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					I have had my Galaxy S I9000 for some time now and I have to say that my experience
with it was not very satisfying. When I first got the phone, it had the android 2.1 éclair
version operating system installed. The biggest problem I found with the phone was that
it was overall very laggy and choppy. In some cases, the phone would crash altogether
and needed a reboot to get it back running again. After 3 months of use in stock state, I
decided to use third party software to flash leaked versions of the android 2.2 froyo and
the android 2.3 gingerbread versions. Every new version brought new fixes to the phone
but the biggest drawback was the fact that there was not much RAM to allow smooth
game play of the more demanding and fun games. Also, the benchmark of the phone was
not as good as other phones on the market with the same operating system. This made me
regret my purchase of the Galaxy S. There were too many negative points to the phone
than positive ones. After many attempts to get the phone to work smoothly, the method I
chose was to root it and install a lag fix but also reduce the amount of applications that
are installed on the phone. Due to this, I do not really use the phone for any other purpose
than to message and to call anymore because of the lack of interesting apps from the
android market to fix the lag problems.
For anyone who was thinking of getting the Galaxy S I9000, I would say that getting
other mobile phones would be better or even the Galaxy S II for a more satisfying

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