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					On behalf of Halifax Humane Society, we would like to express our gratitude for the concerns
about Snoopy and shed some light on the facts of the case. Snoopy is being kenneled at our
facility, however HHS is not in any way responsible for the investigation of his case. We are
simply providing food, water, and care to Snoopy while the judicial process runs its course.

To clear up some facts:

Currently, there is not a euthanasia order signed for Snoopy. We are not aware of breed-specific
legislation in Deltona, FL; their dangerous dog law mimics FL 767.12. As we understand the
law, Snoopy's owner has an ability to file an appeal, and we would be happy to provide a referral
for guidance in the legal process.

Finally, we opt to take confiscated animals into our shelter so that the compassionate
professionals that work at our campus can provide care to the animals involved in these cases.

In the upcoming days, we will continue working to find out the facts about Snoopy's case.
However, our basis of experience is that the Deltona officers work well within the confinements
of the law. We caution that hearsay is often laden with one-sided information from those not
bound by law to remain silent.

We will continue keeping an eye on Snoopy's case, and will be happy to stay in contact with all
of Snoopy's supporters. As dog lovers, we are happy to stand together in the best interest of
Snoopy, his owner, and our community.

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