Copy of Prayer for enews Feb part 1_web_1_ by gegeshandong


									        We gather for prayer
 in the presence of our good God -
Communion of Love, Life and Hope.
                       Our holidays are over
        our lives have returned to normal –
school, work, meals, shopping, organising...

                  Summer is still with us –
             warmth, long days, outdoors...
     but sometimes the wind’s bite
  reminds us of the change of season
and the change to purple vestments soon
   will alert us to the coming of Lent
Let’s pause to hold in our hearts
the wonderful memories of this

  What particular joys did I have?
What people or incidents do I want to
How did relationships deepen for me?
          How did I relax?
of refreshment and relaxation,
You who invite us into the wonder of summer,

give us hearts deep enough
to hold the memories
that will encourage us through the year.
         Just as squirrels prepare
    for when food is scarce in winter,
      may we store memories that
                 nourish us
                empower us
                reconcile us
                  calm us
             and unburden us
            in the days ahead.
       Let us remember the beauty
      and glorious times of summer
and with gratitude store them in our hearts.
Let us remember the new things that we did,
with family…
with our children…
with friends…
by ourselves…
this summer

and with gratitude we store them in our hearts.
We remember the unexpected –

the visitors…
the lovely surprises…
Even the worries and the frights
and with gratitude
we store them in our hearts.
    We remember the losses, the deep sadness
               and the worries.
We remember the love, care and concern of others…

  and with gratitude we store these in our hearts.
We remember your presence God….

 like the green and brown of the land,
       the shape of the landscape,
         the solidity of the hills,
        the constancy of the soil,
      and the feel of the weather….

   always with us this summer -
       and we are grateful.
We remember your presence

     like living water
        around us
         before us
       within us…..

 your refreshing welcome
  in the heat of the day.
We remember you at day’s
 beginning and ending….

  Your faithful presence
 surrounding us always.
           And as we now approach Lent
        may all the signs of your presence
                 encourage and enliven us

               so that with grateful hearts
                        we will do our bit
to bring about your transformative dream
                             for our world
          Living God
            bless us
     with renewed energy
      with grateful hearts
 with hearts burning for justice
       with loving hearts
and with hearts that seek peace
     as we come into Lent.

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