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Dear (Insert name of your MP),

I am writing to you as a result of your name being drawn from the ballot on 26th
November, and specifically with regard to the Contaminated Blood (Support for
Infected and Bereaved Persons) Bill, presented to the House of Lords by Lord Morris
of Manchester on Thursday 19th November 2009. With this Bill he has mirrored the
recommendations of Lord Archer’s Report published on 24th February this year, in an
attempt to translate those recommendations into legislation.

        I am xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and, as such, am directly affected by this
important issue. I belong to a small, finite number of people, many of whom are sick,
disabled and living in poverty. Many of us have been forced to live on inadequate ex-
gratia payments, state benefits and charitable hand-outs. Careers have been lost,
pensions are often non-existent, we have been marginalized, stigmatized,
discriminated against and lives have been ruined. At the moment people from our
community are dying at the rate of more than one per month, leaving behind widows
and families who they know will receive no help, financial or otherwise.

        Our situation is the result of what has famously been described by Lords
Morris and Winston as: ‘…the worst treatment disaster in the history of the NHS…’
It was not of our making and whatever the reasons behind it we have been left with
wrecked lives and shattered dreams.

        If Lord Morris’s Bill was made law it would transform the lives of those left
behind and give some peace of mind to the dying. Please would you therefore act on
our behalf and do everything within your power to ensure that Lord Morris’s Bill is
taken to the House of Commons and becomes enshrined in law at the earliest
opportunity? So far there have been almost two thousand deaths from what Lord
Archer described in his report as: ‘…a horrific human tragedy.’ I urge you to use
your influence with Ministers in ensuring that this Bill becomes law at the very
earliest opportunity.

Thank You.

                                   Yours sincerely,

                                 (Sign & print name)

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