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Planning better outcomes and support for
unaccompanied asylum seeking children- A
response by 11 MILLION led by the Children's
Commissioner for England supported by the         11 MILLION led by     11 MILLION led by         This information is exempt under Section 21 of
Children's Commissioners for Scotland, Wales      the Children's        the Children's            the Freedom of Information Act as you can find
and Northern Ireland                              Commissioner          Commissioner      PDF     it on our website via the following link;
Letter from the European Society for
Paediatric Endocrinology to Sir Al Aynsley-
Green regarding the use of medical
examinations to assess the age of children
seeking asylum in European countries              ESPE                  n/a              Word
                                                                                                  This information is exempt under Section 21 of
Letter from University College London Institute                                                   the Freedom of Information Act as you can find
of Child Health regarding Bone Age                UCL Institute of                                it in the apendices of the consultation response
Examination                                       Child Health          n/a              Word     via the above link
Legal Opinion from Nicholas Blake QC              Nicholas Blake QC                      Word     (Attached)
Annexe 1 UASC Reform steering group
Child Rights Impact Assessment on UASC            Scottish Children's
Consultation                                      Commissioner                           Word

Briefing - How and when the Border and
Immigration Agency (BIA) intends to introduce     11 MILLION led by
provision for medical assessment of asylum        the Children's
seeking children to determine their age           Commissioner                           Word
Response to consultation paper - Planning
Better Outcomes and Support for                   British Dental
Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children             Association                             PDF
                                                  11 MILLION led by     11 MILLION led by
News Release regarding 11 MILLION's               the Children's        the Children's
consultation response                             Commissioner          Commissioner      Word
Local Government Association UASC Reform
Steering Group terms of references (number
of different versions)                         Steering Group       Word
Draft response of UASC Steering Group to the
consultation                                   Steering Group       Word
Cover letter for UASC Steering group           UASC Reform
response to consultation to Liam Byrne MP      Steering Group       Word
Notes on the UK Commissioner's joint
statement on UASC Reform for press
Response to the consultation from Royal
Borough of Kensington and Chelsea              RBKC                 Word
Response to the consultation from the          Refugee Children's
Refugee Children's Consortium                  Consortium           Word
                                                                                       Exempt under Section 21 of the Freedom of
Response to the consultation from the Scottish                                         Information Act because it has already been
Children's Commissioner                        Kathleen Marshall    Word               made available to you by the Scottish office
                                               11 MILLION led by
Summary of recommendation made by 11           the Children's
MILLION in relation to the consultation        Commissioner         Word
Response to the consultation from the UASC UASC Reform
reform Steering Group                          Steering Group       Word
                                               UASC Reform
Minutes from a UASC Reform Steering Group Steering Group            Word
West Midlands Strategic Partnership for
Asylum and Refugee Support (now the West
Midlands Strategic Migration Partnership)
response to the consultation                   WMSMP                Word
Email between the dates of 22.02.07 -
12.11.07 between 11 MILLION and key
staekholders in this area of work.                                  Copied into Word
                                               11 MILLION led by
Session notes in preparation for consultation the Children's
response from 11 MILLION                       Commissioner         Word

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