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					                                           Homework Sheet
  Weekly Skills- Reading: character traits and setting Math: place value and daily Saxon lessons Grammar:
  has and have verbs Science: seasons: summer and fall Social Studies: cont. with natural or manmade
  bodies of water and natural resources Spelling: Long e: ee,ea, ie, & e and high frequency words

                                                                              Date: Jan. 23-27, 2012

 Spelling Words:
 *dolch and high-frequency words         Spelling Homework Instructions:
                                         Pick one spelling activity to complete each night. Only 4/6 activities
                                         will be chosen each week. It does not have to go in the order given.
 1.beach                                 Each activity may only be picked once a week.

                                             1. Type out your spelling words on the computer 3
 2. teacher                                  times.
                                             2. Rainbow Words - Write your spelling words with a
 3. wheat                                    crayon. Trace over each word again with another color.
                                             Now trace each word one more time with another
 4. sleep                                    color.
                                            3. Make flashcards of the words to study and review.
                                            Bring cards to the class the next day to check them. I
 5.speed                                    will send them back the same day. They must be
                                            written by the students.
 6. field                                   4. Write your words in alphabetical order.
                                            5. Use all 13 words and write 7 sentences that are
 7. yield                                   statements and 6 sentences that are questions.
                                            6. Pyramid Words- Students are to write each of their
                                            spelling words in a pyramid form.
 8. shield                                  Example: that: t
 9. sure*                                                      that
 10. splendid*
                                                               Math Homework:
                                         Monday           Tuesday          Wednesday          Thursday
 11. flowers*

 12. learn*
                                            74B               75B             76B              77B
 13. grandmother*                                             Special Announcements
                                                                                         st           nd
                                              1. I have placed the new dolch word list 1 grade 2 semester behind
Reading Homework:                                the homework sheet. We will be reviewing this list in class, please
                                                 reinforce at home. Students will be tested on them at the end of the
Monday: When Jean comes Home p.                  5 six weeks.
38-39 & Gran and Me p. 40-57
                                              2. Family Reading Night: Thursday, January, 26
Tuesday: Gran and Me p. 40-57
                                              3.   I changed the options on the spelling homework for 1 and 5.
Wednesday: Gran and Me p. 40-57
                                              4.   Yearbook orders due on Feb. 3 .
Thursday: Chinese New Year p. 60-
*Guided Reader: (Mon.-Thurs.)
_______________________________                                                                             1

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