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Best Tips for Android tablet shopping cheap by farid.tulgung


									Best Tips for Android tablet shopping cheap

We have all dreamed about one day use the technology that only from the sci-fi movies, the touchable
screen, the internet access, video conferencing, browser, and e-book reading in awesome, fluid,
streamable video. It is from tomorrow.Screen qualityIf you're shopping for an inexpensive Android
tablet, here are some tips for avoiding a lemon. Screen quality When it comes to tablets, the screen is
everything--your display, your user interface, your keyboard. By sight alone, it's difficult to distinguish a
goodif screen from a bad one.

A lot of the critical technology is out of sight. Check the specs. Is the touch screen capacitive (like an iPad
or Galaxy Tab) or resistive (like a supermarket credit card reader)? Does the screen support multitouch
input for zooming photos, maps, and Web pages with a pinch? What's the resolution? If the tablet's
specs don't call out these details, assume the news isn't good. Some details are cosmetic. For this
Maylong M-150 (aka, the Walgreens tablet), the warped, uneven surface of the screen is a telltale sign
that cheap plastic was used. Premium tablets, such as the iPad, Galaxy Tab, and Dell Streak, typically use
glass to cover their displays, or Dow Corning's extremely durable Gorilla Glass.

Not all plastic screens are bad, but the cheaper ones are more prone to wear and warping.Port check
Check the ports on the tablet. Here on the Maylong M-150, you can see sockets for the power adapter
and headphones, two speaker grilles, a mysterious dock connector that looks similar to the iPad's, and a
microSD card slot. Seem about right? How about a USB port for connecting to a computer or recharging?
The specs list two USB ports and an Ethernet port, but where are they? Turns out that mysterious dock
connector isn't what you'd think.Adapters In this example, the manufacturer offloads USB and Ethernet
support to an awkward dock adapter. Even with the adapter, there's still no method for performing a
basic sync between the tablet and your computer.

The best option available is to transfer content from your computer to a microSD card. If u want to
know more about android tablet,plz pay more attention about my articles .As Google’s Android event
hold every year, lots of manufacturers released their new models recently. Sumsung, Viewsonic,
Motorola, Aus, Dell, those big fish make the market flooding. In resent event you can see many of these
new tablet device announcements. By sourcing these from China, where Android Tablet is
manufactured, someone could get in touch with Chinese Wholesaler and a new brand may come to life

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