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									The Construction
Specifications Institute

 CSI Strategic Planning

         CSI Southeast Region Leadership Conference
         April 25, 2009
         Walter T. Marlowe, CSI, P.E., CAE
 CSI Strategic Planning

Key project underway to set CSI’s
  direction over the next 5 years
        Task Team Members
•   Eugene A. Valentine, FCSI, CCS, AIA
•   Cynthia Belisle, CSI, CDT, AIA, AIA
•   James A. Chaney, FCSI, CCS, CCCA
•   Bruce Duncan, CSI
•   D. Michael Fuller, CSI, CDT
•   Marvin Kemp, CSI, CDT, AIA
•   Thomas Rauscher, FCSI
•   Joanne L. Rodriguez, CSI, CDT, LEED AP
•   Leslie H. Schlesinger, CSI-I, CDT
•   Alana Sunness-Griffith, FCSI, CCPR
•   Scott Tobias, CSI, CDT, AHC
•   Vivian E. Volz, CCS, RA, LEED AP
•   Michael M. Davis, FCSI, CDT, Excom Liaison
•   Gilman K. M. Hu, FCSI, AIA, CSI President
•   Walter T. Marlowe, CSI, PE, CSI Staff
    Task Team Members
•   200+ years of CSI Membership
•   3 involved with previous CSI Strategic Planning efforts
•   3 Former CSI Presidents
•   3 Current CSI Board Members
•   3 Recent Former Chapter Presidents
•   8 Regions Represented
•   2 Large Architectural Firms
•   4 Large Manufacturers
•   Mix of CDT, CCS, CCCA & CCPR holders
•   4 hold LEED AP certification
•   7 Professional, 5 Industry, 1 Intermediate
•   8 men, 5 women
•   2 emerging professionals
Work to Date
                         Work to Date
Project Element                                         Timing

Research Plan finalized                                 September 2008

Initial Task Team conference calls                      July - September 2008

Qualitative Interviews                                  September – November 2008

Staff Interviews                                        October 2008

1st Task Team Meeting - Chicago, IL                     October 24-25, 2008

Update to Board                                         November 1, 2008

E-survey                                                December 2008

Update on research and initial Radar Screen delivered   January 2009

2nd Task Team Meeting – Dallas, TX                      February 7-8, 2009

Finalize the Radar Screen                               February 2009

Plan document development and revisions                 January-March 2009
         Key Industry Issues
•   The rapid pace of technological advance is changing how people work
    together and the impact of digital systems.

•   Fundamental shifts in the manner in which specifications are written and
    updated may lead to decreased demand for dedicated specifications writers.

•   A disconnect between spec information and BIM causes confusion and lack
    of accepted practice in the industry.

•   Declining relevance of CSI Standards and Formats gives rise to new
    opportunities to create future project documentation and delivery models.

•   Too many companies / individuals are trying to be all things to all people –
    blurring of the lines among roles & responsibilities confuses the construction
    process and exposes all parties to unpredictable risks / conflicts of interest

•   Aging of the US population changes distribution/type of construction
      Key Association Issues
•   Absence of shared vision for the future of CSI hampers efforts to be successful

•   Difficulty quantifying the value of CSI’s major contributions to the industry

•   Intermittent approach to chapter training, education and communication leads to
    inconsistent chapter experience and strategic direction.

•   The lack of a coherent brand strategy to reinforce and extend key brand attributes
    causes many to misinterpret CSI’s core identity.

•   Limited awareness of Institute programs and services means that many members’
    perception of CSI’s value proposition does not extend past the chapter level.

•   Lack of awareness and value of some CSI certifications limits market acceptance
    and penetration.

•   Lack of adequate staff support for critical functions and unclear organizational roles
    and responsibilities erodes member interest further involvement and overtaxes
    existing volunteers

•   Poor design and functionality of CSI websites limit interaction and
    satisfaction of members and customers.

To make people happy

To give unlimited opportunity
to women

To prepare young people to
make ethical and moral choices
over their lifetimes
         CSI Mission
The Construction Specifications
Institute advances the process of
creating and sustaining the built
environment for the benefit of the
construction community by using
the diversity of its members to
exchange knowledge.
  CSI Draft Vision

   Better building through
documentation, education and
CSI Draft Mission

Leading collaboration in the
   construction industry
Communications   Building Team   Future of Project
  Excellence       Diversity     Documentation
                  Upcoming Work
Project Element                                          Timing

Board Update                                             February 18, 2008

Deliver 1st draft strategic plan                         March 2009

Revisions continue                                       March-April 2009

Finalize the strategic plan documents for presentation   May 2009

Board Update                                             June 15, 2009

Member Forum with meeting attendees, collect feedback    June 19, 2009

Collect input from Member Forum make modifications       July 2009

Finalize all documents                                   September 2009

Board Approval                                           November 2009

Six month follow up                                      March 2010
   SPTT Communication Opportunities
    Prior to Member Forum – June 19
Specific Events

• Mar 28: CSI Board-Elect Meeting

• Mar 28: Southcentral Region Conf. – Dallas, TX

• April 8: Chapter Presidents Webinar

• April 4: Southwest Region Conf. – Las Vegas, NV

• April 25: Southeast & Mid-Atlantic Region Leadership

• May 16: Gulf States Region Conf. – Ocean Springs,
SPTT Communication Opportunities
 Prior to Member Forum – June 19

General Tools

• CSINet Discussion Forums

• LinkedIn - CSI Group Discussion

• Chapter/Region Leaders Toolbox

• Monthly Leader Articles

• CSI Weekly Articles

• Potential Strategic Planning Webinar
Opportunity for Thoughtful
  CSI Member Action
•   Review Task Team Material
     – Key Issues

     – Draft Vision & Mission

     – Strategy Map Perspectives & Themes

•   Discuss Initial Results
     – Strategic Planning Discussion Forum

     – Are the Key Issues on the mark?

     – What’s Missing?

•   Monitor Ongoing Development
     – Read CSI Communications

•   Communicate with other Members

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