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Direct Instruction Demonstration Lesson


									                                      Grade 3
                         Reviewing Theme 3 Vocabulary                                          Qu i ckTi me ™ an d a
                                                                                   TIFF (Un co mp re ss e d) de co mp re ss or
                                                                                      a re ne ed ed to se e thi s p i cture .

Materials: pocket chart, vocabulary words on cards,
small whiteboards, pens (all on desks),
previously made vocabulary. charts, overhead “Jeopardy” grid and question sheet.

Lesson begins on rug
Orientation: Two activities to review vocabulary you’ve learned in Theme 3
Presentation: Activity 1: Word Sort. Explain: when we think about how words
relate to each other, it helps us to learn them. We’re going to sort the words from
the Incredible Stories theme into 3 categories: Movement, Noisy Words and
Descriptions (put up in P/C) “Think aloud” to demonstrate (link to texts): plow
(Raising Dragons), bellowed (The Mysterious Giant of Barletta), colossal
(Dogzilla) disappear (The Garden of Abdul Gasazi)

Highly Structured Practice: Continue sorting, asking for reason and links, try to
draw vocabulary across stories. Point out also nouns, verbs and adjectives. *Some
words have multiple meanings which should be reviewed.

       Movement                       Noisy Words                      Descriptions
         plow*                           bellowed                          heroic
         layer*                         squalling*                      mysterious
        scurried                          hailed*                       monstrous
         strode                        dumbstruck                        authentic
        hitched                          eruption                       irresistible
        burrow*                          convince                        awesome
       departing                          blurted                         ancient
         crest*                           intense                        weakling
        harvest*                         farewell                        terrifying
       disappear                          gallop*                         colossal

Guided Practice: Activity 2
Move to desks, Introduce categories and rules for Jeopardy.
Form triad teams. All members must agree on answer and write and hold up white
boards. They need to be prepared to answer: How did you know?

Independent Practice: UA: pocket chart activity will be repeated as a May Do

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