   It is prohibited to use off road vehicles such as Motorcycles and ATVs for recreational purposes or
    transportation in City parks and grounds. Violators will be prosecuted.
   Please help keep our parks and facilities clean. Place all garbage in designated receptacles.
   Pet waste transmits disease in humans, especially children. Leash-curb and clean up after your pet. Pets are
    to be leashed or under the voice command of the owner.

All groups and organization who wish to use the athletic fields such as gyms, baseball/softball diamonds,
football fields, and soccer fields must schedule their event in advance at the Parks & Recreation Office. Priority
will be given to Parks & Recreation/Goodwin Community Center Programs. Facility request forms are
available on a first come, first serve basis.

Claremont parks and facilities are for the use and enjoyment of Claremont residents and the general public.
Please help us keep our parks a clean and safe place for you and your family. Please notify the Claremont
Police Department if you see any violations of the above park rules and regulations.
Gymnasium Regulations
The following will NOT be allowed:

       -Street shoes – except in the spectator area.
       -Food and drink (lobby only unless provided by the Department).
       -Abuse or misuse of equipment.
       -Rowdy or inappropriate behavior.
       -Storing of personal equipment in the athletic office.
       -Hanging on the rims or net, or dunking basketballs is not permitted.
       -Throwing or kicking balls full or half court which may damage the overhead lights.
       -Use of regulation baseballs or softballs

Vending Machine
If a vending machine is malfunctioning, an “Out of Order” sign needs to be placed on the machine. Once an
“Out of Order” sign has been placed on the machine, the company needs to be contacted. Newmont Vending is


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