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									                 Crock Pot Breakfast Recipe - Let the Youngsters Cook

 <p>Right here is a delightful crock pot breakfast recipe that even the children can prepare. The
perfect fathers day or mothers day breakfast recipe.</p><p>Crock Pot Breakfast Recipe - Let The
Youngsters Cook</p><p>Let the kids cook this crock pot recipe just before going to bed for a
breakfast treat. Excellent as a breakfast for Mothers Day or Fathers Day.</p><p>This can be put
together and put in the Crock Pot just before bedtime for a tasty wake-up meal for the entire family
members.</p><p><b>Crock Pot Breakfast Casserole</b><br>32 oz. of frozen hash brown
potatoes with diced peppers and onions<br>½ lb bacon (have parents fry it until it is crispy prior to
adding to the pot)<br>two C. shredded cheese<br>One dozen eggs<br>1 C. milk<br>1 teaspoon
of salt<br>1 teaspoon of pepper<br>3 or four drops of hot sauce<br>1 teaspoon of dry
mustard</p><p>1. Spray the inside of the Crock Pot with cooking spray. Location the hash browns
in the bottom.</p><p>two. Crumble bacon on the hash browns</p><p>three. Sprinkle the cheddar
cheese on top rated</p><p>four. In a bowl, stir together the eggs, milk, salt, pepper, hot sauce
and dry mustard. Pour more than the hash browns, bacon and cheese. Cover with lid and cook on
low for ten hours. In the morning, make some orange juice and serve up a great nutritious
breakfast.</p><p>Other great Crock Pot recipes you could want to attempt with your Youngsters:
<br><ul> <li>Barbecued Franks<br></li><br> <li>Macaroni and Cheese<br></li><br> <li>Chicken
Noodle Soup<br></li><br> <li>Hamburger Stew</li></ul></p><p>Allowing your youngsters to
cook meals aids them to take on responsibilities and teach them essential abilities. Whilst younger
kids could locate it a tad too challenging to juggle the a lot more complex beef crock pot recipes or
chicken and pork crock pot recipes there are numerous dessert crock pot recipes and pasta crock
port recipes that are not only basic but are a lot of fun also.</p><p>Because of the simplicity of
these recipes, crock pot cooking can be the best way for kids to begin to learn how to
cook.</p><p>Fran enjoys cooking and believed you'd like this recipe. Her favorite location for <a
target="_new" href="">crock pot recipes</a> is
where Lisa and Neil cook up a storm. Fran suggests you try one particular of the <a target="_new"
href="">crock pot breakfast
recipes</a> there for a excellent commence to the day.</p>

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