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SAP CRM Technical Training


									SAP CRM Technical Training – CRM 7.0

1. SAP CRM Conceptual Overview

       a. Functionality overview of SAP CRM
       b. CRM Business Partner Master data
       c. CRM Product Master Data
       d. Business Transaction customizing

2. Business Transaction Programming/ One order Framework

       a. FMs for Reading Business Transactions
              i. Tricks for finding the relevant FM
              ii. Coding using the FM

       b. FMs for Modifying the Business Transactions
              i. Tricks for finding the relevant FM
              ii. Coding using the FM

       c. FM for saving Business Transactions

3. Error/Message Handling

       a. Message Logging FMs
       b. Programming using Messaging FMs

              i. Logging the messages
              ii. Searching for messages
              iii. Deleting the messages

4. Business Addin’s (BAdis) in CRM

       a. Techniques for Finding Appropriate BAdi
       b. Implementing a BAdi (Involves BT Programming)

5. Condition Technique ( CRM Pricing Overview – Optional)

       a. Pricing Procedure
       b. Determination of Pricing Procedure
       c. Condition types
       d. Access Sequence
       e. Condition records

6. Introduction to OOABAP
       a. Classes
       b. Inheritance
       c. Interfaces
       d. Polymorphism

7. Introduction to Business Server Pages

       a. Architecture of Business Server Pages
       b. Components of a Business Server page
              i. Controllers
              ii. Business Server Page

                      1. Page with flow logic
                      2. View
                      3. Page Fragment

SAP CRM Technical Training – CRM 7.0
           iii. Navigation structure
           iv. Application Class
           v. MIME Objects
           vi. Page Attributes
           vii. Layout
           viii. Event Handlers

       c. BSP Programming models
              i. Basic Model
              ii. MVC approach

       d. Creating an Online Bookshop catalog
              i. Using Basic HTML
              ii. Using HTML Business
              iii. Using MVC approach

       e. Debugging BSP Applications

8. CRM Web UI Basics – CRM 7.0

       a. UI Concepts
       b. Web UI Architecture
       c. Business Roles customizing
       d. Navigation Bar customizing
       e. WebUI Component Work bench

              i. WebUI Component Concept
              ii. Elements of WebUI Component
              iii. Component Controller
              iv. Custom Controller
              v. Views
              vi. View Controller
              vii. Context
              viii. Context nodes
              ix. Runtime Repository
      f. UI Configuration/ personalization
      g. Enhancing webUI components
      h. Transaction launcher
              i. GUI Transactions
              ii. URL - Non BSP
              iii. URL - BSP
      i. Logo Customizing

9. CRM Web UI Technical – CRM 2007

      a. GENIL Model Browser
      b. GENIL BOL Browser
      c. Component Context :

             i. View Context Class
             ii. Context Nodes
                     1. Attributes

                   2. Getter and Setter Methods
SAP CRM Technical Training – CRM 7.0
      d. BOL Programming Basics:

             i. Objects in BOL Programming
             ii. Classes and Interfaces in BOL Programming
             iii. Setting UP BOL Service
             iv. Accessing Component Sets and Components
             v. Query execution - Query Services
             vi. Accessing the BOL entities/Fields
             vii. Using BOL Collections

      e. BOL Transaction Programming

             i. Creating Transaction entities
             ii. Accessing Transaction entities
             iii. Modifying Transaction entities
             iv. Defaulting the field values

10. Creating a Custom Component

      a. Creating a view
b. Making a view Configurable
c. Creating a View set
d. Creating a context node
e. Event Handlers
f. Inbound and Outbound Plugs
g. Navigation maintenance

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