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									    Widgets – what’s that all about then?

    London, 11th August 2009
    Vodafone Internet Services (VIS)
    Sanj(eet) Matharu

1                     Confidentiality C3
                      Version 1.0

• What is a mobile widget?

• What are Vodafone doing with all this?

• How do I get involved?

• Remind me again why I should do this?

2                             Confidentiality C3
                              Version 1.0
    Evolving application landscape
  • Large ecosystem…
      – 10 million applications were downloaded from iPhone Apps Store in its first month

  • And growing
      – 500 million iPhone apps have been sold since July 2008

  • More Options
      – Including Microsoft MarketPlace, Android Market, Nokia Ovi, + aggregators

  • Economies Of Scale
      – Cheaper data plans = more data users
  • Technology Rules
      – Many targeted around specific device / OS and semi-proprietary offerings
      – More powerful and faster device proliferation

  • Opportunity
      – 49% of US and 34% of European respondents plan to use Mobile Internet more in 2009-2010
      – Users will consume more than 55% more data over the next 12 months.
      – More than 25% intend to start using mobile apps for the first time in the next 12 months
     3                                                     Confidentiality C3
Sources: http://www.tellabs.com/news/2009/index.cfm/nr/53.cfm, Comscore Mobilens 3 month average ending Sept08 & Apple Dec 08
                                                           Version 1.0
    What is a widget?

4   Confidentiality C3
    Version 1.0
What it isn’t

                                          • Not for your beer

5   Mobile Widgets   Confidentiality C3
                     Version 1.0
What it is
                                             Widgets are…

    • Based on standardised technology
         • W3C

    • An application on a mobile phone
         • To provide lightweight and personalised services such as showing the user
           the latest news, the current weather, the time, a calendar, a dictionary and
           much more!

    • A potential source of revenue:
         • App stores!

6                            Confidentiality C3
                             Version 1.0
We LOVE standards!
• W3C
   – All our widget technologies are based on W3C standards

• BONDI (http://bondi.omtp.org/default.aspx)
   – Standardization of small set of key features from web services to mobile devices
   – Defines interfaces for widget runtime engines, security and architecture requirements
   – Provides Security Policy DTD and example widgets for testing the runtime engine

• JIL (Joint Innovation Lab http://www.jil.org)
   – Vodafone, China Mobile, SoftBank, Verizon
   – Targets:
       – develop mobile internet services
       – Accelerate the commercial deployment of mobile internet services

• Standards are converging!
   – Goal is to have standardized device APIs available to help build compelling widgets

                                                  Confidentiality C3
                                                  Version 1.0
Widgets add another dimension
• Widgets bring mobility to your web apps

                What are the key attributes of a widget?

                                       Caching and auto refresh
    Quick access to
       the Web
                            Information available at a glance – YOUR web

                             Information YOU want (online AND offline)
    Personalised to
       the user
                                            When you want it

      Integrated           Uses device apps (i.e. auto add info to Calendar)

8                                  Confidentiality C3
                                   Version 1.0
Two clicks for an end user to get to your widget!
                              This gives them direct
                                     access to:
                                    - App Shop
                                  - Your widget!
                                                       Prominent real estate
                                                          for your widget

 Users get immediate
access to Internet Tab
 from the idle screen

                         Confidentiality C3
                         Version 1.0
   Widgets look good!
                 Active Icon view: real time data displayed

                                                                                                 Click through to
                          Minimised mode view                                 Full screen view                            WAP / Web site view
                                                                                                  Wap / web site

Easy to access

                                                     local content

                             Mobile optimised UI                       Graphically rich                  Web connected,
                                                                                                         always on
   10            Mobile Web Widgets                      Confidentiality C3
                                                         Version 1.0
     So what is Vodafone doing with widgets?

11   Mobile Web Widgets   Confidentiality C3
                          Version 1.0
Vodafone sees widgets as a key mechanism for the future of content

                Key characteristics              WAP       Java / native   Browser-based   On-device Apps /
                                                           applications       Widgets          Widgets
                                                                                           Vodafone approach

 Active idle screen persistence?

 Active while offline?

 Device integration? (camera, contacts,
 Auto updates?

 Easy to develop (use web
 High portability

 Available now?

 key   white = 0% / not at all
       red = 100% / totally
12         Mobile Web Widgets         Confidentiality C3
                                      Version 1.0
Vodafone are investing heavily in widgets
• Current addressable market:
     • 20+ devices, 5 million+ capable devices.
     • Distribution across 8 major European markets: UK, DE, NL, IE, PT, GR ,ES, IT and South Africa.
• The future
     • With the Joint Innovation Lab (www.JIL.org) you can have access to customers of
             • Vodafone (Global)
             • Verizon Wireless (USA),
             • China Mobile
             • Softbank Mobile (Japan)
• Big numbers!
     • Combined access to over 700m customers worldwide

• But simple
     • Single SDK
     • Single distribution point

13    Mobile Web Widgets            Confidentiality C3
                                    Version 1.0
In the future, Vodafone will provide a range of monetisation

• Flexibility
     • Grow your business and revenue the way YOU want


              1. Per App Download

           2. Subscription (coming

          3. Free Download (coming

            4. Advertisement /
         Sponsorship (coming soon)

         5. Placement (coming soon)

14   Mobile Web Widgets             Confidentiality C3
                                    Version 1.0
Vodafone Apps Shop
• Accessibility and opportunity
     • High visibility for your widget
                    Promotional areas

                                                                       App details

                                                             A good place to start!

  15     Mobile Web Widgets             Confidentiality C3
                                        Version 1.0
     Your route to market

                                                                                                 Local websites
                                                                                            (UK, Germany, Italy, Spain etc)
Developer                                                                   developer

   8 production steps to market                                          .vodafone.com
           1.   Agree roadmap / content
           2.   Download SDKs, developer runtime
           3.   Review tech / content policy
           4.   Develop, localise if needed
           5.   Submit for QA
           6.   If QA passed - upload to Vodafone
           7.   Group / Opco review & publish
           8.   User Download & Feedback
                                                                           Billing and

      The introduction of JIL during 2009 will allow a similar monetisation options for your widget. Stay tuned!
      16        Mobile Web Widgets                  Confidentiality C3
                                                    Version 1.0
 Current device support (1/2)                                                                        X= Supported
                                                                                                     Y= Planned Support

   Manufacturer                  Name
                                 Name      Germany     Spain      Italy
                                                                  Italy   UK
                                                                          UK   South Africa Portugal Greece Netherlands Ireland
                                                                               South Africa Portugal Greece Netherlands Ireland

 Nokia            6124
                   E71                       X
                                             Y             X
                                                           Y       X
                                                                   Y      X
                                                                          Y        X
                                                                                   X         YY       XX        YY        XX

 Nokia            6210 Navigator
                   E66                       X
                                             X             X
                                                           X       X
                                                                   Y      X        X
                                                                                   X         YY       XX        YY        XX
Nokia             N96                        X             X       X      X        X          Y        X         Y            X
 Nokia             E65                       X             X       X               X         Y        X         Y         X
Nokia             N95 - 8GB                  X             X       X      X        X          Y        X         Y            X
 Nokia             E51                       X             Y              Y        X         Y        X         Y         X
Nokia             N95                        X             X       X      Y        X          Y        X         Y            X
 Nokia             6290
Nokia             N85                        Y             X              Y                   Y        X                      Y
 Nokia             6121c
Nokia             N82                                                              X                              Y           Y
 Nokia             6124c                      X            X                                          X         Y
Nokia             N81                                      Y       Y      Y        X          Y        X         Y
Nokia              6110
                  N81 (8GB)                                X
                                                           Y                                           X        YY        Y

Nokia              5700
                  N80                                                                                 X                       Y

 Nokia            N78 Sport (64 MB card)
                   5500                      X             X       X      X        X          Y        X        YY            X

 Nokia            N76
                   6120c                      X            X       Y               X                  XY        Y         YX
Nokia             N73                        X             X       X      Y        X          Y        X         Y            Y
 Nokia             6110                                    X       Y      Y        X         Y        X         Y         Y
Nokia             N71
 Nokia             5800                                    Y              Y        X         Y        Y         Y         Y
Samsung           i560                                                                        Y        X         Y            X
 Nokia             6730                      Y                                               Y        Y         Y         Y
Samsung           i550                       X
 Nokia             E52                        Y                                              Y        Y         Y         Y
Samsung           i520                                                                                 X
Samsung            E72
                  i450                        Y                                              Y        YX        YY        Y

   17       Mobile Web Widgets               Confidentiality C3
                                             Version 1.0
QA process
• We have some guidelines…
                Technical                                                       Content

       Reasonable battery, memory,
                                                                     Complies with distribution T&Cs
              CPU usage
                                                               Complies with Vodafone Apps/Widgets policy
         Graceful Install / Uninstall

                                              User Experience

                               Guidelines (pdf): http://bit.ly/JYn0q

                                          Mobile Web Widgets

18                              Confidentiality C3
                                Version 1.0
     How do I get involved?

19   Mobile Web Widgets   Confidentiality C3
                          Version 1.0
How do I get involved?

 • Get developing!
     • At http://www.betavine.net/widgetzone you can
       •    Learn how to write a widget,
       •    Get feedback from early adopters
       •    Learn from other developers
       •    Test against devices in a virtual lab

 • And when it's polished…
     • Publish to the widget developer platform
     • Pass QA
     • Distribute!                                              Opco websites

20         Mobile Web Widgets              Confidentiality C3
                                           Version 1.0
Summer Of Widgets

 TIMELINE: From July through to end of August
 Prizes: 3 bundles of Nokia N96 and Samsung NC20 notebook every WEEK!
 Judging criteria: Innovation, quality and value
                      Confidentiality C3
                      Version 1.0

• Use your own developer environment!
• Feel free to use
  – DoJo,
  – JQuery
  – Google Charts
  – Openstreetmap
  – Every web-based API you can think of!

• Tools
  – Opera dragonfly
    – Desktop debugging
    – On device debugging
    – On device development

  – Nokia Energy Profiler
    – Power / CPU / network consumption

                                  Confidentiality C3
                                  Version 1.0
Future proof

• Mobile Widgets are
  – Portable 
  – Easy to develop & maintain 
  – Based on open standards 
  – A bit limited in functionality 
• In the near future, Widgets will get access to
  – Your location
  – Phonebook
  – Camera
  – Messaging
  – More (Location…)
                           Confidentiality C3
                           Version 1.0
Creating the most basic widget on earth...

1. This configuration file...                 2. Along with this html file...

3. Gives you this widget which                      4. And on a handset
         runs on a PC...

 24                      Confidentiality C3
                         Version 1.0

1. A style file and images...2. Some script...   3. And update the html...

4. And you get a better looking widget which updates the displayed
                   text on both PC and handset…

  25                      Confidentiality C3
                          Version 1.0
So why port your apps?
Many Benefits

• Relationship
     • A direct channel to the customer with billing capability
     • Visibility beyond top 100 apps
     • Embed opportunities on 100’s of different devices (music, messaging,
     imaging, business, sport, fashion, high-end, and more)

    • Access to a very wide base of customers
    • Availability on a wide variety of handsets based on
    • Locale and varied pricing options
    • Horizontal and vertical groups
    • Companies (enterprise)

     • Developer access to high ARPU customers
     • VF and community Support

• Marketing
     • Strong in marketing, promotion and product (i.e. Vodafone Live!)
     • Brand presence across formula 1 and cricket (7th most recognised brand in
     the world)
                           Confidentiality C3
                           Version 1.0
iPhone porting – Some Examples

                  Confidentiality C3
                  Version 1.0
iPhone porting – Some Examples

                  Confidentiality C3
                  Version 1.0
It makes sense…

     Commercial             Direct customer engagement
     Proposition            Prolonged customer engagement
                            Cheap to develop and advertise
                            Visibility & promotion – home screen, new apps, top downloads
                            Revenue generation opportunities
                            Enter competitions at the same time as distributing!
                            Huge global reach – delivering scale & performance

                            Gentle learning curve
                            Based on W3C technology
     Proposition            Single point of distribution
                            Clear rules
                            Use the latest technology
                            Anyone can do it!

29     Mobile Web Widgets        Confidentiality C3
                                 Version 1.0
                            Any questions?

                                                    Facebook http://bit.ly/3EkYIc and
                                                   Twitter twitter.com/mobilewidgets
                                               Blog http://www.betavine.net/widgetblog/
                                                        Website www.betavine.net
                                                        Mobile web betavine.mobi
                                                    Software forge forge.betavine.net
                                                          Betavine widgetzone

30   Mobile Web Widgets   Confidentiality C3
                          Version 1.0

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