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									                                                                        WEDNESDAY, September 16, 2009
The following is a letter from Tim Lee, vice-president of Global
Manufacturing and Labour Relations.
   It’s been a busy month since I was appointed to lead our manufacturing and labour
team in working to transform General Motors. I wanted to give you a brief progress report
for the first 30 days.
   In early August, we aligned the manufacturing organization primarily using a value
chain approach, linking stamping and powertrain operations with their end vehicles. I
know I can count on you to provide the manufacturing managers your full support as they
align the organization under this new approach.
   We’ve kept the daily morning status calls and I can tell you, it’s already paying off as we work closer
together to address issues earlier in the process. Continual teamwork along the value chain will ensure GM
produces the best cars and trucks for our customers.
   In addition to making sure we have the right structure and team in place, my priorities over the next
several months will be to focus on safety, product quality and the implementation of GMS at a higher level
worldwide; making certain that every team member, team leader and group leader understands the
empowerment of Andon; the critical nature of takt time management; and the critical importance of
Product Quality Specifications.
   Recently, we also held a very important joint benefits and skilled trades conference. There have been
many benefit changes and important contract obligations that must be implemented in order to achieve
our competitive commitments. I feel confident that both management and union leaders returned to their
facilities ready to lead their organization in making these necessary changes.
   A bright spot last month was the addition of 60,000 units to our production schedule, and reinstating
jobs and down weeks at several plants. It looks like we will add even more production as inventories are at a
historical low of 300,000 units. We need about 400,000 units on the ground to prevent shortages of certain
vehicles at our dealer’s stores. Going forward, production will be tightly aligned with customer demand.
   To help me stay connected with all levels of our manufacturing team during our transformation, we have
several “Open Line” conference calls scheduled. On these calls, a cross-section of employees from multiple
facilities will be invited to participate. I provide a very brief update on the company and then open the line
for Q&A. Quite frankly, I enjoy listening the most because it gives me a good sense of the issues that are key
to the team in the plants.
   As we integrate powertrain, stamping and assembly, I’ll visit plants with the aim to integrate the BuGM
processes. As part of my plant visits, we will have a robust HRM discussion so our leadership team is fully
informed of the talent across the organization.
   We also tried something new - I hosted an internal web chat for all employees and an external web chat
on GM’s FYI blog which was a terrific tool to hear the voice of the customer. I learned a lot and I hope I
provided a few insights as to where the leadership of the company and our manufacturing team, in
particular, are headed.
   I’ll report back to you again next month with more progress and plans. In the meantime, if you have ideas
about improving our operations, questions about the company or just want to say what’s on your mind, I
encourage you to contact me directly or to use the “Answer Me Now” section of Socrates. This is monitored
daily by the communications team, and they will work with me and others on the manufacturing team to
respond quickly to your questions.

                                   Camaro Corner…
                                   The Camaro product brochure that is available on the GM Canada
                                   Intranet, under Quicklinks/Products can also be found at
                          by clicking on “GM Products.” The
                                   brochure offers a lot of Camaro fun facts, as well as a competitor
                                   comparison. Make sure to check out the link above so you can print off
                                   your own copy of this informative brochure!

Exclusive Ticket Offer - Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter
  GM Canada and the Canadian Olympic Committee are pleased to offer GM
Employees the exclusive opportunity to purchase ticket packages for the Vancouver
2010 Olympic Winter Games.
  Ticket sales begin on Wednesday, September 16th at noon and will run until
midnight, September 21st. This is a short window and tickets will be sold on a first
come-first served basis.
  To order tickets, visit Please note: Limit
four (4) ticket packages per person.
VERY IMPORTANT: The website is going to ask for your work location to mail the tickets to - GM CANADA will
not be mailing tickets to your work location, you MUST put in the address where you want the tickets mailed
(i.e. home address). A notation for GM Employees to this effect will be on the website.
    Tickets will be mailed by January 15th, 2010 to the address you indicated.
   With your purchase, you will be provided with a limited edition “Paint the Town Red” toque for you to
wear and support the Olympic team in Vancouver.
Please note: Olympic ticket packages are also still available through CoSport so be sure to check out all the
packages to get the best deal for you. The CoSport link is on the GM Canada Socrates under Employee

Hourly Employee Health Care Contributions
During the 2009 GMCL/CAW negotiations it was agreed that effective January 1st, 2010 all employees,
retired employees and surviving spouses enrolled for coverage under The General Motors Canadian Health
Care Insurance Program for Hourly-Rate Employees will be required to make a monthly contribution. The
required monthly Health Care contribution will be as follows:

                                    Monthly Health Care Contribution*
                                                       Up to Age 65          On and After Age 65
      Employee                                            $30.00                    $15.00
      Temporary Part-Time Employee (TPT)/
                                                          $15.00                    $15.00
      Supplemental Workforce Employee (SWE)

     *Plus applicable tax
  This contribution will be automatically deducted from your second weekly pay each month. Employee
deductions will start in December 2009 for January 2010 coverages. The contribution covers you and any
dependents enrolled for coverage.
  Unlike retirees who have been asked to sign forms authorizing the deduction of this contribution from
their monthly pension payment, employees do not need to sign an authorization form to approve the
deductions. The required deductions will happen automatically for all eligible employees.
Answer Me Now!

         Starting on September 14th through the end of November, General Motors of Canada is inviting
      customers to put us to the test and if not completely satisfied with their new eligible vehicle
purchase, GMCL will allow them to bring the vehicle back. The amount reimbursed includes all taxes,
destination charges, all dealer installed accessories, dealer admin fees and even license and registration
less a nominal kilometre driven usage fee. The vehicle must have less than 4,000 km and not have
damage over $200.00.
   All 2009 and 2010, Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac vehicles are eligible.
   This program proves how confident GMCL is in our cars and trucks, and how committed GMCL is to our
customers. Put our vehicles to the test....and may the best car win!

Big Three Get Image Boost Continuous Improvement
   An overwhelming percentage of new-car              The Group/Team Level Business Plan, the Level 4/5
buyers said they would consider a vehicle made        Board, links monthly business targets to daily
by Detroit’s Big Three, according to a survey         activities which are supported by you – the Team
released by the Consumer Reports National             Leaders and Team Members.
Research Centre, reports The Detroit News.
                                                      There are 5 key categories we focus our Business Plan
    The nationwide survey found that 81 percent
of new-car buyers said they were likely or very
                                                          • Safety
likely to consider an American brand; 47 percent
                                                          • People
said they were likely or very likely to consider an
                                                          • Quality
Asian brand; and 46 percent said they were likely
                                                          • Responsiveness
or very likely to consider a European brand. This
                                                          • Cost
is the first year for the survey and Consumer
Reports did not have data to make comparisons.
   “The number really stood out as surprisingly
high,” said Jeff Bartlett, Consumer Reports
deputy editor for online autos. “The domestic
brands are poised to succeed if they can deliver;
the deck is stacked in their favour.”
    A similar survey conducted earlier this year by
AutoPacific, an industry marketing and
consulting firm based in Tustin, Calif., showed 72
percent of consumers were likely to consider
buying an American vehicle.

Retirement Reminder!
Suby Mathur is retiring on September 30th,
after a 33 year career with General Motors. If
you wish to attend Suby’s retirement, it will take
place Wednesday, September 30th in the Chassis
Training Garage at 8:30 am. Best Wishes Suby!
GM Board Recommendation to Sell Majority Stake in
Opel/Vauxhall to Magna International/Sberbank
  • GM to sell 55% stake in New Opel to Magna/Sberbank
  • Agreement on new ownership structure signals fresh start for New Opel
  • Employees to hold 10% stake in New Opel
  • Government supports financing through additional state guarantees
   General Motors announced last week that its Board of Directors supports a bid from
the consortium of Magna International Inc. and Sberbank to buy a majority stake in its
European Opel/Vauxhall operations.
   Several key issues will be finalized over the next few weeks to secure the binding agreements, including
the written support of the labour unions to support the deal with the necessary cost restructuring for
viability and the finalization of a definitive financing package from the German government. The definitive
agreements should be ready to sign within a few weeks, with closing to follow within the next few months.
   Under the deal, Magna/Sberbank will purchase a 55 percent stake in New Opel; GM will hold a 35 percent
stake and employees will be provided a 10 percent stake. “The hard work over the past two weeks to clarify
open issues and resolve details in the German financial package brought GM and its Board of Directors to
recommend Magna/Sberbank,” said Fritz Henderson, GM President and CEO.
   The agreement will keep Opel/Vauxhall a fully integrated part of GM’s global product development
organization, allowing all parties to benefit from the exchange of technology and engineering resources.
The new ownership structure constitutes a new lean, efficient and independent organization for the Opel
and Vauxhall brands.
   The current portfolio of Opel/Vauxhall cars and the models in the pipeline are a strong basis for future
                    success. Participating in GM’s global technology development and purchasing
                      organizations secures important economies of scale for Opel/Vauxhall and other GM
                        brands. For example, vehicles that represent new propulsion technologies, such as the
                        Ampera extended-range electric vehicle, can only be brought to market in a joint
                        effort. “GM operates many joint ventures around the world and has proven in the
                        past that this business model delivers the right balance of independence, innovation
                        and synergies,” said John Smith, GM Group Vice President Business Development. “All
                        parties will work hard to close the deal as soon as possible,” he added.

Attention All Male Singers!
Mega City Chorus “All Male Accapella Chorus” is having an open house Tuesday
September 15th, 23rd, and 29th. The open house will take place at the Lawrence Park
Community Church, located at 2180 Bayview Avenue, Toronto. For more information
call Bill at 905-240-2617.

                                                                    Derek McCaughey is pictured (third
                                                                    from the left) receiving his 25 year
                                                                    service award from Group Leader
                                                                    Steve Adams. Pictured with Derek is
                                                                    the Shift 2 Maintenance Crew.

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