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									Teacher Appreciation Week

This year Copper Canyon will be celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week
starting February 27. This is a special week dedicated to honoring our
teachers and staff for all they do for our children. The goal is to do
something special each day of the week. We have also added some new
things this year. The most important thing to remember is do things from
the heart. Get your kids involved – it is more meaningful when it is their
effort and not yours. Please see the exciting plans we have below:

Monday, February 27 - Desk Decoration Day
The students should put together a desk decoration to honor their teacher. Please make it from
the HEART, and do not make it bigger than the desk!

Tuesday, February 28 - Appreciation Letter
It’s always nice to see it in writing. Please have your child write a letter or draw a picture
expressing their gratitude for their teachers, and other staff who make their school experience

Wednesday, February 29 - Treat Day
Bring a sweet treat for your teachers and other staff who make a difference in your child’s life,
and add an extra smile to their face.

Thursday, March 1 – Staff Pancake Breakfast
CCES staff will be treated to a delicious, homemade Pancake Breakfast in the Teacher’s Lounge
at 8:30 am. Each class is asked to send one adult volunteer to help.

Friday, March 2 – Your Choice
Anything goes on this day! It can be a simple, thoughtful message of thanks written on the
chalkboard, your teacher’s favorite beverage or book, lunch or a small token of your

If your child is in Resource, Reading, Honors, Band or Speech, please make sure to include those
teachers in your daily appreciation acknowledgement.

Please note that due to Fire Code, we are unable to decorate classroom doors!

This year we are asking each grade to “adopt” of one of the Special area teachers. Please get
together with other room parents in your grade to coordinate.

Kindergarten - Mr. Delahunt/Art
First Grade - Ms. Butler/Computers
Second Grade - Ms. Griffin/PE
Third Grade - Library Staff
Fourth Grade - Mrs. Bradley/Music
Fifth Grade – Office Staff
Sixth Grade - Office Staff

We realize many students and parents would like to reach out to Mr. Bursi. During this week,
there will be a box in the front lobby where you can put cards and letters that will be delivered to
Mr. Bursi after the end of Teacher Appreciation Week.

For any additional questions or help, please contact Tanya McDaris at Thank you!!

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