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					                                 MAINTENANCE SKILLS TEST

Name: _______________________________________               Date: _________________________


   1.     The relationship between the volt, the amp, and the ohm is known as __________________________.

   2.     In the following diagram:
          a. “E” stands for __________________.
          b. “I” stands for ___________________.
          c. “R” stands for __________________.

   3.     If the correct voltage is applied to a motor and it doesn’t hum, and then a phm meter is used in series
          with the supply lone and no reading is made, then the motor has an ___________________________.

   4.     Electric relays have 2 types of contacts, which are normally _________________________ or are
          normally _________________________.

   5.     The abbreviation for S.P.S.T. stands for what type of switch? ________________________________

   6.     The abbreviation for D.P.D.T. stands for what type of switch?

   7.     The voltage applied to the following motor is ____________________________________________.
                     120 Volts
                     120 Volts

   8.     The voltage applied to the following motor is ____________________________________________.
                     120 Volts
                     120 Volts

   9.     If the motor in Question #10 was pulling 10 amps and the applied voltage dropped by 40 volts from
          240 to 200, the amperage would change from 10 to ________________________________________.

   10.    The controlling device used to start large motors and compressors are called magnetic

   11.    The abbreviation F.L.A. on a motor or compressor name plate means __________________________.

   12.    The abbreviation D.R.A. on a motor or compressor name plate means _________________________.

1. The name plate on a furnace is very important. On it you will find:
      a. The model and serial number
      b. B.T.U. input and bonnet capacity
      c. Type of gas used
      d. Electrical characteristics
      e. All of the above

2. The temperature limit switch protects the heat exchange from over heating. It can shut off the main burner
   when any of the following occurs:
      a. Dirty filter
      b. Motor failure
      c. Dirty fan
      d. Loose belt
      e. All of the above

3. The time delay fan switch on the furnace does not come in immediately because it:
      a. Allows the heat exchanger to warm up
      b. Saves energy by controlling fan off and on time
      c. Allows the vent system to create a good draft
      d. Allows the main burner to get hot
      e. All of the above

4. If voltage is applied across two of the speed terminals on a multi-speed direct driven motor, the motor will:
       a. Change direction
       b. Burn out
       c. Run fast
       d. Run slow
       e. Run hot

5. If you did not have 24 volts in the control circuit, what would be the first thing you would check?
       a. Gas valve
       b. Transformer
       c. Fan relay
       d. Limit switch
       e. Thermostat

6. Pilot light will not stay lit. What could be the problem?
       a. Thermocouple
       b. Thermostat
       c. Transformer
       d. Baffles
       e. Relay

7. If the flame is burning outside of the heat exchanger, what could be the problem?
        a. Bad gas valve
        b. Stopped up blower wheel
        c. Bad thermocouple
        d. Clogged heat exchanger
        e. All of the above
8. If the heating unit does not work, but when you jump the red and white wire at the thermostat and the
   heating unit works, which one of these controls is defective?
        a. Transformer
        b. Fan limit switch
        c. Thermostat
        d. Fan relay
        e. Gas valve

9. If the area being heated has a burning smell and is smoky, it could be due to a hole in the:
        a. Gas valve
        b. Heat exchanger or vent stack
        c. Air filter
        d. Gas pipe
        e. Thermocouple

10. When using a multi-speed motor which speed should be used for heating?
      a. High
      b. Medium
      c. Low

11. If a resistance heating element in an electric furnace is drawing 10 amps from a 240 volt power supply, what
    would the wattage of the element be?
         a. 10
         b. 240
         c. 2,400
         d. 24,000

12. If a furnace had a 220 volt power supply and the heating elements were rates at 3300 watts, how many amps
    would the furnace elements draw?
         a. 15
         b. 33
         c. 10
         d. 20

13. If the electric heating element in a furnace is drawing 40 amps and the wattage of the elements is rated at
    8400 watt, what would the voltage be?
         a. 110
         b. 120
         c. 210
         d. 240

14. What controls the electric heating element after the thermostat has been turned on?
      a. Transformer
      b. Fan relay
      c. Time delay relay
      d. Sequencing relay

15. Where should the thermostat be mounted?
      a. Next to the furnace
      b. On an inside wall, five feet above the floor
      c. Near a window
      d. In the coldest room

   1.       List the five basic components of any refrigeration or air conditioning system:
            a. ____________________________

            b. ____________________________

            c. ____________________________

            d. ____________________________

            e. ____________________________

   2.       What part of this system changes the high pressure side to the low pressure side? _________________

   3.       What part of this system changes the low pressure side to the high pressure side? _________________

   4.       The three terminals on a compressor are _________________________ and
            _________________________ and _________________________.

   5.       Air inside the sealed system of a condensing unit can be removed by surging or by pulling a

   6.       Over charging an air conditioner unit will cause the head pressure ____________________________.

   7.       Three devices used to check for freon leaks are _________________________ and
            _________________________ and _________________________.

   8.       When using a multi-speed motor, which speed is used for cooling? ____________________________

   9.       The term C.F.M. stands for

   10.      Air leaving the evaporator coil is at _____________% relative humidity.

   11.      How would you know what type of refrigerant to us in a refrigerator or air conditioning system?

  1.       Name the three most common causes of a dripping or leaky faucet.
           a. ______________________________________________________________________________

           b. ______________________________________________________________________________

           c. ______________________________________________________________________________

  2.       What is applied to male pipe threads before they are connected to a joint or fixture? _______________

  3.       What should be replaced every time you unbolt a toilet from its flange? ________________________

  4.       Water is coming out of the clean outs at both ends of a building, which direction would you run the
           sewer snake? _____________________________________________________________________

  5.       What type of drain pipe is used to keep sewer gas and odor out of the apartment? ________________

  6.       What type of solder is used when installing a water heater? __________________________________

  7.       What is the most important safety device on a residential water heater? _________________________

  8.       How many thermostats are there on a 40 gallon electric water heater? __________________________

  9.       What wattage should a 40 gallon electric water heater element be? _____________________________

  10.      If you had an electric water heater that continued to heat the water until it became so hot the pressure
           relief valve started to release the hot water, you should first check the __________________________.


  1.       In parts per million (PPM), what should the chlorine level in the pool be? _______________________

  2.       In PPM, what should the total alkalinity be in a plastered pool? _______________________________

  3.       In PPM, what is the ideal range for the PH in a pool? ______________________________________

  4.       To super-cholrinate or shock a pool, what should the chlorine level be raised to?

  5.       How long should the super-chlorination period last?

  6.       What chemical should be added to the pool to lower the PH? ________________________________

  7.       What chemical should be added to the pool to raise the PH? _________________________________

  8.       What chemical should be added to the pool to raise the total alkalinity? _________________________

  9.       When monitored what device will let you know when to backwash your filter? ___________________

  10.      Is HYH or granular calcium hypo chlorite good for the pool? ________________________________

  1.      What type of metering device is in most apartment refrigerators? _____________________________

  2.      What controls the defrost heaters in a frost freeze refrigerator? _______________________________

  3.      When replacing a refrigerator compressor, it is advisable to install ____________________________.

  4.      If you have a disposal that is not working check inside and clear all obstruction first then check

  5.      When replacing a garbage disposal what should be applied to the lip of the sink an of the neck of the
          disposal to insure a water tight seal? ____________________________________________________

  6.      What controls the cycle of the dishwasher? ______________________________________________

  7.      Should there be any water left on the bottom of the dishwasher after a complete cycle? ____________

  8.      In a dishwasher, what type of device releases the soap dish when the voltage is applied to it?

  9.      A good way to check for gas leaks is what method? ________________________________________

  10.     On a gas stove which burner would be larger L.P. gas orifice or a natural gas orifice? ______________

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